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  1. Its not curved and i sit 50 cm from the monitor 1,5 km is the limit
  2. I play on a 32ich monitor (2560x1440)and it works fine for me .The targets are good visible .
  3. I totally agree with you, it's not a real fix ... but half a fix. Is there really nobody in the design team who understands what's going on?
  4. Vertical gun aiming speeds on all player-controlled vehicles were made realistic according to their correct reduction ratios and the handwheel rotation speed which is the same for all vehicles 🀣
  5. yep, not fixed …. whe can send then a book ,,, How do i keep my customers satisfied ,...…...😀
  6. Hey Nocke , thats really strange that you haven't seen any change by the last update
  7. Lol ..welcome to the world Nocke πŸ˜‰ The gunner ( mouse ) feels like a drunk player .. you move the mouse to the right ( a little to fast ) and the tower moves to the left . You try to elevate your gun and the response comes seconds later . You can make it a little playable to set tour mouse on 2 in the game , but even then … it's almost onplayable in fast actions .
  8. If it ain't broke, don't fix it ...thats what i tell all my students
  9. Yes i try everything , after the last update the game is sh.t … no solution , drunk mouse , tower has his own life and so on …..
  10. Oke guys , here is my screenshot … i have no strange yellow thing . Only a white thing what not moves ……. Everbody talks about the yellow thing ..i have no yellow thing !!!!!! ..only a f..k drunk mouse and a tower out of control …. Micro stutters when i looktrough my visor .. so with a drunk mouse and micro stutters after the last update ...no fun imagine ….you drive your tank, micro stutters when you look around and a tower that goes in all directions except the right one .... all after the last update . GTX1080 , 32 gig , i7 .. not the smallest pc ...
  11. Yep , no reaction of a wrong reaction from the tower … a lot of players don't like it … thats why there are not of players online in TC Please stop Mittahrawnuruodo , in fast actions its really unpayable .( not far from unplayable ) ....its really unplayable . It's to slow and unpredictable ..like a drunk gunner . Me ..and a lot of player are waiting for a fix … and that takes a long time πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😬😬😬
  12. Aiming system is not working well ,the tower has his own life . Not playable in a normal way , a lot of players have this problem . Aiming systen before the last update whas almost perfect ,now its a pain in the ass . Whe are hoping for a update , to fix this terrible system
  13. Nope , no update and no aiming fix 😢😢😢
  14. 32 inch 1440x 2560 AOC monitor Q3279WG5B ..works fine with the 1080gtx
  15. 32 inch AOC 2560x1440 With the GTX 1080 , works fine πŸ˜€
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