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  1. Thanks for all the kind replays Keyboard is no problem for me , driving with the cursors i use my left arm ( i'm right by the way ) Only for aiming and shooting i use the mouse with my right arm , thats the way i can play tc with a lot of fun . The only problem is now th movement of the mouse that what is changed in not the best way after the update . I dont know what the dev's had done , but this is a big step back . I miss a lot of speed , and the movement cost me more time and more mouse movement . When i set the setting right for the turrent ( inside) and that is playable , then the setting for the outside view of the turrent is not correctly responding and give a blurry feeling . But he two views are one setting , so i cant change that in a proper way ... Or inside is fine , or ourside is fine .. both settings fine is not a option . The mouse settings before the update where 99% perfect ..really perfect . Fast action , good view , fine tunning was also oke . I really dont know why they change this setting ๐Ÿ˜ . I'm playing with the best red and blue players online for a lot of hours and i really know after al this time what are the best settings , and that is not this blurry feeling ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ For the rest TC is really great , a lot of fun and a fine community online ,
  2. I'm playing online against the best of the best german TC player ,,,then i need two things ..... 1) SPEED 2) ACCURENCY Both of things whe have BEFORE this update . Before this last update it feels like a real tank ........................
  3. Thanks Thad ! Its my left hand , but the pain is also in my neck and right arm . But that is not the point . The mouse users like me ( with any kind of reasson ) must make more movements then before the update . YES , ther is a way to overcome this problem , but then you get the same feeling like a few mounths ago .... No good cooperation of the mouse and the turret .
  4. i'm not giving up , today i try a lot to get the mouse worked as before the update . It cost me a lot of time , but i'm sure that the update was a step back ... a big step back ! ( for the mouse users ) When i'm get the setting close by the setting as before the update .... i must make a mutch bigger movement with the mouse to see the same as before the update . , when i try to fix that with the slider in the settings the mouse and the turrent are no longer working together as one .... ..i move my mouse but the turrent wont follow that movement . Before the update i use a lot less movement with the mouse to see the same .. now i must make 2 or 3 steps with the mouse ( pick the mouse up and put him down to make the same movement ) ..and that is a distrurbing behaviour . I can fix that to set the slider in the settings more to the right , but then the aiming is to sensitve ... the problem is that the aiming and the field of vieuw outside the tower linked to each other ..that give the wrong feelling with the mouse . Realy , before the update it was 99% oke .. now a big step back for the mouse users like me ... ( no , i cant take the joystick ) I believe that , but for the mouse users like me its a big step back No its not my mouse sensitivity , its a problem in the game . A few months ago there was an update what give us the same problems ... the feeling was gone . Fortunately , they quickly resolved this in a few weeks ........ now its the same problem , the tower does not follow the mouse well .... and that gives a bad feeling in fast action . I understand that not everyone will experienc that , but if you really play a lot TC online against the best players you will notice it all too well ! In offline missions this problem will be no problem , but online you just need speed when you have to compete against top players.
  5. Rotation is fine , zoom is and then rotate is crap ,,,,. real crap ! When full zoomed to see the enemy tanks , the turrentis to slow .... far to slow ! I qiuck actions when whe play online its a pain in the ass . Sitiation before the update ; Zoomed compleet , in enough speed move the turrent arround for quick action en keep sight at the target ( important thing ) After the update; Zoomed compleet in , not enough speed to move the turrent arround for quick action ..then you must zoom out for fast moving of the turrent ..but then i loose sight on the enemy target ... then zoom in and must search for the target ... thas cost a lot of time ..Online you are to late fot a good and fast shot .... Look guys , i must play to against the best tank players online ..and then i need speed (like before the update ) ... this update lost a lot of time for holding sight on the target and aiming on the target ... its really no fun on this way . Please set back the old mouse setting nest to the new stick setting ...PLEASE ! After operation on my nerve system in my left arm , i can not hold a stick for a long time ..it gives a lot of pain and that why i must stop flying with miy old team 1.JaVA . Also a lot of pain in my neck en my right arm...... thats why i cant hold a joystick for a long time . Working is some days a big problem , i'm master technician by a Hyundai car dealer ..and sometimes is that is heavy work 2 years ago i had a surgery on my left arm because slowly i lose the feeling on that side ( getting old ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But something went wrong on that surgery and give more pain then before the surgery . Also i lost a lot of feeling on that side ,thats why i cant use the joystick . I whas so happy that i can play with the mouse and the keyboard TC for diversion and not all day feeling the pain . Now they change that setting and i'm really not happy . I try a lot of settings , but none of the settings give me a feeling ( like the feeling before the update ) to slow , to fast , to slow zoomed in...... not enough speed zoomed in .... pppffftt Now i must wait to the next update en hope that they can fix this ( if they fix this ) . Not a lot of fun !
