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  1. Choosing just one to be the cover art must be the most difficult job in the world...
  2. My apologies. Thank you for the correction.
  3. Lieutenant Commander Kat-B320 and Lieutenant B312 of NOBLE team, accompanied by an unknown UNSC Army soldier, ride through Covenant fire during the Battle at Szurdok Ridge on Reach, 12 August 2552. This image is taken from one of the few fragments of video broadcast by Special Warfare Group THREE to SPECWARCOM prior to the glassing of Reach. It has been speculated that more footage exists, but is held in secret by ONI Section Three's Beta-5 Division. The UNSC has publicly dismissed these claims, as well as the existence of a Beta-5 Division.
  4. The Ilya Muromets is in RoF, which IIRC uses a much older and less advanced version of the GBS engine. To my knowledge, the engines aren’t the issue, the gunners are.
  5. Very basic models of the ships we already have in the game, used to allow players to see them in the distance while not having to render detailed models.
  6. Halo: Reach SWORD Base, Babd Catha Ice Shelf, Eposz, Reach, 1200 hours, 26/7/2552 After fighting off a Covenant assault, Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 and Lieutenant B312 report to Doctor Catherine Halsey, informing her that a team of elite Sangheili Zealots is present on the planet. Unwittingly, their presence also alerts Halsey to the existence of the SPARTAN-III program, the second UNSC program to deploy augmented child soldiers into combat. Asźod, Eposz, Reach, 2000 hours, 30/8/2552 B312 prepares to make a final stand against an overwhelming force of Unggoy and Sangheili.
  7. TFW you’re a Chinese worker making Russian versions of American engines to put in a German plane to send to Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil in order to commemorate a war started when Britain and France opposed an Austrian man invading Poland.
  8. Interesting stuff. You don’t think of WWII taking place in that part of Africa, or with South African Ju-86s! Ju-86 of No. 12 SQN SAAF The light-coloured protrusion on the bottom is the belly gunner’s extendable and retractable basket.
  9. This is from what I can remember, so I‘ve almost certainly missed some things: German Anti-Tank Guns 37mm Pak 36 75mm Pak 40 88mm Flak 37 Tank Destroyers Marder III StuG III Ausf. F (earlier models are pure assault guns, not suited for anti-tank). Soviet Anti-Tank Guns 45mm M1942 (19-K) 76mm M1943 (ZiS-3)
  10. I’m pretty sure that “same people” is referring to the British.
  11. Probably just different ammunition types, like all the other tanks (except the Panzer III and IV).
  12. I’m guessing that Mildred sent Kit a “dear john” letter.
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