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  1. Afternoon, Does anyone know of a reference file that contains the map reference for towns, cities, airfields e.t.c. in IL2:BOS similar to that of ROF ? For example in ROF the Town of Acheler exists at map reference 171499,60879.05, while Marchais-Regular Airfield exists at map reference 131246,134785 Thanks for any help.
  2. It would also be nice if the log file record the height at which the event occurred. Would it also be possible to have a telemetery log file which recorded the position of all the planes maybe 1 every second with an event id linking to the regular log file ( death, shot down, crashed etc) If you will be supporting partial kills then please record them in the logs a bit more intelligently than the attempts in IL2.
  3. Manual gear box in a car vs Automatic gear box in a car. The automatic makes it easier to learn to driver and to continue to drive but the manual gives you much better performance but harder to learn and the driver has a bigger work load.
  4. I've used the IL2 and ROF mission editor. Neither of them are intuitive. I prefer the ROF mission editor for ease of use but prefer the ability to test and IL2 mission without having to shut down the mission editor and start the game.
  5. I just pre-ordered the premium package. Looking forward to seeing you all the in the sky but since I'm a ground pounder I hope you won't be able to see me.
  6. First time visiting. I just registered and pre purchased IL2 BOS. Long time IL2 players (since it was first released) and purchased most of the add ons. I hope the longevity of BOS matches that of IL2.
  7. The availability of logs is very important to allow Squads to track members progress, flight record and also for creating/playing on line wars. It would be nice if there was a document detailing the log structure and format. It would also be nice if the log files for Coops. Dog fights etc recorded the same information i.e IL2 Coop logs record bullets fired/hit % etc while dog fight logs do not. It would also be nice if the events were written consistently to the log. While log values such as the value for cloud type, weather can be manually determined from creating missions with the different parameters it would be nice if these were also available. Has any thought been given to the format in which the logs are to be stored i.e. csv, xml etc
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