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  1. Roger-Roger, that is correct, Chimango was talking about the effect of HE ammo. At the beginning we don´t know if it was only the ammo or the DM, of a combination of both, but after a few test we saw that the HE bullets from axis planes affect the pilot without hit him.
  2. Hello Ivy. Do you have any proof on this? as you know, i am genuinely curious about it. Otherwise it is just anecdotal perception/stories. About you question, yes I have proofs, like the post that was close without any explanation and many videos when rounds hit my plane (not the pilot) and pilot loss consciousness and few days before, a new patch saids: "63. The excessive effect of concussion and possible loss of consciousness after HE hits at a tank or aircraft has been removed if the player or AI weren't wounded by these hits."
  3. Dear Admis. I think is really unbalance that Macci and F4 can use gunpods, but the Lagg3 can use the 23mm and the 37mm cannon. If think that gunpods on F4 and Maccis are historical that is b*ll sh*t. Give us a balance fight please, reale the cannons for the Lagg3.
  4. Hey Jim. No, I need to set a different time for re-spawn if you are on plane or a tank. I you die, for example, I need to set 5min penalty time to re-spawn if you flying a plane and 1 min penalty if you are driving a tank.
  5. Hello Devs. Our Squadron the ECV56 are making many mission with planes and tanks together. We found that we can´t put a different time of respawn for planes to tanks, as example, we will like that after you were capture or kill flying a plane you have to wait for 5min, but in case that you are driving a tank only need to wait 1 min. The problem is the mission maker can´t separate times. We will like, if it is possible, to improve this request. Regards. ECV56_Necathor-ECV56 Team
  6. With all respect to you Gerasmos, I will use you post to ask the admins why my post was close after only 4 replies. Gerasmos like me, are discussing situation about the turn availability of red planes(6 pages until now), I about the power of the ammo on blue planes. Need and explain.
  7. Quedan todos invitados, La misión esta muy bien desarrollada por el gran Moro, disfrute mucho la primera misión. Misión pensada en supervivencia y trabajo en equipo excelente para desarrollar habilidades. Gracias Moro
  8. If you said that, as tester you have to fly more as red on servers like WOL. If you want I can fly next you on coms.
  9. Dear DVs. Since the last patch you really kill the performance and the DM on the red planes for the BOS BOM and BOK. Engines are really soft against HE bullets inclusive small machine guns. The il2(terrible), Il2 was well know as a plane with steel plates that cover engine and pilot(it was call "flying tank" has to be a reason for that), now, one bullet kill the engine. You need probes? just fly as red. If you want videos I will send you a PM. And is correct is a complain about the situation after the last patch. On BOB looks good for red planes, really what happen.
  10. Que belleza, son de esos combates donde al final el resultado es secundario, lo que se disfruto es lo que te hace volver cada día volar. Gracias a los 2.
  11. As I said, you have to fly more missions to think that something is wrong with the DM only on the Lagg3. I´m pretty sure that you boys crash in the middle of the air with another plane and sometimes your plane just explode, sometimes your plane survive, the DM model is not a problem only for the Lagg3. Maybe the problem on the video is with the tree not the Lagg3.
  12. In that case you have to fly a lot more the Lagg3, because Lagg3 is tough I know but with all that damage you can´t fly normally, you can see on the video that you don´t hit the 109 in front of you and the engine dies really soon
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