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  1. Probably my favorite module. Some smooth deadstick landing in the 29:
  2. Would be great to have some smoke rounds to mark friendly/hostile target for the air support. A nice example from the LIONS OF KALININ scripted campaign:
  3. Really enjoying the campaign! The bad weather adds to the hellish atmosphere!
  4. TIL: when you see the docks on fire, don't film but run for cover...
  5. I have the Mirage 2000C and it is nice, but still incomplete after so many years... And they picked the simplest version, the French interceptor, and not export 2000E variants like the Greek with Exocet anti-ship missile or the Indian with ATLIS II laser targeting pod and MICA-IR upgrade. Compared to the F-18 module and all it's systems and guided weapons, the Mirage is just a notch over the F-5E Tiger level...
  6. http://www.aviodev.com/?page_id=74&lang=en Looks far from finished...
  7. On the DCS SRS it's practical to use different modifiers with same key to increase/decrease a value. For example you can have the Sh+1/Ctrl+1 to increase/decrease the first digit of the radio frequency, Sh+2/Ctrl+2 for the second and so on...
  8. To each his own...
  9. The evenly spread trees with the same density on hill tops and valleys look very unnatural.
  10. Would the signal strength be distance-dependent like in the "other sim"?
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