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  1. Very impressive! Especially the distant sounds, echoed by the mountains at 4:45...
  2. OpticFlow + BoN Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  3. Might be from some WW2 Avia model, perhaps someone from the Czech Republic might be able to identify it...
  4. Yes, you gave me quite the surprise just as I was leisurly gunning down the AI 202 (which I was seeing and losing from sight for quite some time). I started a sharp turn to break your attack but then the second 109 came out of nowhere so I decided to make a run for the AF. The engine stopped shortly after I landed, so I was lucky this time.
  5. Like this one? -- http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/303213/?tour=34
  6. One of the vast advantages of Fw-190 against a Yak or similar AC is the roll rate. One of the ways to use the better roll rate is to chain a series of small turns because then you'd offset the worse turn rate with the less time needed to go into next turn. For example horizontal (flat) scissors work really well against the AI Yaks. See
  7. From the front seat. No idea what happens if gunner is dead.
  8. You also need to reload the drums for the 20mm cannons in the 110-e2.
  9. Su-122 has a low-velocity howitzer, not anti-tank gun like the SU-85 or SU-76.
  10. Received the gospel of the iron cross and became disciples...
  11. Imagine it at dark with the headlights on!
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