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  1. The artist should be Gareth Hector. This art is for the front cover of Osprey publishing book "Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7: Eastern Front 1941-42 (Duel)", with him as one of the Illustrators. You can check other arts from him on his webpage: http://www.garethhector.co.uk/
  2. Like the representation of the tracer effect.
  3. I have tested again, there is a few differences to the previous testing. If we set "StartInAir = 0" for both player and AI, no matter whether player is the flight leader, AI won't take off. I've no idea what is the reason. However, if we set "StartInAir = 1" for AI, everything goes ordinarily. So may I ask, dear Pat, to add an option to PWCG, to control the "StartInAir = " value only for the player's plane, that we could start a mission from the cold start procedure? MANY THANKS! Helmut
  4. I have done some tests on the behaviors of AI planes (AI planes in my flight) and the results are interesting... First, looking into the .mission file in \data\missions folder, there is a statement "StartInAir = 0/1" in every plane's description. To my flight only, if "always air start" in PWCG is set to 0 (means player will start on the ground), this statement defines the engine state. "StartInAir = 0" is for cold engine, and "StartInAir = 1" is for warmed up and started engine. a. If the player is the flight leader, set "StartInAir = 0" for the AI wingmans. AI will start their engines as soon as the mission begins, no matter whether player's engine is started. Once AI finishes the starting procedure, it will follow to do what the player do. If the player is still in starting procedure, AI will wait. If the player is taxing, AI will follow the player. b. If the player is NOT the flight leader, set "StartInAir = 0" for the AI planes. AI will also start their engines at the beginning. However, the AI flight leader will NEVER take off even it finishes the starting procedure. AI planes prior to you will follow the flight leader, but the AI planes after you will follow your action. In summary, "StartInAir = 0" for AI would cause some confusions if you are NOT the flight leader. But if you ARE the flight leader or you like playing lone wolf missions (just as I do), setting "StartInAir = 0" for the player and AI planes would make the missions more realistic.
  5. I think our 'Boss 6' (AT6)is quite a reasonable candidate for future Chinese sub forum. He is our 'Fat Hermann'
  6. A fascinating joystick for the real Luftwaffe fans! A little pity that it is made of plastic. However, despite its spring force much lighter than my HOTAS Warthog, it has a better handle than Warthog for the propeller age dogfights.
  7. I'm pretty sure that "StartInAir =0/1" is the cold start switch. About the AI behaviors, I will do some try tomorrow. By the way, could you tell me which value in mission file is controlled by "Always Air Start" option in PWCG config?
  8. Hi Patrick, There are some questions about the engine cold start option in the missions created by PWCG. As the "Always Air Start" in advanced config is set to 0, it means the player will appear on the runway and take off every time. But the engine is already started and warmed up. Actually I'd like to start a mission from the parking apron with a cold engine. I deselect the option "Warmed up engine" in Realism before the mission, but there is no effect. I still get a plane with a started and warmed up engine. I turn to the mission file created by PWCG, I find some lines: I think the "StartInAir =" is controlled by the "Always Air Start" option, am I right? But it is set to "1" though the player will start on the ground. Then I set "StartInAir = 0", I get what I want. Once the mission begin, I have a stopped and cold engine. I don't know much about the structure of the mission files, but it seems that this line "StartInAir =" defines whether the engine is warmed up or not. However, it is not controlled by the in-game realism config. I'm puzzled. Is there any switch in PWCG to define this option?
  9. Many thanks to you, Patrick! But would you take a look at the problem reported by Zami and me, in the reply #69?
  10. Yes, I always get these waypoints while generating intercept missions. I can just delete the misplaced waypoints but still hope Patrick to fix it.
  11. Great work, Patrick! Finally I'm able to debrief successfully, avoiding ruining a 6 victories mission.
  12. OK. The squadron is I./JG53. I start the campaign from 1942.08.01, and the error mission date is 1942.08.02
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