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  1. Presumably due to how the British would shoot down the rescue aircraft that they easily spotted due to the red markings.
  2. Good job, you just revived a dead thread just so you could say nothing of value.
  3. Says the guy who made a childish remark about people suffering from a neurological disorder earlier in this thread...
  4. You may want to put the images with the division's emblem under spoiler tags. Although it's not the typical hakenkreuz, it is still a swastika being used by Nazis.
  5. The Soviets didn’t use human wave tactics for most of the war. They mainly used armoured spearheads to penetrate Axis lines, followed up by encirclements. They didn’t end up occupying half of Europe by being stupid.
  6. If I’d just been trying to kill two Brits, got set on fire by them, then got my burnt body dragged out of my ruined plane by two more Brits with rifles, and heard one of them say “we should just put him out his misery”, I’d probably be scared enough to try and stab both of them and escape.
  7. Personally, I’m fine with monetary rewards. But awarding the playing of a video game with accurate replicas of medals that people earned by going through hell is questionable. And I get the feeling that actual veterans wouldn’t be very impressed. If medals are going to be a thing, then I think it would be better to make original designs.
  8. Receiving an accurate replica of a historical medal, something that people earned through immense physical and mental stress, by playing a video game, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to be honest. Why not design an original medal?
  9. You can fly an Me-262 career with the career mode and PWCG
  10. Gaijin just wants to make you feel extra special if you buy the premium Tiger II (H) Sla.16. It does cost $66.42 AUD, after all.
  11. Just my opinion, but I think that using BoN for the Battle of Britain is like using CloD for D-Day.
  12. Choosing just one to be the cover art must be the most difficult job in the world...
  13. My apologies. Thank you for the correction.
  14. Lieutenant Commander Kat-B320 and Lieutenant B312 of NOBLE team, accompanied by an unknown UNSC Army soldier, ride through Covenant fire during the Battle at Szurdok Ridge on Reach, 12 August 2552. This image is taken from one of the few fragments of video broadcast by Special Warfare Group THREE to SPECWARCOM prior to the glassing of Reach. It has been speculated that more footage exists, but is held in secret by ONI Section Three's Beta-5 Division. The UNSC has publicly dismissed these claims, as well as the existence of a Beta-5 Division.
  15. The Ilya Muromets is in RoF, which IIRC uses a much older and less advanced version of the GBS engine. To my knowledge, the engines aren’t the issue, the gunners are.
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