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  1. On the DCS SRS it's practical to use different modifiers with same key to increase/decrease a value. For example you can have the Sh+1/Ctrl+1 to increase/decrease the first digit of the radio frequency, Sh+2/Ctrl+2 for the second and so on...
  2. The evenly spread trees with the same density on hill tops and valleys look very unnatural.
  3. Would the signal strength be distance-dependent like in the "other sim"?
  4. AFAIK Ugra did the WW1 map for Flying Circus. BoBp map is internal deed.
  5. Lets go back in time a little:
  6. You could use the Radio Panel with DCSFlightpanels to control SRS. Seems like some IL2 multiplayer users are starting to switch from TeamSpeak to SRS for increased realism...
  7. I wonder if the street lamps work at night...
  8. This one looks much nicer
  9. A real P51 pilot made similar remarks about the P51 and even produced a video to compare IL2 to DCS to real.
  10. It feels very fast if you fly it very low. Flying 130 km/h between trees and buildings is quite exciting...
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