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  1. When you are just about the realize costs in gasoline for running a 44 liter engine, your buddies run up the other one, too. 😄
  2. Yet this was done at least two decades ago on much, much weaker systems. WW2 online was / is an early 2000s game yet it managed to simulate the entire Bodenplatte map (May 1940 Ardennes assault) with thousands of concurrently online players, infantry, tanks, ships, aircraft. The ballistic system was top notch and calculated every single bullet and fragment, what it penetrated inside a tank, how much it slowed down or richoheted in the process, and heck how much secondary fragments it created and what those fragments did. It could handle things like that a fighter diving vertically on a tank may just penetrate thinner top armor due to the added velocity of the fighters speed. This demonstration below is 12 years old now. The thing is not all that complex especially for modern CPUs. It is simply a matter of developer will and resources.
  3. True (in game at least), but there's hardly a better solution if you want to represent high altitude 109s which are regrettably missing from the planeset. It's a pity there's no "de-mod" option for the K-4, that would fix the tailwheel in a down position and remove the wheel well doors, with the associated extra drag. That would basically make it a G14AS / G10 for all practical purposes. It was not an uncommon configuration in the winter of 44/45 ( to prevent mud freezing in the wheel wells and sticking the landing gear).
  4. On applicable LW types for the late 1944/45 period, for mission planning. Unfortunately currently we do not have G-14/AS modelled, even if its probably the most important 109 type for the late 1944 period. K-4 with base DB engine is however a good stand-in until a proper G-6/AS or G-14/AS is added to the game. Note - this is for the entire LW, i.e. all aircraft present with all units, servicable and unservicable, on all fronts. 1. 109/190. LW fighter strenght with 1st line day fighter units, on 1st December 1944 was, per model: 109G-6 101 pcs 109G-6/U2 2 pcs 109G-6/U4 43 pcs 109G-14 649 pcs 109G-14/AS 249 pcs 109G-14/U2 15 pcs 109G-14/U4 66 pcs. 109G-10 124 109G-10/U4 none 109K-4 198 pcs 190 A-2 through A-7 36 pcs 190 A-8 585 pcs 190 A-8/R2 75 pcs 190 A-8/R6 74 pcs 190 A-9 73 pcs 190 A-9/R6 2 pcs 190 A-9/R11 15 pcs 190 D-9 124 pcs 2. Me 262. The number reported on strenght in day fighter and KG units (did not check the rest), as of 1st December 1944 (all Me 262 versions) 23 Me 262s reported on strenght by III / EJG 2. 14 Me 262s reported on strenght by III / JG 7. 1 Me 262 reported on strenght by Stab / KG 51. 47 Me 262s reported on strenght by I / KG 51. 36 Me 262s reported on strenght by II / KG 51. 16 Me 262s reported on strenght by IV / KG 51. 2 Me 262s reported on strenght by Stab / KG 54. 16 Me 262s reported on strenght by I / KG 54. 3 Me 262s reported on strenght by III / KG 54. Grand total of 158 Me 262s on strength on 1st December 1944. 3. 109/190. As of LW fighter strenght with 1st line day fighter units, on 31 December 1944, little have changed - older models were phased out (-), newer models were getting more numerous (+), particularly the D-9: 109G-6 91 pcs - 109G-6/U2 1 pcs - 109G-6/U4 13 pcs - 109G-14 298 pcs - - 109G-14/AS 184 pcs - 109G-14/U2 10 pcs - 109G-14/U4 101 pcs. + 109G-10 121 pcs 109G-10/U4 4 pcs + 109K-4 159 pcs - 190 A-2 through A-7 23 pcs - 190 A-8 461 pcs - 190 A-8/R2 28 pcs - 190 A-8/R6 16 pcs - 190 A-8/R11 0 pcs - 190 A-9 35 pcs - 190 A-9/R6 none - 190 A-9/R11 28 pcs + 190 D-9 238 pcs ++ 4. 109s. As on 31 January 1945 the combat units of the Luftwaffe and their associated Erganzungs Einheiten, had the following strength in Bf109 types. These are on hand totals, they include both 'frontline' and 'other' units. Included are all aircraft operational and non-operational at the time. (combat/Ergänzungs=OTU): Bf109G1/5 (0/1) Bf109G12 (0/5) Bf109G6 (71/328) Bf109G14 and G14U4 (431/190) Bf109G10, G10/U4 and G14/AS (568/3) Bf109K4 (314/0) Bf109G10/R6 (51/0) Total (1435/527) Other Jagd types totaled (1058/359) Schlacht types totaled (680/375) Nachtschlacht types totaled (422/95) Zerstorer types totaled (42/0) Nachtjagd types totaled (1241, no breakdown between the two) Kampf types totaled (543/158) Nahaufklarer totaled (407/27) Fernaufklarer totaled (195/81) See types totaled (78/17) Transport types totaled (496/9) Grand total (6597/1631) 5. Table of LW fighter wings and their current equipment, as of 25th March 1945.
