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  1. One of the greater power of the .50 cal is the quantity of bullets per second that you put in the target. .50s are nerfed you don´t need HE is a bullet pass thru the chassis straight to engine, and other existential parts. DM model is not working correctly, one shoot of HE bullet in the wing on a yak for example, destroy the entire wing, damage the engine and injurer the pilot. 30 bullets .50 cal don´t even loose speed or maneuverability on 109s . Multiplayer crap, this is not a PFS(firts person shooter) where in 1 sec the other player can shoot your in the head, you can see in the video the P51 for almost a 15 sec shooting the 109s. Devs most put all work in correct and optimize the multiplayer and DM and FM, we pay for that not for the BS that we have now
  2. Good video is interesting saw the acceleration and the power to climb of the 109, is out of all rules of engineering.
  3. Nice scissors but the think that take my attention is that your 109 take damage but your plane can move like nothing happens, La5 take 1 HE on the elevators and can´t maneuver
  4. Que belleza de video, gracias por compartir. A beautiful video, thank you for share.
  5. Hello everyone. There is a way to improve the quality of the sound, in game options are really poor and since last to patchs I lost a lot of quality. I use a 5.1 physical headphones with a Sound Blaster Z series card. Regards,
  6. Muy bueno Tumu, si lo agarras muy bien, una belleza de pasada. Se ve como vas matando artilleros jajajaja
  7. Que lindos tiros Chima, tienen muchisimo mérito el disparar con el Schvaks sin trazadoras, felicidades tovarich. Gracias Chima, estuvo complicado ese ataque, la antiérea era terrible y había mayoría de pilotos azules, pero la buena cordinación con los pocos pilotos rojos(4) que habíamos lo logro.
  8. This tread was made to point a difference, a call to Devs, I´m really can´t understand why someones try to dismiss this thread, are you devs with others names? Are you a shareholder of the company? If this game was made only to kill AI on SP well I really need a refound, I buy all releases because I believe on this game and on the people who made it real. I´m pretty sure that is a big part of people that buy the game but if they play 4 hrs per moth is a lot time and they don´t care about this threads. We all know each other because we saw our names on most of the 5 MP servers online with more of the 50% occupancy. Normally I hate big updates, always something go wrong, a small ones are more specific, but there are many small things that need to be correct since they appear from years ago and we don´t see any change, for example, you choose your own skin on a winter map and the server gives the default summer skin, terrible. The A20s light when you open the bomb bay door, terrible. Net code, dam it, take time that you need to optimize it. Nothing is perfect, we just ask DEVs to take a look please.
  9. Hello everybody, hope you and all your families are on good health. Thank you Chima for this test. I will like to put my 5 cents. This test is really good because is made with the same parameters on all shoots: 1. shooting from the same position (pure 6) 2. Dedicated sever with only 2 persons, that means no problems with net code, lag or other things. 3. Same speed of both planes 4. Counting each shoot that hit. 5. Shoot firing from less than 150m 6. Change only the plane that fires. 7. One person on each plane in communications. All these points demonstrate a big difference in the DM from German guns and VVS guns, this is a reality now, that many people test already and know. I will like to said that don´t try to dismiss or put a lot of obstacles about this test because we are clients also that pay for this game(the complete game SP and MP)and support it for all these years and if the MP need to be optimize we need the support of the Devs to do it. Devs, thank you for your hard work, we know that anything is perfect and I´m sure that all this points will be corrected in the near future. Regards,
  10. Hello Tumu, I got information about test of many weapons, cannons and machine guns(0.50 cal), at the end of the test the good thing about the 0.50 cal is: you put a lot of weight on target because of the cadence of the machine guns, that produce a lot of damage. If you shoot a 20mm cannon for X sec compare with the 0.50 cal machine gun
  11. Hope that this update can give us a little more balance for ones who like fly red fighters. I will like that yours beta tester can really be un-partial about the changes and not only test off line( I don´t know who are they but hope that one will be a pilot that only fly red planes) Also I have to said thank you for your effort to keep this game updated and balance. Please give the 37mm cannon his real power and don´t allow the HE 20mm bullets hand grenades with 1m hit explosion radius.
  12. I put another situation that now I saw it every day, I really need and explanation of how I can see a perfect shadow in the ground of a plane that have 10 meters win spawn that is flying at 500m over the ground but is impossible to find the plane, worst I am flying at 1000 m from the ground. Something is really broke now.
  13. If this is a way to said thank you to the community that fly on TAW and support you, you must mention at list the VVS people that win the Enkas Cup or all the pilots that win on both sides since you start given these medals. Just an appreciation of what must be the correct way to said thank you.
  14. Hey Count, flaps on Mig don´t work properly. Same happens to me.
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