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  1. Hope that this update can give us a little more balance for ones who like fly red fighters. I will like that yours beta tester can really be un-partial about the changes and not only test off line( I don´t know who are they but hope that one will be a pilot that only fly red planes) Also I have to said thank you for your effort to keep this game updated and balance. Please give the 37mm cannon his real power and don´t allow the HE 20mm bullets hand grenades with 1m hit explosion radius.
  2. I put another situation that now I saw it every day, I really need and explanation of how I can see a perfect shadow in the ground of a plane that have 10 meters win spawn that is flying at 500m over the ground but is impossible to find the plane, worst I am flying at 1000 m from the ground. Something is really broke now.
  3. If this is a way to said thank you to the community that fly on TAW and support you, you must mention at list the VVS people that win the Enkas Cup or all the pilots that win on both sides since you start given these medals. Just an appreciation of what must be the correct way to said thank you.
  4. Hey Count, flaps on Mig don´t work properly. Same happens to me.
  5. I put the answer for your post in the page 3. Take it from: Flight Surgeon's Manual, Volumen 161,Número 1,Parte 16, United States. Department of the Air Force Literally ¨3 G's for 5 seconds is highest tolerance, any negative acceleration over this can cause a permanent injury¨
  6. Now on BOS-BOM-BOK is almost impossible to fly as VVS pilot, you can´t turn because the G force, always get black out. If you fly like a 109 you can´t dive faster, you can´t run, you can´t accelerate, you can´t climb, the only advantage of the VVS with better turning radios now only works to kill your self.
  7. Gerasmos. Your video is from July, 2018 more that a year an a half past, an many patchs. Sry but that is not evidence, maybe in that moment could be a problem but now and for this tread no.
  8. Hello Barnacle, I made some test: 1 follow 109 on a yak and vice versa, both pilots on coms and the VVS pilots always go black out first. We try to keep the same distance and speed. After that and many situations with a 109 diving on me and follow my turn or the classical +G/-G movement. I put another on your pocket, you fly both sides, please tell me if a wrong or right, I never saw a 109 F4/GX or a FW190 X overheating. Magic radiators? Mars technology? By the way Gerasmos. We are trying to put our points in the table, if you think these points are pure feeling, well, give facts as you claim or is a pure feeling claim?
  9. I got my clues about this but that is my personal opinion that I don´t want to share with everybody.
  10. I´m pretty sure that is not. I fly many times on f4 g2s and never go on black out. As tell LW pilots never go black out after continuous changes on +G and -Gs or diving and turning (BOS BOM BOK planes) you can easily test this..
  11. I not I´m not agree about what are you said, because many times I saw a 109 dive on my 6, I fly at 350km/h, 109 dive from 1.5-2 km higher, his is speed around 500-550km/h, result: the f4 can follow the turn of my yak(I am almost on black out) with out get black out and pull out and climb again at 1.5km higher than me. That is impossible and if you said that you have the same speed of my yak you can climb 1.5km more in 4 secs. I agree on what you said only IF the pilot physiology will be congruent will the reality and the same for all. And please don´t tell me that LW pilots get anti G breakfast or they are training with superboots that help them to reach 9Gs or -5Gs to 5Gs in 5 secs. That physiology possibility exits only in the Star Wars movie and now I just tired about the constant dismiss of our post just because you want. If you thin that I am said is just a stupidity see the next picture and try to explain how many 109s and Fw can go from +G to -G, second part on the right Limits Take it from: Flight Surgeon's Manual, Volumen 161,Número 1,Parte 16, United States. Department of the Air Force Literally ¨3 G's for 5 seconds is highest tolerance, any negative acceleration over this can cause a permanent injury¨ You can read this and give you more acknowledge of the effects of Gs
  12. Hello Zami, maybe I miss understood you, sry. But in QM I can easy shoot down as you did. I have many videos, I will send you if you have time to see it with an open mint. Also I give you a proposition, fly on coms with me on discord or ts, on a server or made a 1 on 1 coordinate on comms trying to replay some of the points put on this.
  13. As I told we make a point to the devs not to you. TAW is a good reference for stats because most of the better pilots play here. If you want to prove something different well as you said you can put a proper report to dismiss our affirmations
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