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  1. This is why I couldn't avoid the tree ... at least I was just a little late https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHrQvfoPnlc&feature=youtu.be
  2. Kelly my oldest doughter ...... 😉
  3. No Pippi , from pippi langkous ( dat pokkekind wat niet wou luisteren ) Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... almost right ! My three girls came up with the name ..Pippi ....from pippi longstocking
  4. Its a smart bird , she is helping to fix the car 😉
  5. Thanks Neun . Its a yong one , 4 monts old .
  6. Lately I don't have much time to play with the tanks. Currently training my young parrot and that takes a lot of time. However, she is quite smart so more time to play soon.
  7. More players on E front has the same problem Have done this , update my card ( 1080gtx ) with the 445.87 driver and set te antialiasing to MSAA . It's not 100% ...but its a lot better .
  8. nvidia 1080 gtx flickering picture on the ground after the update .
  9. Not test it , try it this evening .
  10. Getting bored of the constant spawnkilling by planes ...................................................... red or blue
  11. SV7_Zommer Spawn killing is oke when you want to take the flag or capture a base , not to get some points on your list . Take a tank and try to beat me on the field , not when i spawn ......direct a bomb on my roof ... thats a little gay ! Please dont f@ck the game .
  12. Al fine , but maybe a little less spawn killing ?
  13. I already wondered why there are so few German tank crew players the last time .... Now I know. Efront is primarily a tank server. But if you are one of the few German players who always have an il2 above your spawn point that you treat with a bomb on your roof after 2 meters driving , The fun is not so great for the german side .
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