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  1. Does Mech Warrior Online class as a fps?
  2. Two other favs; I first saw them on the Slavery tour in '85 in Melbourne...
  3. I'm a huge Maiden fan, There a large amount of references to previous Albums, Songs and their history hidden in the artwork.
  4. Great work everyone. I'm having a forced spell from building due to having to pack up and get ready to move house. I'll be keeping an eye on the great work that is being produced Once I get set up and going pics will flow
  5. Yep what Wolfy said... Bloody Marvellous (in my best Yorkshire accent)
  6. As an aside those words are used in Iron Maidens song Death or Glory from the album Book of Souls.
  7. Great server guys Doing a great mission on map #353 with HenHawk, bombed Kalach airfield turned away and... My net connection shat itself.... recorded as a pilot exit. oh the frustration Thanks to HenHawk for buddying up for the flight, sorry about "disappearing"
  8. I was on TAW yesterday and had this issue crop up. Being pretty ofay with navigating and I decided to launch anyway in a He 111. Only when getting close to my target, when I jumped into the bombsight view did I notice that none of the controls were available. I only had the view through the sight. Is this a known issue? Cheers.
  9. Smouch


    You can't forget the 'Mastermind' sketch either
  10. I also would have to be one of those "lonely" pilots. However, before I load the game I jump stariaght into the English channel on the TAW TS server (Again, I only speak english) If I happen to be the only one in the channel then I will ask in team chat where help is needed, but that is hard to type and fly, especially in the 'hot zone'. I will admit that I'm a better mud mover than a fighter jock, but I'll always try my best at being tactically aware of what is going on around me. Maybe if the TAW TS server was used by those who are in squads and willing to invite guests to be able to talk rather than in-game text chat then things might go a bit smoother. I'm willing to fly with anyone who will give a "lonely" pilot a wing... That's my two-bobs-worth.
  11. Very very nice STN, I don't think I would even attempt the rigging on something that small. I tried to use some EZline on the bomber but fougnd it a little frustrating. (more practice I guess) So here are some pics of it pretty much finished. Not my best work. but I'll leave it at that.
  12. Enjoying the flying time I'm putting in. One question though, Why, even at rear bases, is my He-111 always saying locked? I can't seem to find an explanation in the rules or manual.
  13. G'day Bug, just putting the finishing bits to the Fortress. Hope to have it finished very soon. Photos will follow.
  14. Awesome skin Rap, lovely work indeed.
  15. Very nice piece of work Fink, looking forward to your next build.
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