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  1. Nice to see someone else who appreciates the best skin in the entire game
  2. @PatrickAWlson really enjoying the new update, great work as always. There’s just one thing I’m not entirely sure about. I have my maximum number of Axis and Allied flights set to 2, and a maximum aircraft count of 16 each, so that there’s a maximum of 2 flights of 4 attackers/bombers each, with four escorting fighters each. However, looking at my last mission in the mission editor, there seems to have been 5 Allied flights of 3 aircraft each. Is this a glitch, or a misunderstanding on my part?
  3. Most likely the game just deleted the dead pilot model after a while for performance reasons.
  4. Have you tried Silent Hunter 5 with The Wolves of Steel mod? https://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=210703
  5. With FC, there are two more factions, Entente and Central Powers. Perhaps you can only access those factions after buying FC?
  6. Can you describe the aircraft selection screen you see in the QMB?
  7. Will 6.3 be compatible with 6.1.5 Stalingrad careers?
  8. Awesome news, I’m looking forward to it! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with when we release the Tobruk map and aircraft
  9. Airfix, I think. I’m pretty sure that’s the art on my third ever model kit. My Dad built it for me, and I still have it in my cabinet @peter_f isn’t just doing aviation art, look at this stunning piece! Makes me want to boot up SH5 again.
  10. I mean, I do that with my models when I realise I painted a wheel the wrong colour.
  11. I was replying to the post I quoted, not the DD.
  12. bUt ThE sU-122 iSn’T a TaNk It’S aN aSsAuLt GuN Sorry, AFV pedantry
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