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  1. Hello Kathon. I have a question, I was flying and run out of fuel, without any damage, actually the finish before I land. Why if a I go out of fuel the server give me a damage of 50% on the plane? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=31071&name=666GIAP_Necathor Regards,
  2. I the case for the gunners, both sides don´t need help or a difference on the set for the gunners. There is not correct, unbalance the game for the setting on the gunners is not correct. On both sides gunners are terrible on ACE setting. As an example of my words I attach this mission, one Stuka gunner kill me at once in less than 2 sec when I pass at 45° @ 500km/h from bottom to up. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=1052&name=666GIAP_Necathor Thank you for your support and effort LG team, please set gunners all as same setting.
  3. Thanks for the new campaing. I was looking for the new rule of 25km for the tanks that keep the AF close, I think need back for 15 o 10km, with 25km AF in the front was close, yesterday Lotochino was close all day even destroying the column, new one appears at 25 and keep the AF close. Well is just a suggestion as always, Thank you.
  4. Since the last update I have a lot of problems with the control joy, stick and pedals, also with the TrackIR. I don´t change anything on my computer. Any one with the same problem? Regards,
  5. Actually Pokrushkin said that the P39 has the best visibility at the moment that P39 arrives
  6. That is the fact now, that is a truth. hope that the new red planes don´t be so disappoint as the P39
  7. Nice video H, looks like you are preparing your self for the next taw. Hope I won´t find you 😉, by the way I am practicing with the Lagg3@37mm cannon, to kill some bombers jajajaja
  8. Can wait for the next one. I tried to upload one, normally I use OBS to record videos, only first person.
  9. Good video, good combat,
  10. That is correct, normally you have only one shoot, but for me the worse situation is when the lagging boy made a transposition in time and space and appears right at your 6.
  11. I remember some issues from old school. Some pilots as soon you take his 6 they just press print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr, print scr
  12. La5fn is a game changer for reds, very strong structurally. Highly recommended! Is a really good plane but the engine is just a crap against bullets, any small caliber damage the engine, strange because radial engines was stronger, historically correct and check.
  13. If I can kill a Fw190 with only one shoot I will buy it for sure.
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