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  1. VO101Kurfurst

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Late G-6 = G-14 Now a late G-14/AS (~G6/AS or G-5/AS) would really all that is needed, and probably easy as an engine mod with some cowling rework (may use K-4 assets as a starting point) as the type was fairly important. G-10 can be an alternative, as performance wise its pretty much the same as the G-14/AS, but maybe it is better reserved for a late Eastern front module..
  2. VO101Kurfurst

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Blame the Romans instead, half of it is Latin.
  3. VO101Kurfurst

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    Congratulations on the crew models. They are the most lifelike I have seen anywhere, not having this “rubber dummy” look on them. The stature of the commander and loader is excellent as well.
  4. VO101Kurfurst

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Sure, they would make nice collectors, or they could Just add a G-14/AS as a mod. But its definietely low priority on my list, I would rather have a Typhoon or something more useful.
  5. VO101Kurfurst

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    They are pretty much a waste of time since the ratings and performance is very similiar to the K-4 (which is a tad faster, but a tad heavier as well) and there is far less modelling information on the G-10 or G-14/AS. K-4 can be used a stand in for those just fine.
  6. VO101Kurfurst

    3cm MK108: Historical test data vs ingame test data

    Probably won’t happen until they start to model the awful real life reliability of Hispanos I guess.
  7. VO101Kurfurst

    Hype about ME262

    Even the Spitfire wasn’t all that common if you look at the NW Europe operational theatre and they operated 90% of the time as fighter bombers, not as fighters. So why not limit them as well if you want to go down that road.
  8. VO101Kurfurst

    Hype about ME262

    Limited numbers are essential for Spitfire Tempest, P-38 Spit XIV (if its ever added) and Spitfire IX as well... Be careful what you wish for, ie.. when asking for limited availability, servers probably will not apply the approach not just to one side but both.
  9. VO101Kurfurst

    Hype about ME262

    Schwalbe is like engaging slow motion for everyone else.
  10. VO101Kurfurst

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    Yet I wonder how Aces over Europe managed to present a belieable model a dozen or so B-17s with gunners, escorts and an attacking Schwarm plus Leuna oil works itself on my 66 MHz CPU without any dedicated graphics card. I do not buy the CPU load for gunners.
  11. VO101Kurfurst

    Historical planeset for TAW

    And your findings are...?
  12. VO101Kurfurst

    Historical planeset for TAW

    No need to guess. Single engine fighters Date: 28.06.41 http://ww2.dk/oob/statistics/se28641.htm F-4s are being delivered to units in June 1941. I count 74 F-4 on strenght at this time (would need to check which ones are on Russian front though) Single engine fighters - Date: 27.09.41 http://ww2.dk/oob/statistics/se27941.htm By late September, 320 F-4s with frontline Jagdgruppen (both East and West) Single engine fighters Date: 27.12.41 http://ww2.dk/oob/statistics/se271241.htm
  13. VO101Kurfurst

    When the P51 will be available?

    The only difference compared t othe 44/45 German pilot cadre was that historically that made up basically 25% hardcore Aces with dozens if not hundreds of victories and 75% noobs. I.e. very uneven tema. Allied team was basically regulars, basically good but not very experienced pilots with a number of old, experienced pilots. Say 90% avarage players, 10% aces. What predicably happened historically was that if you flew for the Allies, you had a good chance to easily rekt the LW noobs were rekt, who would be replaced by even worse noobs and rekt again, but when you met the LW aces they were so far more experienced than you that unless you were lucky, they had all the winning cards in an engagement, gathered through years of combat and hundreds of combat sorties. Also you can mimic the 5 to 1 superiority in numbers and sorties on the other side, but just like in history, it would be an utterly boring experience. Basically, set up 5 servers, 4 out 5 in which is Allies only and consists of ground pounding Allied missions only against AI ground targets and flak, with an occiasional AI rookie 109/190, with forced loadouts with bombs and rockets. But on the 5th server (you do not know which one) the server balance will be set to 65% Axis (a number of reserved places for LW clans, but all noobs forced to join LW side) 35% allies, which is basically how the LW operated in late 44/45. It tried to find a weak spot on the bomber streams, find unprotected ones, jump on fighter bombers and overwhelm it with mass attacks, and often even had local numerical superoirity, even though pilot skill was way lower on avarage.
  14. VO101Kurfurst

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    ... has been designed as a multirole fast bomber / heavy fighter from the start.
  15. VO101Kurfurst

    Spitfire Mk.IX vs Bf109-k4

    Brilliant flying and shooting in the last minute!