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  1. PB_Cybermat47

    Spandau Rate of Fire in WWI

    If Immelmann was using one of these muzzle boosters when he shot his own propellor off, that would probably be a convincing argument against using it. I’d also be interested to know if the gun Boelcke had the muzzle booster fitted to was an lMG-08 or an LMG-08/15. I’m not sure if there was any difference in the rate of fire between the two versions, though. I think that someone here with a great knowledge of aviation history, like @LukeFF, should be able to shed some light on this.
  2. PB_Cybermat47

    Model Pilot

    Here’s another kit I made a while back, the Revell 1/72 Fokker Dr.I. The one I made is the plane that von Richthofen was flying when he scored his last two victories and died, though it had updated national markings at that time.
  3. PB_Cybermat47

    Today in History

    15/8/1914: The Battle of Cer begins as troops of Serbia’s 1st Combined Division engage Australia-Hungarian outposts on Cer mountain. The battle will last until the 24th. 15/8/1916: British submarines HMS E4 and HMS E41 collide. resulting in 47 deaths and only 15 survivors. 15/8/1917: Canadian forces begin the attack on Hill 70 at 0425. Their aim is to distract German forces from the Battle of Passchendale and to inflict as many casualties as possible. 15/8/1918: Due to weakening supply lines and improving German defences, Field Marshal Haig disobeys Allied Supreme Commander Foch’s order to continue the Amiens Offensive. Instead, he begins preparing the British 3rd Army and American II Corps for the 2nd Battle of the Somme. 15/8/1939: Commander of Submarines Karl Dönitz is ordered to deploy his U-boats to the Atlantic immediately. 15/8/1940: Two days after Adlertag, Luftflotte 5, based in German-occupied Scandinavia, begins operations against the north of England. 21 Bf-110 D-1/R-1s of I./ZG 76, led by Hauptmann Restemeyer and 70 He-111s of I and II./KG 26 take off. At 1345 hours, with the Luftwaffe formation still 40 kilometres out to sea, Spitfires of No. 72 SQN attack. Restemeyer’s Bf-110 explodes when his drop tank is hit. Another Bf-110, as well as a Heinkel, go down in the next few seconds. At 1340, No. 605 SQN joins the attack. With a third of the Gruppe destroyed, I./ZG 76 retreats back to Denmark, leaving KG 26 to fend for themselves. The Luftwaffe has more success in the south, as Erprobungsgruppe 210 manages to knock out RAF Martlesham for two days. However, a later attack on RAF Croyden costs the Gruppe seven aircraft, including that of the Gruppenkommandeur, Hauptmann Rubensdörffer, the first of three ErprGr 210 Gruppenkommandeurs to be killed in the Battle of Britain. At mid-day and late afternoon, Adolf Galland shoots down three Spitfires, possible including that of New Zealand ace Alan Deere. Deere survives, and will go on to continue shooting down Axis aircraft. He survived the war with 18 victories to his name. 15/8/1941: German spy Josef Jakobs is executed by firing squad in the Tower of London. He is the last person to die within the medieval prison. 15/8/1942: Operation Pedestal ends as the surviving merchant ships of the Pedestal convoy enter Valletta Harbour, Malta. While only 5 of the 14 merchants survived the Italian and German attacks, their cargo ensures that Malta will continue to fight, ultimately starving the Afrika Korps into submission. 15/8/1943: US and Canadian troops retake Kiska island, finding that the Japanese have deserted the island. Tragically, however, 21 Allied Soldiers are shot by their own men, due to a combination of thick fog and faulty intelligence which led them to believe there would be heavy resistance. Another four Americans are killed by Japanese mines. 15/8/1944: Allied forces begin the main landings of Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France. The American landing forces are overwhelmingly successful. 15/8/1945: With Japan starving, out of resources, bombed to ruin, and facing insurmountable odds, Emperor Hirohito’s announcement of Japan’s surrender is broadcast. However, many Japanese are left confused about the situation, as Hirohito makes no direct reference to a surrender, and it’s left up to the radio announcer to clarify that surrender is in fact taking place. After decades of propaganda, the announcement sends shockwaves through Japanese society.
  4. PB_Cybermat47

    How to use german revi for bombing in a fighter plane?

    Hokey religions and futuristic spacecraft are no match for an SC-500 under your fuselage.
  5. PB_Cybermat47

    RoF-v-Flying circus

    I wonder if that ever happened in real life, or if it’s just “gamey” behaviour? I am more inclined towards the latter, but you never know.
  6. PB_Cybermat47

    Red Star against the Swastika?

    I’d highly recommend Sturmoviks over Stalingrad: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/19048-sturmoviks-over-stalingrad-mission-pack/
  7. It would make sense to do 1917 or mid-late 1918 in FC Vol. 2 (if FC Vol. 1 sells enough copies), so you may get your Noops then.
  8. I never claimed to be an expert. It’s just that when 45,000 people are committing suicide every year, and a mental health professional with decades of experience says that something’s wrong, I think that there’s a bit of a problem. Anyway, it’s fairly obvious that this discussion is just going to go around in circles, so I’ll just leave it here. And it’s a pretty sensitive topic, so no hard feelings for anyone over disagreeing
  9. My apologies, I thought that American mental healthcare providers were good sources about American mental healthcare: https://www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/saving-normal/201606/us-mental-health-care-goes-the-worst-even-worse Nor do you, so I’m unsure why you’re acting on the assumption that he didn’t reach out. Also, I’m a suicide survivor, so I think I might know just a bit about his mental situation...
  10. Because he had mental health issues, and this would have been much less likely to happen if American mental healthcare was better. I mean, look at how bad the US’s suicide problem is: Sorry, but when around 45,000 people are killing themselves every year, I think it might be time to start funding mental healthcare...
  11. Wether or not he did doesn’t change the fact that mental healthcare funding in the US is severely lacking.
  12. PB_Cybermat47

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map

  13. PB_Cybermat47

    szelljr skindeposit

    Yep, you can just make that detail out on the photo he used as a source, though the reflection off the plane makes it difficult.
  14. PB_Cybermat47

    Single-seat Il-2 recovered from Murmansk lake

    Perhaps the units operating in Murmansk would have been given low priority for receiving the new models, compared to their counterparts in the Kuban and Rzhev?