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  1. Only because they haven't opened up to the west. They start introducing USAAF and RAF planes the market will grow. I won't buy another Eastern front expansion especially as those without BoM can fly in servers with BoM maps. I don't need anymore Soviet or German aircraft. Expand west and come back to the east. It would be a shame to stay in the east. Hell I'd be happy with the pacific if it ment getting out of Russia.
  2. I hope they open up the player base by moving from the eastern front. Like it or not the player base is small and the north American player base is almost invisible. Introduce a western theatre with western allies and the numbers online will increase.
  3. My vote would be for fully working VR before additional aircraft and theatres
  4. LOL you do think this is just a game? It sure doesn't sound like it. Or you could find a civilian sim and fly from airport to airport with your virtual cargo without the fear of being shot at by those folk who play an air combat game for the combat. Armed or unarmed.
  5. If it's got a swastika on the tail it doesn't matter if it's also got a red cross. The only good Nazi is a dead nazi
  6. Because we're at war with Islam? Talk about believing the hype. Fox news much?
  7. This is a very interesting thread. There were undoubtedly good and bad folk on both sides of every war. To paint either side, whether the good or bad, with the same brush is ridiculous. Atrocities are committed by every side. There is a mindset during war, from the elected leaders all the way down to the civilians. Propaganda is a weapon of war, one of the most destructive. The second world war would never have been possible without the German population believing the hype. I remember when I was a kid, during the early eighties, when the task force was heading for the Falkland islands. The news was full of flag waving patriotism. Kids my age at the time wanted to join the military. Civilians are a target. Why else would we drop propaganda leaflets in every war? The full metal jacket scene is not about a crazy door gunner. It's about a terrible unconventional war. I urge folk to read http://www.amazon.com/Nam-Vietnam-Words-Women-Fought/dp/0425101444/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1440250756&sr=8-1&keywords=Nam Some parts are horrific. It takes a certain amount of courage to admit ones demons. BoS is a game, it's ment to be entertainment, heh that's a different debate, it's not real war thank goodness.
  8. I don't play it anymore. I asked for a refund and got it. I was an EA and now I'm not. It didn't turn out to be the sim I was interested in. It turned into a game I have no interest in. 30 day ban is over, this is me signing off.
  9. Kind of like having a FW190 fighting in the battle of Stalingrad
  10. That's a pretty naive point of view. Any third party add on that gives a player an advantage over a guy who doesn't use the add on is a cheat in my book. Whats the difference between using SweetFX to enhance ones ability to spot other aircraft and a third party add on that makes it possible to see through clouds? There is no difference. Its like saying "my cheat isn't a cheat because your cheat gives you more advantage than mine does" You can justify it anyway you want but at the end of the day you're modifying the core game to your advantage. That's cheating
  11. Of course there are cheats/hacks. Anyone who says there aren't is blinkered. This is a computer game every code is hackable. Governments get hacked. Defence departments get hacked. you think this little corner of the virtual world is immune to cheats and the emotionally stunted? Look at the folk who want wonder woman view. Some folk want an advantage over others. In a game that has a selling point of "historical simulation" there is no place for wonder woman view, yet some folk want it. Just as some folk will want a cheat that gives them an advantage, no matter how small, over everybody else. The more popular this game gets the more likely cheats will appear. Whether it's just to piss other players of or to boost their fragile ego.
  12. Well that's a different matter I'm sure campaigns will come eventually. The ai at the moment is good for fighters. Bombers will try to dogfight at the moment but I'm sure that's being worked on. It's still early access and the game isn't complete but it sounds like you will have fun with this game when it's finished
  13. Will you guys look at his background, the kind of games he plays. WoWP and warthunder. Ok this game isn't a sim as such and it's more on the game side but once he gets in the air he's going to be in trouble. OP.. taking off is a breeze. It's really not as hard as cliffs of Dover to get your engine running you can basically sit in cockpit view and press auto pilot to start your engine. If you're looking for another WoWP or WT this isn't it. If that's what your really looking for save your money. I take it, due to the games you've mentioned you're more interested in multiplayer. There are normal servers where everything is automatic but once this game is released and there are dedicated servers those automatic servers are going to be few and far between. Most of the populated servers are going to be the ones with engine management. Folk here will tell you to practice practice practice but the price tag means you really have to dedicate yourself to practice practice practice or you've wasted your money. All of us here want this game to succeed and the development to continue but I personally think the folk posting here aren't being fair to you. You will have to learn engine management in the future it's just the way it is.
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