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  1. I've only had that mission once so far- bomber and an escort spawned in the air but I spun out while taxiing and wrecked my propeller so I don't know if he waited for me.
  2. Whenever I try to start a mission, it loads for a moment then takes me back to the single mission list. Edit: I found a post saying to delete the .msnbin file and that did the trick. Fun missions. I hope you add some more aircraft like the P-40, Hurricane, and some of the Soviet birds.
  3. As someone who liked IL-2 1946's alt-history campaigns, this seems most intriguing. Gonna try it out now. Edit: Well, I picked up the G6 finally so I could start, but I ran into that issue I had in the diaries where it would say, "description is loading". However, unlike those deleting the .msnbin files had the effect of making the campaign missions not appear at all. I tried to move the folder into my single missions directory to see if that made a difference and unfortunately it did not. Is there something I can do on my end to work around this? Edit 2: Resaved the missi
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