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  1. FFS_Cybermat47

    Check this out - Blohm und Voss 155

    Okay, I really want to fly that thing.
  2. FFS_Cybermat47

    Head to Head

  3. FFS_Cybermat47

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Well, Fortnite is... not sure how PUBG will go now that the devs are suing Fortnite’s devs, Epic Games, for daring to make a game of the same genre. The best part is that PUBG runs on the Unreal engine, which was made by Epic Games I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that cartoon isn’t real. Japanese women won’t actually fawn over your armour. I’m sorry
  4. FFS_Cybermat47

    3rd Party Content: "donations" vs. "selling" ?

    Selling 3rd party content would mean that you need to give money to the creator before you can download the content. Donations, on the other hand, mean that you can download the content 100% for free, then you can simply choose to give money to the creator, or not.
  5. FFS_Cybermat47

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    I think it's less about that and more about people with robot arms in WWII, in a franchise that has been decently authentic up until now. Plus, the way that women and non-whites are included seems to be more of a way for EA to shove how virtuous they are in our faces, so that we all forget about Star Wars: Scamfront II. I doubt they actually care about politics at all, just what they think is most profitable.
  6. FFS_Cybermat47

    Grass Experiment ( Flowers )

    Gorgeous! Adds a lot to the map
  7. FFS_Cybermat47

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Actually, I think Hiromachi is right. We all know that EA cares about nothing but making money. They're only doing this because SJWs are in the majority but not really they're just screaming the loudest. [Edited]
  8. FFS_Cybermat47

    PWCG Work In Progress

    Sounds amazing!
  9. FFS_Cybermat47

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Wow, Overwatch 2 looks fun. And the Doctor Who crossover is interesting. It seems that the Cybermen are exploiting WWII in order to convert wounded people. ... is it just me, or was that last sarcastic joke actually a better idea than the actual game?
  10. FFS_Cybermat47

    Bodenplatte Bombers

    True, though I wouldn’t want to buy a Lancaster just to be target practice for an Me-262. Though an AI only version of the heavy bombers would be nice to have.
  11. FFS_Cybermat47

    Bodenplatte Bombers

    Strategic bombers would be useless in the tactical situations represented in the game.
  12. I'm overjoyed to see that the famous Australian Spitfire Mk.VIII Grey Nurse has made it into the game, though there is an error on the skin. The leading edges are painted yellow, when in reality RAAF aircraft in that theatre during that period had white leading edges. You can see this on photos of the modern Grey Nurse. While we're on the subject, here's a photo of the man himself 🙂
  13. FFS_Cybermat47

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Nice choice of skin, I've seen the Grey Nurse quite a few times - though in real life she's a Mk. VIII.
  14. FFS_Cybermat47

    Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    The game is called Battle of Bodenplatte, and Me-262s took part in Bodenplatte in real life. It actually fits BoBP more than the Fw-190 fits BoS.
  15. FFS_Cybermat47

    P-40E-1 or MC.202 Series VIII

    I think that the MC.202 is underrated. The most succesful P-40 pilot of all time, Group Captain Clive Caldwell of the RAAF, flew against 202s in Africa. He said that, if not for the light armament, it would have been one of the best fighters of the entire war.