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  1. More players on E front has the same problem Have done this , update my card ( 1080gtx ) with the 445.87 driver and set te antialiasing to MSAA . It's not 100% ...but its a lot better .
  2. nvidia 1080 gtx flickering picture on the ground after the update .
  3. Not test it , try it this evening .
  4. Getting bored of the constant spawnkilling by planes ...................................................... red or blue
  5. SV7_Zommer Spawn killing is oke when you want to take the flag or capture a base , not to get some points on your list . Take a tank and try to beat me on the field , not when i spawn ......direct a bomb on my roof ... thats a little gay ! Please dont f@ck the game .
  6. Al fine , but maybe a little less spawn killing ?
  7. I already wondered why there are so few German tank crew players the last time .... Now I know. Efront is primarily a tank server. But if you are one of the few German players who always have an il2 above your spawn point that you treat with a bomb on your roof after 2 meters driving , The fun is not so great for the german side .
  8. I played today a lot of missions in the full real server ,,,, good mission 👌 Only spawn killing .... by one of two players ... no fun .... Waiting on a spawn to get some points like a girl ..... back to E front...for better gameplay !
  9. Game crash when i try to enter the server
  10. OOh... the crying Haza again ? Lol He was crying the wole time .... i tell him , dont cry but fight ..het answer me with f@ck you ...... loooooooooooooooooooooool Dont mention it , i think he is not older then 12 or something 😂😂😂
  11. 2019/11/17 02:04:49 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Navigator-IL62;Lofte 2019/11/17 02:05:09 ["RIVALDO" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: приходи еще!!! (Come again!!!) 2019/11/17 02:05:16 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;Maik1966 2019/11/17 02:05:33 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Позор Lofte (Shame Lofte) 2019/11/17 02:05:58 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Получил по жопе с танка (Got on the ass from the tank) 2019/11/17 02:06:00 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: move comrads! 2019/11/17 02:06:12 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;WallterScott 2019/11/17 02:06:31 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Все, курсы переквалификации не избежать!!!! (All retraining courses can not be avoided !!!!) 2019/11/17 02:07:05 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: 110 over 2019/11/17 02:07:07 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;VictoriousViolet 2019/11/17 02:08:14 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: i thins the 109 is high 2019/11/17 02:08:15 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: BlueStrapOns-Lofte Это магия, будешь попадать и станешь не уязвимым:) (This is magic, you’ll hit and become not vulnerable ) ....... 2019/11/17 02:14:28 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: На красных пашешь? (Do you plow the reds?) 2019/11/17 02:15:24 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotExit;Rook_ 2019/11/17 02:15:54 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;SCG_Vonalba 2019/11/17 02:16:17 ["Lofte" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Страпон, а ты в курсе, что гомосеков у нас сажают в концлагеря? Возвращайся лучше обратно, а то переработают в удобрения (Strap-on, do you know that we have homosexuals sent to concentration camps? Better come back, otherwise they will be processed into fertilizers) 2019/11/17 02:16:38 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Il2m42;Stug37L24 2019/11/17 02:16:50 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Где это у вас гомосеков? (Where are you homosexual?) 2019/11/17 02:16:59 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;LUZITANO Woouw i'm learning russian ….. I Always thought that the russian speaking about tactics in the chat ;- Who is the tank driver with the hairy legs ?????????
  12. E Front is one of the best tank servers , let's have fun guys ! There is always room for improvement, but let's have some fun !
  13. The top of the german tank players online , it was a good fight guys Thanks for the fun 😉 The wintermap is fun , difficult to win and a lot of targets ..great map !
  14. Who , i'm not negative … only a question about the armer of the tiger
  15. Last week I played a few times on the german side, it was really not that hard to beat the red players. And I must say that the German side also has some very good players .. who often make it very difficult for us !
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