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  1. Not a fact in your mind, but it is a fact for many other pilots that had left Erfont and it was not for you but for the OP. The Efront thread is full of such comments. Your mind is not interessting for me, it might only be for the OP. You might question him personally. And as Rivaldo just stated there were problems and it was fixed, so even the developer saw problems. I am courious and will soon test it.
  2. Just not true, i play and die in finish server often and never ever complained about it. Did you even saw me complaining other server? I reported problems and bugs and helped the admin with it. You might think this post and make it a better server instead of calling other bad player to verify your arguments (just dump). I play IL2 over 19 years now and would have had a heart attack if i would complaining. If you dont want to read criticism, you should leave the forum or better the internet. That sounds good. I will give it a try later. Thank you for the honest words. Very much appreciated.
  3. I have played Efront alot, there were/are problems with community and maps. You can not just argue "deal with it" or "Play offline then". 20 years ago i made the first IL2 online war (IOW) and we had also admin problems. The result was that we had to cancel it. If the admin doesnt not controll behaviour of people and make the game as balanced as possible, it will ruin you, sooner or later.
  4. You better listen to the community, your effort might be better appreciatet. Offending player shows your and the server attitude. It is a shame.
  5. You might read the official EFront Server thread. It tells everything. No further comments nessesary. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43793-efront-server/
  6. Than you lie or never played that map on german side. It is a russian camp behind river with 1 brigde and forest. Several T34 in forest and above the river on a hill killing everyting through forest. One time 3 Tiger tanks tried to clear the forest and were all killed by invisible tanks inside trees. The AI started shooting while you are in the city behind buildings. Great mission design 🤢 You dont need to blame german tanker, it is a server discussion, dont mixed it or you just proove my "bad" community statement.
  7. Then you are right, we see it differently. But i can not see any fun be constantly killed at base. I play this game as a simulation, not as an action game. I want to start my engine, enable all advices, check the map and read the mission and making any plan. I enjoy my virtuell live. Being killed from circling pilots waiting for player joining the map differs to all my understand of a simulation. You just prooved it. The community an this server is bad. Thank you.
  8. Sure i was waiting some minutes and joined again. You dont know who is attacking base, so you want to defend it against tanks. This is the meaning of the symbol, not to run away. Efront had much more red pilots. There are only a a few blue one, no chance to ask for help. When it come to fairness and community there are better server. This is my opinion and i dont want to advice new tanker here to deal with such behaviour. Finish server for example has huge camps with much defense. The chance of being killed direct from start is very small and the community is very good there. i recommend that server for beginner. Another strange experience on Efront was that river crossing map. T34 and KV were well hidden behind river. There were no targets for blue except the camp in the east. You did not even came close to the bridges because the tanks were killing you through vecetations and buildings. Who is building those missions, where one side had no chance to even get to the other side? Dont tell me now that i had to bomb the defenses away, because i wanna play tanks on a tank server. I understand that the mission designer want to make it difficult, but blue tanker are dying and dying by bad mission and game bugs. Do you think the server can hold up a balanced community when one side has all advantages, and the other side has to deal with it? This might be the reason why most player play russion on Efront. The OP asked for a good community and Efront has by far the worst of all tank server.
  9. Do you think it is fun to be beaten up right after joinning? The last time i joined Efront 2 IL2 where circling over spawn point killing every tank with rockets. This is not "death" by your definition, it is just vulching. I had some great moments on Efront server, but there are other server where the community and behaviour is much better. In my point of view vulching tanker right from the start is very foolish and i dont want to play with such a community. Never had those experiences on other tank server. If many people tell you that there are problems, maybe they are right. Think about it.
  10. This is how to stop again. I hope the dev's dont touch it, because as a solo tanker you can drive and do other important stuff.
  11. Il2 is the best fighter-bomber we have. Germany got the tiger, russia has the IL2. Thats the way it was. Nothing to complain but hard time for german tanker if you have no air support. That is the biggest disadvantage for all tanker out there. Dedicated tank server would be the best. Without anti air Efront is still not enjoyable for solo tanker.
  12. Any changes in Efront server in the last year? The challenge in Efront were always the planes and lack of anti air guns. Unfortunately there are no tank only servers. It is very easy to get killed by bombs or rockets, even by canons. The mighty IL2 has rockets and can destroy several tiger tanks. Missing anti air means often you get killed right after joining the server.
  13. It is not a bug, it is a feature. You can drive around and enjoy the scenery. Dont change this 😄
  14. You maybe right in well designed mission. Most common are the normal careers and the AI is just useless in it. It does not attack, it does not warn you, it is only usefull as a shooting dummy.
  15. Sure, it does. You would have to wait for BoN release
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