  6. i use the keyboard from the begin , its for me the only way to play .... driving with the keyboard en aiming en shooting with the mouse ..thats ( for me ) the perfect combination because my problems with my nerves in mij arms , neck and shoulder ( getting older is not always big fun ) Strange , with mij nerve problems i whas still able to make fast action before the update and shooting / aiming was perfect for me ..fast and accurate
  7. Thats what i mean , thanks for the explanation ! Its difficult fot me to explain in english what i mean ..... i'm a technician , not a english teacher ๐Ÿ˜‰ Before the update i use my mouse en it whas enough with a little movement to look to al sides , now ik must make to movements ...to look arround in the same field of view . zoomed out in the old sitiation , with one mouse movement ...now i need to pick up the mouse and ake a second movent to look in the same field of view as before the update . Zoomed in in the old sitiation , with a mouse movement i can find the target en aim ... now the turrent moves very slowly when full zoomed in ..... For ofline playing is this setting maybey oke , but for fast online playing its no fun ...you are always to late ! i hope the next update , i like TC a lot and its a great way to relax after a long day of work
  8. Okay, I'll try to explain. After a nerve surgery it is still difficult for me to operate a stick without getting a lot of pain in my head, neck, shoulders and arms in a short time. That is also the reason that I can no longer fly with my old trusted team 1.JaVA. I have been playing il2 from the start so that will be almost 20 years now? Living necessitated to get some distraction I dived into tc and got a lot of fun from the start. A while ago there was an update that did not work out well for the turrent control, it was finally resolved and gave a lot of fun again. After the last update, the rotation of the tower no longer works properly. Completely zoomed in it responds too slowly, zoomed out it works fine, but then the target is no longer visible at this distance. For a quick action and reaction, this setting is completely useless. After many hours of trying to get the setting a bit the same as before the update, I finally gave up. Somehow the feeling is gone, fast action takes a lot more time than before the update. I find this very unfortunate because at the moment TC is my only form of relaxation after a day of work with still too much nerve pain. Of course it is great that it is now also possibleto play with the joystick, but for people who really depend on a keyboard, this setting is anything but nice. .. Too bad, for the update whas the feeling for 99% perfect ..... Il ike the mouse functionality like it was before the update ..it was almost perfect
  9. I have spent hours trying to regain the old and good feeling. After the update, I can no longer get this right. Either it goes too fast, or far too slow when zooming in. Fast action is no longer available. I'm tired of the fact that after every update we go 1 step forward and 5 steps back. Playing with the joystick is not an option for me after my nerve surgery. I can only do this with the mouse, before the update it was 99% perfect. Now they have made it so that the feeling has completely disappeared.
  10. Hello all ! I stop playing tc for a while . The mouse setting is crap and on this way its no fun , but only al lot of frustation . Tc was always a lot of fun , but after every update the mouse setting is crap ...i dont know who is doing that ...but ..... i thinks its time for a new job for this guy . I was one of the first players , online and ofline ,, but now it give me only frustration ....i quit on this way . I hope in the future they make ik beter ( like before last update ) then maybe i come back . S! 1.JaVA_KEBEN
  11. Why do the flares not work ? left contr. + 1,2, 3,4 .................. no response ?
  12. its really a mess , the mouse setting was good before te update , its not playable on this way ... please not again this mouse mess !
  13. The new mouse turrent controls are really bad , stange moving like a drunk gunner ... please not again ! Try to set the mouse settings on the best way , but still no joy ,,, what a mess !
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