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  1. The issue with the slip indicator (inclinometer) glass is still present 4 years later, version 4.506:
  2. If you missed that video in 2018...
  3. I'd recommend this video too: BTW the duck can fly on a single engine as long as you minimize drag (keep the ball in the center, don't let speed fall under 200 km/h, and if I remember correctly, feather the dead engine).
  4. Nice clouds. DCS world engine has brought a lot of improvements during the last few years and feels to me like the pace has accelerated in 2020. Probably has to do with the scale of the business. Those modern modules like the Hog and the Hornet are also used by professional customers (ANG) which offsets some of the $million+ costs per module.
  5. I see I'm not the only one having the bug in the Macci turn and slip indicator. The glass over the slip indicator seems misplaced (the screenshot is from a month ago):
  6. I use the rudder pedals to turn the tank and the throttle lever to move it forward/backward. That way is also more comfortable because most of the time the tank is going straight and I don't touch anything; for light turns I apply light rudder.
  7. Were there barrage balloons before in the game? I see some suspicious objects in the sky above the clouds...
  8. Upgraded from my previous SSD to a new one 3 days ago. I simply cloned the old drive into the new one with the Samsung (the make of the new SSD) Data Migration Software and after that removed the old one and turned on the PC and it worked as before but with larger and faster drive. No idea if this software would work with other makes but they might have something similar...
  9. Forgot to close the canopy on the P-47 before taking off. The sound of the engine was awesome, reminded me of my motorcycle with the throttle open...
  10. Tried it yesterday, it worked! I could see and lock targets while flying low. The ground clutter filter also filters out more yellow stuff than before the update.
  11. The radar is still bugged on the MiG-21, but the fix is coming with the next update tomorrow.
  12. 579 pages of glorious manual https://archive.org/details/Falcon_4.0/
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