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  1. i trained a lot with the sherman , but Always the same problems … sometimes direct , sometimes after a hour … ..that stupid tower that get a own live . mouse to the left ..tower to the right …… mouse to the right ...tower to the right ,,but sudenly it turn back end get his own will ( like my two daugthers ) Now it's in al the tanks , mouse and tower dont work together it drives me crazy
  2. I think there are some real fustraded custumers ….. My job is solving technical problems and keep customers happy … i think there are a lot customers NOT happy … It might just to be wise to put some settings back so this feed doesn't cost too many costumers . Sometimes it is smarter to first test something properly and then release it ……. This is real ….. sometimes it works , then it doesn't work ..sometimes the mouse is drunk ..sometimes not , sometimes my tower turn to the right ,,but with the same movemend it turns to the left … Stupor has a real good point , fix the trees and dont screwing up the aim . I really don't understand some things , the aim worked almost perfect ..only the sherman has some troubles ( thats why i never take a sherman ) ..so lets make a update and make all the aim like the sherman That make the custumers happy ! ( who whas drunk ? ) If it wasn't that annoying i would almost laugh about it .. I have always been very happy with every update , the team make really beautifull things . The game is for years and years my big favorit , but this update …. Planes and the new map ,,wooouuuww a piece of art ! But TC …. what a mess ..( and it whas so good ) … i really dont understand this aim update .
  3. Nothing is wrong with my mouse , it works fine ,,,but after a wile ..the mouse gets wild no normal reaction , the tower turns and turns like a wild horse …. never had that before ,,in action a real mess. It looks like a demon gets in to my mouse No reaction , at least not the expected response . The tower is then completely uncontrollable .. it turn in the wrong direction … when i push mij mouse to the left the tower goos left , but suddenly the goos to the right and get its own demon life ..its really unplayable ...and the strange thing is ,,, it not happens all of the time ! Generaly it works fine ( exept the drunken mouse feeling ) but after a while , suddenly its uncontrollable ….. it drives me crazy ! I had that before the update in the sherman tank , that strange feeling and suddenly turning back the tower ,, now i got it in all of the tanks . But that is of course easy to explain , all the tanks now have the same system as the sherman ………… and get all the bugs of the sherman
  4. i think you really drunk my friend , i have give it a try for one hour … the tower reaction has its one life … when my mouse go to the left , my tower turns right ..when i moved my mouse down , my tower goos left and up …..diffenately far more realistic??????? Its a real mess ! Now whe have the same problems like the sherman with all the tanks , Halfway the turn , the tower turn back … when you try to change that it becomes a real mess in the aiming . I really give it a big try , but again BIG irritation ,,, diffenately far more realistic ? … no realism at all ..a realistic mess do you mean ?
  5. Nope , also in the old T34 ...
  6. Here the same stupor , everthing is green … but no gun reaction … its not a new bug … its a bug after the last great …. uuuhh great??? update..or .. downgrade ?
  7. You got a point , the old setting were not good either …. but better than this one . Oke , how do i explain this ? If you change a system then you must test it well before you sent it to the costumer , i assume you agree with me on this 😉 Afther the update there are so many things that are wrong that is had become almost unplayable .. Maybe this is an exaggerated statement , but certainly gives a lot of irritation . In my profession , custumer satisfaction is the highest priorrity . That meens listening well to the customer , wishes and needs . Not everything is feasible , but whe still try to approach the customer as much as possible . I know thew team works hard and the results are really beautifull ! But this update is a downgrade fot TC . A bad or no good tested update . But whe ask for ….. A better damage model for the old T34 , and that worked out like Judge told . +1 The ever turning tower ….. The most unrealistic on this game is the tower that is constanly turning back . I never see a tank who is doing that …. but afther the update even the tower of the old T34 is turning back to the forward position 😖 , and because its an old model , you can not look arround the hatch with the track-ir …. with a result a big deadzone for looking arround . Would it really be so hard to change that turning back of the tower ? The point is , Not every player bought TC , there will be a lot of players who only have the old T34 . But if the old T34 works well , it can lead that many people buy TC , because they fing out that TC is really great and give a lo of fun ( see it as advertising the product ) Then the aiming system , this whas nearly ready to relase and gives a lot of irritation . Why whe go so far back instead of ahead ? But im also have to say that i couldn't do better , it's of course a beautifull piece of work ! TC Always gave me( before last update ) a great feeling . With the smal but growing groep of players , we do have a lot of fun . Hopfully this problem will be solved quickly so that we can play again with a lot of pleasure .
