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  1. oui, j'ai la même impression que les contacts ne rétrécissent plus quand je zoome maintenant vous ne volez même plus à 6k sinon vous êtes sûr de ne rien voir du vol. il n'y a rien de plus qu'un combat de chiens au-dessus de l'objectif
  2. Since several updates it is no longer a pleasure to play multiplayer except on berloga. We have the impression of spending our time missing planes and this is very frustrating. If we add the decrease in performance in vr the games become a disaster
  3. there is the same problem solo and I'm not the only one to have noticed
  4. Hello Sorry for my English I noticed several times when shooting on an enemy aircraft an impact problem I shoot and I see no hit yet the enemy aircraft and well touched and die just after. it is very disturbing we have the impression of miss are shooting. Has someone already had this problem ?
  5. https://www.amazon.fr/Adhésifs-AIEX-Attache-Agrippantes-Adhésives/dp/B076CDQDQR/ref=mp_s_a_1_17?crid=2LN100SX6TRZA&keywords=scratch+double+face&qid=1554314269&s=gateway&sprefix=scratch&sr=8-17 I hung with the scratch on the original foam helmet for the back, sorry for my English
  6. She is your noise filter? I had the same problem as you. I just found I had the noise a 1 I handed it to 0.80 all works
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