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  1. Pb_Cybermat47

    Det's Hangar

    Gorgeous as always. Would be awesome if the devs got you to make some of the stock skins for future aircraft
  2. Pb_Cybermat47

    IL-2 Tank Crew is the same game like BoS???

    Go to ‘quick missions’ and click on the tank icon, you’ll be able to try out some tanks there. There should also be a folder of tank missions in the ‘missions’ section.
  3. Pb_Cybermat47

    Allied Kill Markings

    Here are some more examples of markings used by American pilots to represent the German, Italian, Japanese, and American aircraft they shot down. Spoilered for swastikas. And yes, that pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Louis Edward Curdes, did actually shoot down an American aircraft, and on purpose. On February 10th, 1945, he saw a lost C-47 attempting to land at a Japanese controlled airfield on Batan Island, and couldn’t inform them of their mistake by peaceful means, so he carefully forced it to ditch by disabling the engines. All the crew and passengers survived, including nurse Svetlana Valeria Shostakovich Brownell, whom he’d been on a date with the night before. They married the next year.
  4. Pb_Cybermat47

    What is your favorite airplane?

    The Bf-109 E-4. I love the look of it and the history surrounding it. And, of course, the Spitfire Mk.Ia. A beautiful aircraft that, again, has a lot of history around it. It’s so gorgeous that when I met a Spitfire pilot*, our conversation was mainly about how great it and the Seafire looked. *This guy is awesome. He flew Spitfires over Italy (with No. 43 SQN IIRC), got shot down and captured, liberated by the Soviets, moved to Australia, and ended up flying RAAF Caribous during the Vietnam War. And after all that, he’s one of the most humble and friendly men I’ve ever met.
  5. Pb_Cybermat47

    Mountains aren't dangerous after all

    Yes, it is needed. Because all the logic is based on the leader, if they die, the mission won’t work. It’s hardly cheating, either, given that the player isn’t the leader. You might as well complain about the Arbiter being immortal in Halo 3.
  6. Pb_Cybermat47

    Let’s see your pets!

    Taking pictures of dogs with the flash on is... interesting.
  7. Pb_Cybermat47

    Mountains aren't dangerous after all

    Do you have any solutions to suggest, or are you just going to complain that this video game has the same mechanic as many other video games?
  8. Pb_Cybermat47

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    What part of that warrants an “oh dear”?
  9. Why would the Wehrmacht (or the VVS for that matter) even have you executed for committing war crimes? Doesn’t make any sense.
  10. Pb_Cybermat47

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    I’m 100% certain that they’ll make it, right after they give us the Haunebu IV
  11. Pb_Cybermat47

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    All I want is a Taube. I mean, just look at this thing.
  12. Pb_Cybermat47

    Are we EVER going to get this information?

    I doubt that the devs know what the future of GBS is, because of two simple facts: it’s a niche product, and they’re a (I assume) is relatively small team.
  13. Pb_Cybermat47


    Actually, I think there could be a market for that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zItlMS8gIP4
  14. Pb_Cybermat47

    Is it war crime to shoot down red cross marked plane?

    And of course, there are also cases of the rules not being followed as well.
  15. Pb_Cybermat47

    Waiting for Bodenplatte

    Nice shot. I’m not really a USAAF guy, but I’m definitely flying the Jug