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  1. Sounds like you've encountered the same issue as Semor76.
  2. A patch for this has been created and should be published soon, apologies for this slipping under the radar.
  3. I'm guessing this mod won't do much for the Soviet tanks and assault guns?
  4. I'm the author of the P-40, Bf-109, D.520, and Beaufighter campaigns, so anyone should feel free to tag me if any more issues are encountered. A "bandaid" for the problem you've encountered would be to turn on autopilot for takeoff, then resume manual control once your plane has wheels up. You can then continue the rest of the flight with your wingmen following you as they should. Obviously, though, taking off is an important part of the experience, so we'll start working on a proper fix as soon as we can.
  5. 1. Click IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz in your Steam Library. 2. Scroll down on the game’s library page until you see “DLC” on the right hand side. 3. Click on “Manage My 1 DLC” 4. Check the “enabled” box for DWT. 5. The DLC will now install.
  6. DWT is an add-on to CloDB, not a seperate game. The update includes DWT if you own it and have enabled it in the Manage DLC option in the Steam library.
  7. And we can’t forget the best of them all. (Spoilers for swastika.) Yes, this s Nazi Panzer chocolate with pervitin (meth) that was made in the Hermann Göring Chocolate Factory.
  8. You guys seriously decided to say stuff like this to a man who has stated on multiple occasions that he’s a combat veteran? And even if you didn’t know that, you didn’t once stop to think that maybe his life experiences were different to yours?
  9. I don’t understand why you’re all talking about crack when the Wehrmacht’s drug of choice was meth...
  10. Steinhoff? I read an excerpt from his book that seemed to go in the opposite direction, with him taking responsibility, saying that there was too much evidence of his “unconditional self-sacrifice in service to the Third Reich” for any excuses from him to be taken seriously. Guderian was a solid example of what you’re talking about though, exaggerating his contribution to Panzer doctrine while omitting any reference to his war crimes and willingness to accept Nazi bribes in exchange for loyalty. We can’t allow historical objectivity to take a backseat to hero worship. That has long lasting consequences - there are still people alive today who believe that the Wehrmacht had no involvement in the Holocaust (they did, as ordered by Walther von Reichenau in the Severity Order), that the CSA wasn’t a hardline white supremacist state (it was, as stated by the vice-president of the CSA in the Cornerstone Speech), and that the Spartans were guardians of freedom (they invaded and enslaved their neighbours, killed them during Spartiate training, and tried to destroy the idea of democracy multiple times). We also have to take into account the fact that memory isn’t perfect and you don’t have time to take in all the small details when your life is in danger. The firefighting shift I pulled on Christmas Eve is mostly just a blur with a few seconds that stand out to me.
  11. The Chieftan? More like the Tank God. BTW, for anyone wondering what a “Wehraboo” is, it’s basically someone who thinks that the Wehrmacht (and sometimes the Waffen-SS) wasn’t involved in the Holocaust and didn’t have plenty of Nazis within its ranks. They also think that everything the Germans made was amazing by virtue of being German. So basically it’s just what everyone else calls Luftwhiners.
  12. Not currently, but I’ll check with the rest of the team to see if this can be done. German and British radio calls have remained the same as in the previous version. Sì, gli aerei italiani ora avranno voci radio italiane.
  13. What mods do you have installed? I have Achtung Panzer which causes this.
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