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  1. Did you know that Gullible is written on the ceiling :P. Its probably coming back on the 26th.
  2. That sums up my experience after Map 3, I lost all motivation to sit down and fly out some missions on TAW.
  3. Ive had that happen to me Before on Coconuts. We were RTB'ing away from a AO about 1 to 2 Grid Refs away and my A-20 Ripped apart, the P-39 pilot with me Ripped apart and the other Yak 1 Pilot ripped apart in the middle of the Open Area. No Flak Burst, we were far enough away from each other. I can probably sit down and find the Replay but at least with this it shows whats all going on. Thanks for showing a Example of whats all going on and instead of spouting stuff over the forums calling foul on the reds.
  4. You got a replay along side it, sounds like a bunch of 109 Jocks flying to close to a Peshka it get a Wiff of the Exhaust Fumes and got punched in the Nose by some 12.7mm Rounds. You know its hard to control a plane if you aim for its major Control surfaces like I dunno the Rudder, Elevator, Engines and Ailerons. Sit down and watch the Replay and see what y'all did wrong, but its hard to come to the fact that Glorious 109 pilots do no make mistakes, yes the DM's are all over the place but to hear almost a Entire Flight of 109's get shot down by a Single PE-2 busting my sides like no other.
  5. To be Fair he did mention this a while back, if you know him from Coconut you should know what kind of stuff he pulls ;) I respect you @xJammer as a Pilot on the Sim Field but not in the Forums and your "Crazy" Opinions.
  6. Ah the Classic XJammer Move, might as well ask them to Remove the P-39's 37mm Cannon so we dont land our planes in front of a tank column and farm easy points or maybe remove Bombers entirely cause we just park our bomber on the runway and just shoot Planes on take off. Its hard to take any of your words from Face when all you want to do is game the system. The Peshka's are perfectly fine, I mean its pretty fucking hard to RTFM to see that the Peshka is never given out for free unless its the Transport version of the plane.
  7. People who Fly the BF 109 so much that anything that isn't a 109 is obviously a Russian Plane, they're basically Velocoraptors but Team kill a ton.
  8. But its A-Okay when the LW are Stacked 52 to 20VVS or worse when the major Axis Operations are going on. Its a common place to just accept that at different time zones some players may be more active than others, but too be fair the 20 LW pilots are probably all flying out BF 109s and not cooperating for JABO or ground strike missions.
  9. Jeeze that sounds like Hell, from a VVS Players perspective of most of our pilots can fly either fighter or bomber or dont mind bringing bomb loads with their fighter.
  10. Thats pretty weird, I dont think different buildings have different HP. I can easily take big ones out with a single 100kg hand Grenade.
  11. "Heavily Outnumbered" are we talking about when the Server is jam packed 84/84 or when its like 42/84 or 30/84? I mean I can go back and look at I dunno Missions 95 to 99 Thats like what 8ish Hours of Missions? Now lets look at the Unique number of players that were at least on the server for a hand full of minutes and wow would you look at that 3/4 of them are less than 30ish total Unique players getting on and Mission 95 having around 60. This inst "heavily out numbered" this is "Not a lot of players get on and only a hand full of VSS and Axis Players getting on". If we were "Heavily OutNumbering" y'all during the Night time we would've won this mission ten fold with PE-2 Bombing Runs. Its not like when the Germans have more than 40-50 people on during the EU prime time every single day while the Allied players in the EU prime time get hella shafted with "Heavily Outnumbering" Axis Players. The only days we are able to counter the EU PrimeTime is when the NA players play on the Weekends.
  12. Says the side that can Easily Take back Airfields with Paratroopers while the Russians can only Push Airfields With tanks.😂👌
  13. Gib B-25 Mitchell, B-26 Marauder or A-26 Invaded Pls, I would love to have another Medium Bomber of decent capacity for the Allies.
  14. Sounds more like a Problem of "Solo German Pilot" Syndrome than anything else.
  15. Nice to see a Even playing field today, instead of Axis Controlling most of the Missions during Mid Day.
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