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  1. Right now i am also pessimistic that the devs will fix this problem. They are currently finishing TC but the current AI targeting is based on air war. It does not take obstacles into account. Rebuilding the system and involve obstacles would be a huge change. The AI would have to see contacts as we do. Every tree, brush or small house would have to take into calculation for every single vehicle.
  2. Anti air is horrible for tanks Pz3. It opens fire from 1,7km distance. You are instantly killed. Is it possible to change? You can not attack those tank or artillery camps with Pz3.
  3. Thats not whining at all. You like Pz3, just take it.
  4. The server is just not as populated like other server. Most player are red. When blue teams are on other server and other server have less problems we will join this server. It is nothing personal, but i dont have to stick to a server where problems are present and it does not care.
  5. Correct, tanks are often very dark and good to see, sometimes they are very good covered. It appers to happens when the sun is very low and the wheater is dusty.
  6. I dit not gave up it tried for a long time. But this base vulching and always the same maps it was no fun anymore. On some maps the AI shoots through obstacles and you have no chance to get to the enemy. Bad mission design then. Dont hide AI behind forest you have no chance to see it but it kills you from 1200 with the first shot. I think criticism is legit and it goes to the player that are killing tanks right during join not the server. Efront has some nice maps. When the mission designer would place more anti air it would make many things better. The current light anti air is no match for the IL2. With it rockets and bombs it kills several Tiger in one mission.
  7. Maybe you play another time. When i play some specials friends on the other side are online. Last time i tried i was killed by the same IL2 twice and an other player also direct while joining with 1 bomb. An IL2 can kill several Tiger tanks and they get used too ... You should inform yourself better. This is dynamic war. When resouces are destroyed you have to take the 2nd choice. Other wise all would use Tigers. Red player had no chance.
  8. If it is meant for tank battles, then why there are constantly planes over bases? Killed constantly just after start mean that this server is not for tank battles. It only means that mission design lacks of other targets for planes or better air cover. Finish IL2 server has everything EFront, but better. Planes, tanks, statistics, good air defense and dynamicly frontline. EFront has only a few numbers of maps and on some maps the AI bugs prevent from playing.
  9. EFront Server is crap. There are constantly several planes over tank base. 50% of trying to play i have been killed even before i started to drive. The best server with good air cover is Finish Server. After 20h playing and hundreds of missions i was never been killed at the base.
  10. Finnish Server has a good map and some tank driver. I just died on this server though KI shooting perfectly from any distance and through vegetanins/hills. Great fun 😡
  11. This is a real problem. Watch some videos on Youtube, maybe it till help. Tank crew can be a perfect game togehter with IL2, but there is still many to do. The good thing is that if IL2 is becoming better, tank crew will also develop. So far i had a lot of fun in multiplayer and fighting human tanks is very challenging and intensive. The singleplay experience is not so good. But i believe that we will get some great campaigns in the future from the community.
  12. I do have a question. Yesterday i was killed by anti tank guns (or tanks) over 1800m distance with the first shot. Why does AI shoots sometime over this distance but most often it opens fire at close range? Why does AI guns hit that perfectly, is it optional or a tank crew bug?
  13. The only difference to the A3 was its new radio equipment. Be happy with the A3 it is nearly the same aircraft.
  14. Of course he does. Wait for the binocular for the commander. In germany army i had the same markings for my binoculars. Of course the gunner uses the markings to get the distance, but the commander has the same markings and he has 3D vision. So at first step it is his job. As you sure know the commander tells the target and the estimatet distance. Another point is that you can see the target angle much better in 3D as in 2D. Again i am talking abount reality (or virtual 3D). In game we only have 2D.
  15. You can not always use markings. It works only perfect with the correct degree and flat ground. I trust here the official tank manuell, not your opinion. Because it was the official standard in german tank training. Of course in game everything is different.
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