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  1. After all, the V1 was an airborne craft propelled by a pulse jet. It might not be what springs to mind when someone thinks of a jet aircraft, but I’d say it counts as one.
  2. Yep, it’ll focus on French defensive and counteroffensive operations at Amiens and Abbeville from late May to early June 1940.
  3. A note about the single missions: CloD shipped with a single mission system that allowed players to select which flight they would play as. This has carried over into CloDB and DWT, so you will be able to fly both the Martlet and Ju-88 in this mission:
  4. Campaigns will feature the following aircraft as flyable: D.520 series 1 Beaufighter (INF and Ic) Bf-109 (E-7/trop and F-4/trop) P-40 (Tomahawk Mk.II late trop and Kittyhawk Mk.Ia trop) Gladiator II trop Wellington IC trop
  5. When did Clive Caldwell fly with the USAAF?
  6. Looks amazing, can't wait! Didn't realise that the Heer had splinter-camo panzer wraps later on in the war. I'd be interested in learning more about the Kampfgruppe König you're depicting. According to St Lô 1944: The Battle of the Hedgerows by S J Zaloga (2017), Kampfgruppe König was formed in June-July 1944 from the remains of the 243rd and 245th Heer infantry divisions and around 800 Osttruppen (Soviet POWs who had defected to escape German POW camps - over 50% of Soviet POWs in German hands died), with only StuG IIIs, Marder IIIs, and French tanks for armour. I'm guessing that you're depicting a different Kampfgruppe that was commanded by someone called König, but I don't seem to be able to find any more information about this formation.
  7. It’s not crazy when it works
  8. I’ve heard of the Highway of Death, but this is ridiculous. Surrounded German forces desperately try to assert their dominance over victorious Red Army troops, 1943 (colourised).
  9. Are you suggesting that the Wehrmacht understood the concept of logistics and supply lines?
  10. We aren’t of a different opinion, but it is difficult to create a fully functioning career mode.
  11. The update featuring the Ferdinand hasn’t released yet.
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