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  1. Great name for a server, i read unprofessional server 😄
  2. You need to tell on which server you were gaming. I dont know a server where taking over a spawn point during a mission is possible. It is only possible to move the front by destroying targets. After mission reloading both side get new bases.
  3. You get the enemy by your chosen battlefield. If you are close to an Mig-3 squadron, you will get Mig-3 as enemy. As i started my moscow campaign, i only got I16, after carrying over to another airfield, i only get Mig-3 and very rarely another fighter. There is no random fighter mission generator i guess.
  4. In my opinion somewhere ony the road developing the AI they made wrong descisions. Maybe they tried to do it as realistic as possible, only to find out that this is too hard. Interessesting fact is that all most all flight simulations i played (Red Baron 1995) had a better AI. The old IL2 was maybe "cheating" but it was fun to fly with them and it seamed more realistic than the one we got now. How valuable is it to have a modern AI that is bad compared to a "cheating" but noticable AI. After several bug fixes the AI is still crashing in the ground. In my opinion this game will never have a better AI. The team is great in building new 3D-Models and graphics and updates them, important core mechanic like AI or radio message system are left behind.
  5. I tried all settings. It is the same result. If you play hard it means that the enemy AI might be better, but why should your own AI needs to get better on hard. It would make much it easier for yourself. Dont get me wrong the enemy AI behind you is often a sharp shooter, even in tight turns, but friendly AI dont hit anymore when the fight begins. It is another thing against bomber. If they fly straight your AI can be very effective, but dont let them turn.
  6. Hello all, after some years i retried the career system. I did not expect much from the enemy AI, but it seems that the friendly AI had become worse. There are exciting missions like river crossing and save groundtroops. Several squadron defend a single ground target. After some minutes a few enemy fighter appear. 8 !!! comrades began to fight 2 low level enemy fighter. During the fight 2 crashed on the ground, 4 fighter lost all bullets and all fighter retreated and not a single of the 2 enemies were destroyed. Some minutes later the ground attack planes ripped of all targets. It is so much frustrating that i always loose all fun to play the next career mission. The AI shoots 10 seconds long burts and does not hit anything. In over 30 missions now not a single squadron pilot has shot down another fighter, but i lost dozen of other pilots. Dear IL2 team, after so many years of frustrating playing with AI, i encourage you to try the career system yourself and fix the most anoying problems. See the picture 5 Bf 109 can not shoot down a single Mig-3. 10s later most 109 lost all its ammunition.
  7. Is the old "unlocking" function maybe still active here? You had to unlock new equipemt.
  8. Love to see Berlin, but new modul over germany has to be include other Bf 109 or Fw 190. Except the G10 we allready got everything. Would be interessting which german fighter they will offer for other europe moduls. Questions is how many customer will buy a product where the next Bf is only tiny variant or some very special experimental aircraft.
  9. Great!. No worries, we are here to support you, not to concern. TC needs mission designer like you. I will do my best to get this done 😄
  10. Not in my case. I retry and will report again with screenshots. Thank you for your help.
  11. Thank you. I dont know what is going wrong, but the hill is cleared, Panther and PzIV platoons are ariving. The 2nd stage of the mission begins and we are moving way north. No sign of a convoi with ammo.
  12. I understand that, in my case it is that a single flak sure did not attacked a single enemy fighter in close combat with an friendly fighter. Was it really usefull to shoot with high calibre anti air guns on small and fast fighter?
  13. Joking? I was in a very close fight with an I16.
  14. I have to admin that there might be changes in the right direction the AI is still very bad. Especially your own squad pilots are bad. I constantly shoot down 2-6 enemy fighter each mission. I a rarely see a friend chasing an enemy. While the enemy AI shoots very effective on yourself, your own AI returns to home without any kills but out of ammo. Especially the moscow campaign is hard for AI because the agile I-16 is even harder to kill for BnZ 109 fighter. The AI does not hit anything but is chased from behind. I loose 1-2 AI pilots every mission, while doing my best to kill the fighter as quick as possible. Your squ Another problem is that last mission i was shot down by own flak. It was shooting right into combat with an enemy fighter.
  15. Sorry, no it is the 3rd mission. I dont know how far the mission at the end goes. I believe SdKfZ is important at the end, but i have never seen it as part of the Panther or PzIV platoon arriving later. I quickly destroyed the T34 and anti air guns defending the east side, preventing them to destroy other platoons.
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