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  1. Last week, I ordered "best deal" at Sahaj's: 2x20cm "ace maker" extension + blue stronger replacement spring. Sahaj was quite reactive to answer my questions and promptly sent the package which I received last Monday. Everything was carefully packed up and in perfect condition. Mounting the spring and the two extensions was smooth and easy. I tried it right away both in DCS and IL2 BOx series and it really feels incredible ! Stick coordination is much smoother than before, especially with slow speed handling of the plane. In short: everything seems much more natural and closer to my private pilot experience (both flat flying and aerobatics). Finally, I can work properly my slow rolls, which was almost impossible before, and three-point landings are incredibly easy to perform (as they should). And of course, the extended stick is clearly of great help for aiming/shooting. Here is a picture of my stick and rudder, both fixed on a plank (which is necessary with the 40cm extension). The total height of the stick is roughly 68 cm (fitting just under my desk, phew !): For me, the only downside of the product is its price (160€ incl. shipment, and it was a special offer !), but I guess that there is no other way for Sahaj with such a highly specialised market like ours, and the quality of the manufacturing is obvious. I have absolutely no regret: the product clearly worth it !
  2. Thanks all for your advices ! JimTM mission do exactly the trick (just tested it) except that I think we need to provide the list (and nationality) of the object to detect in the complex trigger. In this case: I think this solve the thread
  3. Thanks for the tip, I let you know what I figure out ...
  4. For training purpose in my squad, I would like to set up a IA spawn point for a enemy fighter that can be triggered any number of time one the IA fighter has been taken care of. Here is what I did so far (I got timer 2s along all chains of commands): complex trigger (on entry event) |---> activate IA fighter (with attack area for 10 min) |---> deactivate complex trigger (to prevent another spawn while IA fighter is still active) and to reactivate the trigger: IA fighter (on destruction event) |---> counter to 1 (reset after use) |---> activate the complex trigger The script work the first time for sure, but appear to be inoperative after a while (stopping conditions unclear). Is this due to the type of events I report to the counter ("destruction" only, you have also "killed", "damaged", etc.) ? Is anyone know how to fix this, or may be got a better idea to obtain a similar results ?
  5. Good to know that your are updating the guide, thanks ! I'll let you know if I found other minor issues like this one in the next tutotials ... Btw, I think that your update url to the guide IL-2_BoS_Mission_Building_Guide.pdf, 5MB is not working anymore ... Regards !
  6. Yep Jade_Monkey, it was helpful thanks ! I just tested the mission: "check entities" works, "check vehicule" doesn't. I guess a plane is NOT a vehicule for IL2BOS
  7. Your guide is great Prangster, thanks a lot ! I just tried your first tutorials I think I found a little problem with your three Russian arties: you explain in your guide that both the arties an the searchlight should have an empty "enable" option so the trigger could activate/desactivate them (that's the whole point of this part of the tutorial). But I found that: 1) neither the arties nor the searchlight appear when I test the mission in single mode (and I did start my plane outside the trigger cylinder in order to activate the trigger when I get close). 2) I checked your arties group in the "template_finished" file and you left the arties "enabled" (but not the searchlight) - you might want to update your "template_finished" to correct that btw. 3) when I test your group in a single mission, I see your "enabled" arties but not the searchlight. Something must be wrong. Is it that single mission does not allow all the complex trigger things ? EDIT: I apparently got the same problem than "Jade_Monkey" EDIT2: Is is due to the unchecked "check entities" in the complex trigger, as suggested above by JimTM ? In this case, this should be corrected both in the guide and the template files ...
  8. I fly IL2:1946 in a squadron for so many years that I can barely remember. I also fly real, light aircrafts, both navigation and a little aerobatics. I hence always have been a lot disappointed by 1946 FM which are so "unrealistic" from the perspective of my real life experiments. But you know, since there is not any real alternative, you have to live with it, right ? When I tried ROF, everything changed for me. Suddenly, FM that sounds real ! What a pleasure to make a roll or a reversal for example, in comparison to the weak approximation of 1946. It was so great that I could not fly again on IL2:1946 for a while. But since I am not a big fan of the WWI era, I finally got back to it, and I am still currently flying on it. But since I tried ROF, I never stopped to fantasy on 777 moving to WWII, and with BOS all my sim dreams seem about to come true. I am truly impressed by all these guys did so far. From the incredible communication skills, to the idea of flying for real on warbirds or similar planes, and everything I saw on this forum. Especially compared to the incredible failure of Clodo (which I also bought premium without hesitation, but with a lot of regrets afterwards)... I ordered the premium version of the game (again, I am an optimistic guy) without any hint of hesitation. Not because the graphics or sound are goods (and yes they are), but simply because I think the team is doing an incredible job on that project and that they need to have our support for that ! I am certain that I will move from 1946 to BOS without any regrets as soon as the game will be playable for my squadron (early 2014 may be ?), and I am confident that the whole squadron will quickly do the same
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