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  1. I got the Thrustmaster RCS from the early 1990s for ~20 EUR from Ebay, its extremely simple and yet durable (the frame is made from very hard aluminum alloy planks and the joints are using some kind of low-friction washers between the planks). Considering its almost 3 decades old and doesn't show significant signs of wear, I'd guess its going to outlive me with proper care. The base is wide, the spring is stiff and has an industrial feel to it, like something made in the USSR (it's actually made in the USA). Except for the pot there are no electronics on it, you'd need to use external device to read it (it connects via game port). Here is how it looks like (not my picture):
  2. It is extremely annoying to me. It looks as if someone sneaked in the cockpit and pocketed the counters...
  3. It's so fast, smooth and nimble, makes the K4 feel like an obsolete brick. The .50 cals are very accurate and easy to aim and the 109s often explode mid-air after a short, but accurate burst...
  4. New pilot model is game changer. Especially noticable at high speed (500+ kmh).
  5. A bit off-topic, but I couldn't resist... Centurion tank vs 9kt bomb https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-atomic-tank-survived-a-nuclear-test-then-went-to-w-1542451635
  6. Maybe the west edition would bring lot more players to the Allied team during US prime hours...
  7. SCG_OpticFlow

    $320 us

    I believe you need to consider the context here. When the original IL-2 was developed during the early 2000s, Russia was recovering from state bankruptcy and economic depression. Wages were extremely low, even for better paying professions. Imagine how much more features you could implement when software developers cost you in the range of $150-$300 per month, compared with current $2000-$4000 (figurative numbers). Now compare this with the costs in USA or Western Europe (basically 3x more for the same job description). Those times are not coming back and it is no coincidence that the great US combat flight sim developers from the 90s have exited this business (or failed).
  8. If you bail over enemy territory, you're counted as dead.
  9. Don't forget this terrifying US ground attack weapon:
  10. I spent 46 hours in the last TAW campaign and almost all of them I was attacking the tank columns. The carpet bombing in Ju-88 happened rarely, because it is extremely hard to align the bombs properly to get actual results with tanks. The 50 kg ones need almost a direct hit to destroy a tank, even 2 meters away don't kill it. The vast majority of tank killing was done from 110 with 2x500 kg bombs. Also, after dropping the bombs the 110 has a chance to survive encounter with enemy fighters. Returning to the column for a second pass is what gets you killed most of the time even with friendly fighters present around (my experience is during European evening hours). Your suggestion for proportional usage sounds good but the problem is that we don't have agreed numbers on "reality" and people would start to pick selectively any data or opinions that serve their goal. This forum is full of such behavior.
  11. Dude, I said no mods. Didn't said anti-tank cannons didn't existed -- they did. Didn't say JagdBomber didn't existied -- they did. All I said is to use the most common equipment and the game developers already have determined it so that we don't have to start endless debates on every single piece of equipment for every aircraft with all kinds of book quotes, flight manuals and other endless bullshit about what is "historical".
  12. I have a simple idea that would make the TAW experience more historical, more hardcore and more balanced for both sides. The game developers already researched which were the typical weapons and equipment on each aircraft during the given time frame and set the less common ones as lockable modifications. My idea is to follow through and enable the locks on everything. No mods would mean: Fighters would be fighters only. No more JaBo. No extra cannons/heavy MGs. Attacking tanks would be done with bombs and rockets, like it was in the war. One-man-airforce IL-2s taking out single-handedly an entire tank column would stop (I hope). No more nuking the site from orbit. 110, 88 and Pe-2 get up to 250kg bombs, 111 up to 500kg. Stuka remains the only heavy bomb platform (up to 1000kg), but is slow and lacks the bombing sight. Unbalanced teams during off-hours would make significantly less damage and it would take a lot more effort to move the front line.
  13. BTW, are there comparable statistics for the red side? How often were FAB-250 and FAB-500 available during different time periods of the war?
  14. The G-2 yes. But 2x500 do more damage than 1x1000 (if aimed well). The nukes are more useful from high altitude against the depots.
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