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  1. Thanks! My favorite plane of WW2 well the 21 was but I'll take what I'm givin
  2. Hi Blacksix, Just a quick question, My friend got BOS on steam I pointed out that not all the money gets back to yourself, He was not aware of this he now wants to support on your site Getting BOK am I right in thinking this will have no effect with regard to being able to play all versions together? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Jason, Not sure if this will help or not but here you go. http://aviationweek.com/blog/how-build-zero-1945
  4. I am sick of flying the german/russian planes! give me carrier landings and my beloved zero. Sorry never added poll, my bad
  5. Just had a quick flight all i can say is WOW!!, although i did a Loft at the end stalls are not easy.
  6. All i can say is i love the vid take as long as you deem fit you guys are great and making my dreams come true this is what clod should have been. +10000
  7. No Just No (play battlefield if that is what you want m8)
  8. Looks Like They have now implemented some effects i think some flames from the exhaust are to be seen and maybe gunfire can't wait.
  9. Confirmed for Rof i take it i think this would be very nice to have in Bos.
  10. Have any of you voted on the skin yet
  11. Yea m8 goto your profile and my contents you will see it just press activate and enjoy the Bling .and the celebrate i went for a nice 1 hour flight in the club gyro.
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