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  1. ECV56_Necathor

    Online DMs since 3.008

    That is incredible, how is possible that you complain about you can kill 1 IL2 after shot down 4 planes before. You think your guns are under powered well check this, more that a 100 shoots made for 3 different pilots over the same G2, and look the time before the firts and the last shoot almost 6 min flying like no damage on the fighter. Now you tell me if, LW guns are underpowered or BF109G2 is made of Hitlerstanium. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=95750&name=Letka_13/Kami-
  2. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you Reds for all your help, to Kondor and the entire SGT77, is our pleasure cover you bomber rides. Also FPS boys, we made new friends. Next time I promise to put all the names. Rambo/ Artur a great wingman on many missions. To the Halcones Rojos and REDEYE camardas de mil batallas, GRACIAS TOTALES Congratulations reds for the DRAW, LG team thanks for you time and keep doing.
  3. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    As Chimanov said there is something strange about Krasnodar. For example in mission 447 Krasnodar was repaired at 85% and still close on mission 448. On mission 448 Krasnodar wasn`t attack and it was repaired at 80% If I understand correctly 85% represent 85 of 100.
  4. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    At the end of the mission 432 the damage increase to 83%, but you can see that was supply by 100% (air and supply convoy)and Krasnodar still inoperative. Regards,
  5. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    The IL2 empennage is more weak for the flying tank.
  6. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    Not completely right your position, the Lagg is a really good airplane, but you can´t compare the Lagg3, with F4, G2s or FW if you have this planes why we can´t have the 23mm cannon? Now F4 can easy follow my yak1 ser69 in 6 turn and leave the combat unharmed . You know why we used it, because if you give us a chance to shoot, that shoot will be determinant on the fight, why so many experienced blue pilots pick up gunpods, because if they have 1 change is game over for the red.
  7. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    Is not only that we like, the lagg is not the best fighter, why you take off the only good thing that it have? You can use the gunpods on your BFs and you don´t loose more then a 5% as fighter or I am wrong? Limitations?
  8. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    I think I will fly just to die the next maps. Admins, if you really look for a great competition with great battles put a real AAA on AF, just on Hollywood movies see a 3 fighters killing all over the AF. By the way with all of this, you lock the Vya23 on Lags. As a friend say, WHAT A JOKE
  9. ECV56_Necathor

    Rap's personal paintjobs

    Wow amazing skins.
  10. ECV56_Necathor

    Soviet fighter tactics?

    Hello RedRider. As you may know 99.9% of the time a play as red. You are almost welcome to join us. On this post you can see a good shoots and maneuvers, sorry is in Spanish.
  11. ECV56_Necathor

    parachute kill en TAW

    Es un tema muy dificil, y si apoyo de los admins en el server es muy dificil. Lo de bannear me parece una buena opción pero llevara a una campaña campal ya que se neesita casi un 80% de los votos si no recuerdo mal. Lo mejor que podemos hacer es pedir que se baje el tiempo despues de darle eject a 4-5 segundos. Hacer monton y el monton junto puede lograr. Saludos,
  12. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    One picture of one or my books
  13. ECV56_Necathor

    Tactical Air War

    You are wrong, 109 with gunpods turn all most the same as without, same speed except acceleration. You can see 2 BF with gunpods killing a entyre column of cars, 2 Laggs cant do that. And if you are think on historical issues, gunpods where reserve for fighters to protect Germany against air rides of bombers. In a dive one 109 with gunpods is more stable than a Lagg and dives at mayor speed. I cant undestand why you are soo afraid of the 23mm, by the way we have only 2 Lagg3 on map #5, the rest of the maps we have only 1.
  14. Its quite difficult to run 2 different versions of the game because of that I remark the point and Devs could check, they are the correct people to check it. To be honest something change, damage model or bullet power.