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  1. Did you played Panzer Elite? Much better in mission design.
  2. Unfortunately you can't do anything. Those suicide missions (4vs20) are common and AI has no life instincts. Thats why you loose your squad and AI will follow you over flak.
  3. I really hope they do. I also really hoped to get an campaion in IL2-BOS, but we had to wait further 3 years till Kuban. TC was announced right after Kuban release. You understand that we thought of an campaign similar to IL2, not just some missions. Untill now there was no word about divisions, choosen tanks or a tank crew.
  4. Biggest problem for me is that those campaigns are completly anonymous. Dont call it a campaign. You just play some missions with different tanks. I am very disappointed, i hoped to play a complete campaign in a choosen tank (division). Now i can play 2-3 missions with my favourite tank and thats all? Very disappointed. I really hope that there will be more. Otherwise i dont know what to do with this simulation.
  5. Commander system is much too slow. After typing the leader comannds and then the crew reacts. It takes much too long.
  6. Hello all, i wanted to share my opinion about the platoon management. I want to play the tank crew missions as commander. I have been playing some missions now and i must say that the command system is either completly ineffective or i just wont work. I had some situations where had to give quick orders. It takes some time to choose the right commands, then it seems that the commander give commands and then the crew/platoon reacts. There is no way to react quickly. The commands should be executed after my pressing the command button. Waiting for the voice command is great and immersive, but there is no chance to maneuver or fight quickly. There should be some shortcuts or another GUI to give quick commands. The second problem (maybe bug) is that our own gunner does often not shoot. Command the whole platoon (F1) to attack, the own gunner does not shoot. Also when not playing platoon leader i had no possibily to choose the target and gunner only started shooting at "Fire at will". Last question: Will we get another campain where we can choose our own vehicle and have our own crew? Having some anonymus crew, anonymus vehicle and just some missions to play is very frustating if i dont want to play online. I was looking for to have a campaign in my choose vehicle.
  7. I dont think it will be a new europe theater. The problem are the german planes. I tink many pilots would not spend any money to buy a 109 for the second time. We do have all 109's now and most of the important variants. You can not sell those planes again. If you offer other german planes like Fw 189 for the campaign you can not sell this as well because no one will buy this as an stand alone product. Many of you would buy everything, but many other people would not and 1C has to take that into account. The best way would be a new theater (Pacific) and new maps and collectors planes for europe theater.
  8. I think this AI feature is a pretty easy one. You only have to add an level of "panic" to each AI pilot. Several situations raise/lower this level and will force to AI to behave in (allready) existing manner. You dont need a high level of intelligence here.
  9. Damn it. That is really a problem. Sorry
  10. Carreer is offline only. You fly the carreer alone. Why do you think it is online?
  11. It has been said that the AI doest not cheat like in the old IL2. But i dont understand why is that a problem? Why do we get a really bad (not cheating) AI instead of a good (cheating) AI. The AI in IL2 was good and it made a lot of fun. I support the request not to build many more planes, effects and maps. Make the AI cheating again and give us an AI that can compare to 18 years old standards. I am really sick of starting campaings and just flying in endless circles while mission passes over. In 2001, with old IL2, we received an good and fun flying AI. I request that 777 thinks over its realistic non cheating AI to a non realistic flying AI that at the end behaves more like a realistic pilot then the currenct routines do.
  12. What do you mean with most powerful toys? The Me 262 saw combat and we will get it. Whats your point? 777 developing the most used planes/modifications each side.
  13. I would really like to know whether the team is really aware of this huge problem. I am tired of getting new grafic updates and no word about these concerns.
  14. Hi all, from 2017 on is was really hyped after anounce career mode for BoK. I was reading forums every hour, i bought famous books about german and russian air war over kuban. After several weeks trying and retrying i am was really disappointed. The new campaign is in many ways better then the old one, but it is still worse in many aspect then the old IL2 campaign from 2002. My biggest conerns are: 1. The bad KI. As most of you know the KI is not the best. But what is really killing me most, are the suicide tendencies. KI is attacking enemies in really dangerous situations. KI is maneuvering in very low heights. KI is fighting outnumbered with very bad tactics. KI is rarely using best tactics with the current plane (hold energy for german planes). 2. Mission design. The mission design is also questionable. In most of my current german carreer my squadron is complety outnumbered. That is ok and might be realistic. But the mission design and the flight leader KI are so deadly that from the first enemy contact on, you are only trying to survive and can not try to fullfill the mission. 2 small examples: - bombing mission with 4 BF 109 from II/JG52 50km behind enemy lines in 500m altitude. At target intercepted by 8 Yaks/LaGG from 3km above and plenty of flak. After shooting down 6 planes, i was chased by enemy for 60km. My comrades did not survived the first attack - intercept mission for anapa airfield. Anapa holding 2-3 squadrons but the mission design forced my flight leader to intercept 12 A-20 bomber with 6 LaGG escort with only 4 Bf109 from very low altitude. Flight leader attacks from a very bad position not trying to gain altitude. After the first pass 3/4 109er were killed. Where were other squadrons? 3. Radio. The radio is in so many ways worse to old IL2. There is no communication between flight. You can not ask for help or will never be warned. After first enemy contact you are alone and you rarely see any other comrade again. Why the game is telling me that i am attacking, or that i am landing? Enemy is reported by myself, but i dont see anyone or no friend is coming alone to support. As a flight leader i dont feel my flight is doing what it has to do. In old IL2 your own flight was many times close to you and tried to support. In BoK you fly alone and you often die alone. Those problems making the BoK carreer very disapointing to me. I want to fly in famous JG52 but after 3-4 days the whole squadron is wiped out. I am the only one with some kills. Dont get me wrong but the current campaing lacks in so many ways. Are there any plans by the developers to improve KI/radio and mission design? After 4 years i dont understand that it is so much below old IL2 standard. I bought BoBP but i am scared that carrer will disapoint me again like in BoS,BoM and now with BoK (sure it was a great improvement). thx
  15. What type of missions do you expect? Ju52 was cargo delivery. No one can recommend any aircraft for you when we dont know what u like. All aircraft are great and you will get recommendations for every available aircraft.
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