  5. 1.98 ata was approved on 1st December 1944. 1,98ta ata rating cleared in DB 605DB/DC Motorenkarte, issued 1st December 1945. Used on aircraft captured in 2nd TAF operational area in January 1945. 1,98 ata was withdrawn on 22 January 1945 from general frontline use for further testing by II/JG 11 in February 1945, when the majority of the Luftwaffe fighter force was redeployed to the Eastern front. Field testing by II/JG 11 in February 1945 showed no issues with 1,98ata DC settings, and the issues encountered with the base setting of 1,8ata only were fixed in February 1945. Changeover to 1,98ata was again order for the four Bf 109G10/K4 Wings deployed in the British and American sectors in March 1945.
  6. Mauser did develop the MG 213 revolver cannon with IIRC 1200 rpm and 1000 m/sec which was basis for the post war ADEN and DEFA guns, which are almost identical, firing 30mm mine shells that were also related to the 3cm Minengeschoss. Basically its the grandfather of modern non-Gatling principle guns used on fighter aircraft today.
  7. Well at least we get G-6 late by popular demand 😄
  8. Because then everyone would feel fat and sassy.
  9. The 110 isn't there, but the 410 is, and it is so much better in every respect than the 110, save for dogfighting. Which also brings up the question why have a totally inferior heavy / strike fighter option with the 88C-6 when you have the 410.
  10. No. It was entirely different development by several manufacturers (Zeiss, Askania) that was tested already in about 1941 on a 109F already, but the Germans did not press production much until they saw the Allied gyro sights making an appearance. It worked well and hits from 600+ meters were reported. The Germans even tested their own vs the G.G.S. taken from a P-47 and IIRC they found their own to be somewhat more accurate in calculating lead. The downside was that the reflector sight area was less.
  11. The reality is a bit more complex. APRC rounds were kept in service and production for the smaller guns like 5cm which could not do without it, for the long 75s and 88s it was developed, and a small number were made but in reality it was not used. IIRC for the 8,8 L/71 only about 5000 Pz40 were made, which is about one round for every gun made. Not that the long 8,8 would need it. 😄
  12. Prien and Rodeike on G-5/AS and G-6/AS units, production and deployment.
  13. It does not strike me particularly difficult to have a G-6Late with different mods - plain vanilla 1,42ata G-6 with Erla cabin, equitable with 605AS mod and/or MW mod, Y verfahrung and whatnot Kinda like the IXe of Bodenplatte. I am sure if a Merlin 70 and model changes with different tails and wingtips is technically doable then a new cowling and a different engine is doable on this G-6Late. At least it would then make sense to have ‘late G-6’ in the first place that is not just a Collector G-6 or a G-14 but represent a wider number of late mods and conversions that were used in late batches before it got standardised as G14. /U2 simple means a factory modification for GM-1 is present. But a substantial number was converted by: Erla Antwerp, G6/U2/AS, 95 converted airframe Erla Antwerp, G6/U2/R2/AS, 23 converted airframe Mi-Metall, G6/U2/AS, 98 converted airframe Blohm & Voss, G6/U2/AS, 80 converted airframe Naturally every AS conversion necessitated the change of the cowling. The cowling was changed because the AS engine was simply made fitting a DB 605A with the supercharger of a bigger DB 603, and the bigger supercharger would simply not fit otherwise. Hence why it’s asymmetrical and bigger on the port side.
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