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  1. You can bind it to the common mixture axis and it would apply to all engines. I use the same approach for throttle, RPM, radiators...
  2. 57% with Vive Pro. High FOV headsets would gain more, because a relatively smaller portion of the entire area would need be rendered at full resolution.
  3. There is also one ex-Bulgarian G2 in the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, Serbia:
  4. From German Wikipedia (quoting an article from MTU): https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daimler-Benz_DB_600 http://www.mtu.de/e-papers/MTU_ePaper/Marketing/MTU_Museum/epaper/ausgabe.pdf
  5. It is. Just sometimes you only have the 111.
  6. More G => greater Angle of Attack => more Induced Drag => less speed.
  7. We can go back in time, before Barbarossa. Spanish civil war, for example.
  8. You DIDN'T See Graphite on the Ground Because It's Not There!
  9. 3.6 Roentgen. Not Great, Not Terrible.
  10. SCG_OpticFlow


    The controls also get quite heavy above 400, its not made to be flown at those speeds, the fuel tanks also wont give it any meaningful endurance if you double the size of the engines, then the landing gear, to carry the heavier engines and more fuel, then you'd need to increase the wing area, reinforce the frame, etc, etc, in a vicious spiral of weight and cost increase...
  11. There is an excellent tutorial by Requiem on strafing in the Hs-129,
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