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  1. Its not curved and i sit 50 cm from the monitor 1,5 km is the limit
  2. I play on a 32ich monitor (2560x1440)and it works fine for me .The targets are good visible .
  3. I totally agree with you, it's not a real fix ... but half a fix. Is there really nobody in the design team who understands what's going on?
  4. Vertical gun aiming speeds on all player-controlled vehicles were made realistic according to their correct reduction ratios and the handwheel rotation speed which is the same for all vehicles 🀣
  5. yep, not fixed …. whe can send then a book ,,, How do i keep my customers satisfied ,...…...😀
  6. Hey Nocke , thats really strange that you haven't seen any change by the last update
  7. Lol ..welcome to the world Nocke πŸ˜‰ The gunner ( mouse ) feels like a drunk player .. you move the mouse to the right ( a little to fast ) and the tower moves to the left . You try to elevate your gun and the response comes seconds later . You can make it a little playable to set tour mouse on 2 in the game , but even then … it's almost onplayable in fast actions .
  8. If it ain't broke, don't fix it ...thats what i tell all my students
  9. Yes i try everything , after the last update the game is sh.t … no solution , drunk mouse , tower has his own life and so on …..
  10. Oke guys , here is my screenshot … i have no strange yellow thing . Only a white thing what not moves ……. Everbody talks about the yellow thing ..i have no yellow thing !!!!!! ..only a f..k drunk mouse and a tower out of control …. Micro stutters when i looktrough my visor .. so with a drunk mouse and micro stutters after the last update ...no fun imagine ….you drive your tank, micro stutters when you look around and a tower that goes in all directions except the right one .... all after the last update . GTX1080 , 32 gig , i7 .. not the smallest pc ...
  11. Yep , no reaction of a wrong reaction from the tower … a lot of players don't like it … thats why there are not of players online in TC Please stop Mittahrawnuruodo , in fast actions its really unpayable .( not far from unplayable ) ....its really unplayable . It's to slow and unpredictable ..like a drunk gunner . Me ..and a lot of player are waiting for a fix … and that takes a long time πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😬😬😬
  12. Aiming system is not working well ,the tower has his own life . Not playable in a normal way , a lot of players have this problem . Aiming systen before the last update whas almost perfect ,now its a pain in the ass . Whe are hoping for a update , to fix this terrible system
  13. Nope , no update and no aiming fix 😢😢😢
  14. 32 inch 1440x 2560 AOC monitor Q3279WG5B ..works fine with the 1080gtx
  15. 32 inch AOC 2560x1440 With the GTX 1080 , works fine πŸ˜€
  16. She is really not for sale ? Sure ? Maybey swap her with my wife ... my wife can cook well, but does not shoot as well
  17. Start your game with the Restarter , it works !
  18. Your girlfriend is the gunner ..woouuww is she for sale ?
  19. Start the game with the restarter button , it works !
  20. aiming with the joystick , and drive with the cursor keys .. that's a option … but i like to use the mouse for aiming and shooting . But ...It would be nice if we could choose ourselves, mouse or keyboard or if you would like to get the joystick...thats the best option for everyone
  21. It would be nice if we could choose ourselves, mouse or keyboard or if you would like to get the joystick ....... If you would put everything on your keyboard then it is difficult to drive and aim, so in combination with your mouse you can do both in the same time .. After all, you also play two people in the same time .... (driver and shooter) Driver with your keybord and schooter with your mouse .. when whe have to do that all on the keyboard ... i need a extra pair of hands Hopefully there will be an ( good ) update soon
  22. i thought I had bad eyes Here the same problem
  23. WTF Not trying very hard ????????????????? The system is crap ! Not playable ...only if you drink a liter of vodka … please ..fix this ! Tell me why the tank servers are empty ?????????? any idea ???????? i can tell you I know the game is in early access .. but why it gets so bad by the last update ? aiming problems , drunk mouse , the tower stil turns back in the forward position … i like TC a lot ..but now ..its really unplayable
  24. i trained a lot with the sherman , but Always the same problems … sometimes direct , sometimes after a hour … ..that stupid tower that get a own live . mouse to the left ..tower to the right …… mouse to the right ...tower to the right ,,but sudenly it turn back end get his own will ( like my two daugthers ) Now it's in al the tanks , mouse and tower dont work together it drives me crazy
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