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  1. I would say that the most important things are: 1. Speed. 2. Communication. 3. Speed. 4. Situational awareness. 5. Speed. 6. Not being a Wehraboo, VVSaboo, Freeaboo, or Teaboo. Treat every opponent as though they’re as much a threat as you are, because they probably are. 7. Did I mention speed?
  2. Jurassic World Evolution Allosaurus jimmadseni
  3. Why are you so concerned about how other people play a video game? The whole point of video games is to provide enjoyment, so if someone doesn’t enjoy multiplayer, what will they get out of going online? Getting back to what this thread is actually about... @stylo, I would recommend PWCG, you can set your own preferences for AI difficulty, aircraft numbers, and ground density, and a career can last from October 1941 to the end of the war, though this is through substituting later aircraft and maps with the closest aircraft and maps we have in the game so far. It’s also a third-party career mode, so it’s not as polished as the official career mode. The Sea Dragons, Havoc over the Kuban, and Ice Ring scripted campaigns are well worth a look as well, you should have Sea Dragons if you already have BoK. TC comes with a T-34/KV-1S scripted campaigns as well, if you’re interested in tanks.
  4. @DetCord12B are the German AI vehicle skins available somewhere as a seperate mod? They're great for Prokhorovka and Kuban, but the default A-20B skin being changed to a USAAF one doesn't fit in those scenarios. If they're not a seperate mod, mind if I take the relevant files and upload them as one? Obviously with full credit given to you and the rest of the WitW team.
  5. Same here, it’s basically my dream Star Wars game. All it needs now is a Clone Wars era.
  6. We already have a 10-mission campaign focusing on GC I/3 flying D.520s near Abbeville and Amiens from late May to early June 1940.
  7. The colours are a bit too rich, dulling them a bit could help. In regards to the swastikas, it’s not a matter of anyone here having “sensitive feelings”, rather it’s simply to comply with Russian law.
  8. Well, firstly, the Wehrmacht also committed horrific war crimes (Bombing of Wielun, murders of African POWs in France, Commissar Order, slave brothels, etc.), including mass killings of Jews during the Holocaust (Severity Order, Babi Yar, etc.), so any WWII game involving German forces will have the uniform worn by criminal mass murderers. Secondly, TC’s campaign and most of the official single missions make it clear that you’re playing as the Waffen-SS when you’re in a German tank, so these mods are simply uncensoring the uniforms in the same way that historical markings mods do. I do understand where you’re coming from, though, and I can hardly fault you for being so disgusted by the uniforms of the Waffen-SS. The Kharkov Immolations, the Boves Massacre, and the Malmedy Massacre each stand as examples of just evil they were, especially as one man (among hundreds, if not thousands of others), Joachim Peiper, was responsible for all of them (fortunately his death was the definition of poetic justice). And of course there is the horrific Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre, ethnically-motivated murders all across Europe, and the incomprehensible evil of the Dirlewanger Brigade.
  9. You turned those Nazis into Notzis.
  10. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this until now, looks great!
  11. You’re right, his decision didn’t make any logical sense. But then, neither did wasting resources murdering millions of potential soldiers and workers based on their ethnicity/sexuality/etc., so Nazis making illogical and foolish decisions wasn’t unusual.
  12. The free tanks predate TC. As for why they were left in... well, who wants less content?
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