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  1. So is mine. It had great campaigns, crew managment, infantry, vehicle progress. All the things that i was looking in TC, but was badly disappointed. Some years ago i reinstalled the game, but graphic was too bad to continue playing 😄
  2. Needs to be very fast against a sniping tank. We would need a reporting system. If a recon vehicles has contact, it should mark the position for other tank (not planes). This way we could have a ground commander spotting and assigning targets.
  3. Do you have an idea how aiming will work? Who is estimating distance and speed for aiming? This is what i found. https://stephentaylorhistorian.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/german-aa-weapons.pdf
  4. I am excited too, i hope you are right. Will see what a single AA gun can do. In SP they are easy targets.
  5. Sure. But at the end you are driving 30min to target only to get killed by a single spawning enemy tank or unseen AT gun at the enemy camp. Live as a pilot is much easier. Dont forget all the obstacle that kill your engine. Last singleplayer mission 6 aa guns were not able to take down a single fighter for over 6 minutes. I highly doubt that the new AA trucks will do much better against IL2 or an Stuka in dive. We will see ...
  6. In think (but dont hope) you are right here. The problem is the lack of real tank warfare. Tanks are heavily under pressure. In multiplayer they are useless because there are an easy prey for planes and many other things will ruin you virtuell live quickly. If the team wont show any love to TC the community will leave it behind sooner than later. That would be a huge shame because the game might be fantastic with infrantry, tanks and (limited) planes online.
  7. Yeah, but that would mean to rebuild the map new and replace the placeholders. Search in the forum, you find many threads about this.
  8. I use this feature very often in MP. It works very well. You have to switch off the engine and turn up the volume.
  9. Because it is not a feature. Btw. you should report every single position of that tree. They will fix it. As developer said it is impossibile to fix this problem automaticaly. The need to do it manually, tree by tree and we have to report them.
  10. You gave the evidence yourself. I am sorry that you feel sad about that. You might block me if your ego can not stand any discussion about history. 8 vs 1 my friend, 8 vs 1. Sorry i could not prevent 😜
  11. Youself prooved me. Thats enough for me.
  12. Who send inexperienced crews to front instead of training them? After 1943 russia was in full offensive on all fronts. It was up to the leaders to send inexperienced crews to death. You nailed it 1945 stalin wanted to reach berlin earlier then the americans, at all costs and no matter of losses. There are many more examples how young soldiers were sentenced to death.
  13. This was a PzIV and T34 comparison only and he is right in that case. The faster T34 is indeed harder to hit in motion, but as a good gunner this is no problem at all. After the first shot, you should get your target.
  14. Was not me who wrote this. You might explain the high T34 losses. No, but T34 were pushed into risky attacks often enough. I have read many stories about rushing T34 straight into enemy defensive lines.
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