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  1. HI all, I have flown a lot in the past, IL2, Combat Sim 3,, etc, but here I am, got a new rig, live in Canada, Have VR setup, Like flying ME 109 or 190, Would like to team up with someone who can take the time to show me the ropes,, how to fine tune my VR setup and in the end, we could be wingmen and go hunting online and do it right. I am older and speak only English. I have Teamspeak. Learning curve in BOS is quite steep and I have not got to the point where I can just get online a fly a bit without being duty target. !. Thanks and Cheers
  2. Thank you again,, a few more questions pls,, It does work now,, I have not purchased B of Kuban. I noticed that most of the servers are locked or PW protected, is this related to my lack of purchase? What will i get if I purchase,, I do not fly campaigns, i just fly and fight, hopefully with team when I find one to join. Does BOK just mean a few more planes but I can still play in most servers? In addition, some of the servers would not connect. Any advice appreciated, Cheers
  3. Good morning,, This morning while starting IL2 BOS in VR, error msg says' Warning, your connection has been temporarily lost' and will not connect to game or game does not start. I did Windows update last night(not sure if there is connection), Internet works fine on gaming machine until I start BOS, Viveport keeps wanting to update,, I wonder if that is connected. When I start VR BOS, there is often a couple of screen in the way, VivePort,, anything i can do about it? Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hi all,, I am slowly working my way forward with the learning curve with BOS, I am flying in VR only, as I like it so much in spite of the drawbacks. I live in Western Canada and would like to hook up with others flying at least partially in VR. I would like to get on top of the VR aspects and problems such as, I cannot see any communications while flying,, So i dont even know if I have broken some server rule or someone is trying to talk or chat to me. The usual txt chat think does not appear in my vision in the cockpit. I fly mostly 109 G2 at this point as I like this plane but mo
  5. HI all, please tell where to find the IP address and PW for BOS TS. Thank you
  6. Hi, thanks for the replies,, I was away from home for a bit. Please tell me the TS address and pw so I can join and learn... Thanks
  7. Hi all, looking for a group that has experience with BOS in VR and does not mind helping a relative newbie get up to speed. I live in Canada(West Coast) and am finding all the setup and VR stuff combined to be keeping me from actually having an enjoyable experience. Any pointers much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi all, Im a relative newby to BOS, I did lots of combat flight simming in the past but took a 10 year break. Back with new system and VR. I live on West coast of Canada and would like to hook up with like minded group partially to help with setup and so I can participate in online fun. At this point, I dont have much to offer as Im looking for assistance in getting up to speed. Cheers all
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