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  1. I got a question for you, can you tell me How you turn so easily if you loose one of your elevators?
  2. That is true but if you have 10 that use correct that is hard bone.
  3. The damage model is good, but if you fly a 109 damage of the wings affect less on 109s than red planes.
  4. Great video. 262 can dominate the skies if you give 1 for each pilot on the blue side. But if you limited the quantity that will be more fun
  5. I undestand your point but how a 109 running 100kmh faster than you can keep a close turn? with out getting more Gs?
  6. Photo change, take it from main update post P.S. To add a custom photo to your airplane or tank cockpit you should replace existing default DDS image by another one in: <game_folder>\data\graphics\planes\<airplane_folder>\textures\custom_photo.dds or <game_folder>\data\graphics\vehicles\<_tank_folder>\textures\custom_photo.dds DDS image should be 1024x1024 in DXT5 ARGB 8bpp with mip-maps
  7. hey Obelix, great work. Could you made me one same as the 60 but with the number 13?
  8. Good help on the Pe Sketch, by the way you are flying the Mig with the gunpods, I never did, think is the heavy, feel better with only the 2 berezin UB
  9. Veccu, my complaing is about the un -balance of fighters on this map, don't try to dismiss my point, win a map or a campaing take a lot of other points like quorum, team work, unbalance teams. When a map is balance, normally the battle ends when one side depplets his resources planes, pilots, tanks.
  10. New map, #7 and the difference on fighters are incredible unbalance. 7 fighters for blues/ 6 fighters for reds 2 BF109G2/1 Lagg3, really. + P39 2 FW190A3 / 1Yak1b 1BF109G4/1 Spit MkV 1 FW190A5/ 1 La5FN 1 BF109G6/ 1Yak 7b This distribution is really a joke against us that play red team. Give us 2 Yak7b or 2 Yak 1b
  11. Hello Kathon. I have a question, I was flying and run out of fuel, without any damage, actually the finish before I land. Why if a I go out of fuel the server give me a damage of 50% on the plane? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=31071&name=666GIAP_Necathor Regards,
  12. I the case for the gunners, both sides don´t need help or a difference on the set for the gunners. There is not correct, unbalance the game for the setting on the gunners is not correct. On both sides gunners are terrible on ACE setting. As an example of my words I attach this mission, one Stuka gunner kill me at once in less than 2 sec when I pass at 45° @ 500km/h from bottom to up. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1052&name=666GIAP_Necathor Thank you for your support and effort LG team, please set gunners all as same setting.
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