  8. Thanks ! Don't get me wrong , not everything is bad .. only the mouse handeling ..up and down , slow ...left and right quick …… thats the problem . A normal person is not able to handle this strange configuration . If the speed of both axis is equal then the new system would work well . The speed of both axis before the update was so good as equal ..and work fine . But after the update there is now so much different in speed that i must use whol my desk for my up and down elevation , but on the other hand the movement for left and right is fa to sensitive . This two different ( feelings ) give the most of the players problems in aiming . ( no natural feeling anymore )
  9. There are not that many players in TC , but it is growing ! But i'm really afraid that this updat will cost players , if even some of the most enthusiastic player is no longer satisfied and the game has not been playing for a week ...that does mean something !
  10. The problem is , left and right aiming is fast , up and down is slow ...that wil never work with a mouse or a combined in one divice . Before the update that movement whas the same , up , down , left and right … that had the same feeling . The feeling of the aiming is not real after the update , ik feels like a drunk russian riding in a car ( see the russian dashcam movies 😉 ) ...something like that .. Then the next question , what is the right feeling ? I think the right feeling , whas the feeling before the update ( at least, that whas giving me the feeling i whas used to in real life ) I have to aim a lot in real life , it never give me the feeling of a drunk russian gunner … sometimes i have to practice a lot , but Always the aiming whas a natural feeling . Realy never overshoot a target , but now it feels like a drunk mouse ..and aiming is no real fun anymore …. it gives a lot irritation . But … Its a game , and thats for fun .( i think the main target ) After a long week of work a need some time for myself , i found that in TC ….. but not anymore 😐.. it gives me a lot of irritation on this way . I play il2 from the old version in 2004 ( ? ) and most of the time it gives me a lot of fun , after my nerve surgery on my left arm a few monts ago i'm only able to play TC . Flying is no longer an option because of the pain ( at least no longer than 30 minutes ) the prognosis is that i am still working on the recovery for at least 2 years . I am a pilot form orgine , like the most of us . Playing IL-2 for almost 15 years with my team 1.JaVA. Win the european championships in Ahaus Germany a long time ago ( 2009 ? ) So i can say that i have been walking along for a while ...every update whas a real update ..but now its a downgrade ..a big downgrage i think . Due to my current work ( Hyundai master technician ) the recovery will take quite a while . So the only relexation i get is from TC on this moment , shooting , driving a tank , sneeking arround , kill tigers ans so on . Working 70 hours in a week to feed mij family and finaly time to relax … and then with a drunk mouse trying to shoot a tiger 😖.. no fun ! Thats why i'm so irritated , i am used to ( in my work ) thorougly testing an updated product before it goes to the consumer … because the customer is the one who pays my sandwich ( Dutch proverb ) . I know that TC is just a small part of the entire series , and the work that the disigners have done is very beautiful . But what has been now deliverd is a major step back in the devolopment . There are not that many players in TC , but it is growing ! But i'm really afraid that this updat will cost players , if even some of the most enthusiastic player is no longer satisfied and the game has not been playing for a week ...that does mean something ! My advice is , settings back as they are before the update and most of the TC players are happy .
  11. Whahahahaha , ever driving in a real tank ?? Reallism ...my ….… Its just a bad design , nothing more and nothing less . Aiming is a real pain in the … , sometimes no reaction of the main gun ..and the list goes on …. Sorry Kseremak , i gues you never be a part of a real tank crew . This is no realism ..only a bad design……….
  12. After much practice, much more irritation ..The new system really works very badly. For now ... not online anymore , otherwise I will not pick it up at all. It's a big disappointment, TC is really a piece of relaxation for me .. but now it is all irritation .
  13. you play online ?? Because whe have no yellow circle …..only a drunk mouse…. Still no update for this mess ? I whas hoping for a quick solution ……
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