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  1. The red side flew the last wars with brilliant coordination. At least this is the explaination for the success and not the allaged better planes. The ratio of registration is not very important. Attendance and cooperation is decisive.
  2. There a lot of squads around the globe looking for new pilots. It is always good to known what your favourite play time and languages is.
  3. Red team won the map, because they have destroyed 400 axis tanks. TAW Manual: To win the TAW campaign one side must win five maps in total. To win the map one side must capture or destroy all enemy airfields or cities. One map consist of several missions. Each mission last about 1:45. There are also resource limitation on each map: 1300 airplanes, 900 pilots and 400 tanks. If a side reaches one of those limits on the current map then it will lose this map.
  4. "Außerdem wiegt der Nachbau nur 4t anstatt 6,5t." Der virtuelle Nachbau in BoX-Typen wiegt scheinbar noch weniger. Noch nie bei einer RL-Aufnahme das trägheitsarme Gewabbel von BoX gesehen.
  5. The 109 F4 and the Yak-1 are op in some aspects, so it was a good consideration from the LG Squad, don't take this planes as basic fighters. I'm sure that the TAW team could find suitable adjustment screws, to avoid a walkover across the maps meanwhile the other side is absent. http://www.stg2immelmann.de‘][/url]
  6. TAW is hosted on Supermicro XEON E3 Server S CPU: Intel XEON E3 1270v3 Haswell 4x3,5GHz inclusiv HT RAM: 16 GB DDR3 ECC Server-RAM HDD: 2x120 GB SSD OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Traffic: 1000MBit flat Provider: webtropia I think the hardware is not the bottleneck. ’http://www.stg2immelmann.de‘][/url]
  7. They new planset would have less fighters. The main purose is to avoid simlpy dogfighting. That's the philosophy from TAW, which was proclaimed by LG Blackhart in his very early posts.
  8. Unfortunately, we must cut the maintenance effort to a minimum. The fighting legends server is only a fill in for the time when the TAW-server is absent. The main focus is on TAW. By reason of perfomance the FL is shut down when TAW is runing. The C6 squad flew effectiv mission on our KG13-server during the good old 1946 times, so your heartily invited take part on TAW.
  9. Donation for the server hardware operated by StG2 on page http://stg2.de/ down below right column. Search for button "Spenden" But it's more importent to support the mastermind behind: =LG= Kathon, but I don't know possibilities of donation to LG stg2immelmann.de‘][/url]
  10. Don't wish a theatre, where you have in mind a RL 15 to 1 kill rate to your ( finnish) favour. This never happens in this game. Also finish planes would be victims, while history tells the opposite.
  11. 109 F4 Yak1 as basic planes means an another WOL Server! Fully agree with Blakhart. Both planes are OP in comparision to the other typs.
  12. The script can't decide on the basis of the plotted frontline. Only the specific range around an active object give the script the oppotunity for decision. So, it would be necessary to implement active objects on each airfield on the map, but this would be counterproductive concerning performance.
  13. As Blakhart recommended - try to land/ditch nearby fortifications or active airfilelds. The frontline in the map has no functional relevance. It is possible that landings on the friendly side 10 km behind the map-plotted frontline are counted as captured.
  14. You need the transport planes for the conquest of an airfield. First, your side have to destroy the enemy airfield to a level over 75%. On the next mission the airfield is rated as "closed" from the script. Then you have to land 6 transport planes on this airfield. @Kathon: Is the airfield immediatly available after the succesful 6 landings, or recently at the next mission (trigger or script analysis)?
  15. Hi =LG= Guys, your registration is running with great success. Would you so diligent and summarize the registrations. But I think you have done this already for your internal preperations. In order to give the fans of TAW an overview it would be nice to publish the "ready for combat list" Thanks
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