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  1. I'm in this camp as well. The Eastern front was not my major interest area, but WWII combat aviation is just too fascinating to not suck you in, whatever the theater. Now I'm reading everything I can get my hands on, and would love to see more VVS fighters and Eastern front battles for us to fly. I think the move to the Pacific will work the same way. Once we're actually playing the sim, I think more than one anti-pacific flyer will be converted.
  2. Are you trying to reduce rpm by reducing the throttle? Use the throttle to control your manifold pressure. Use the prop rpm control to set your rpm. They're two separate controls. 77% throttle and 76% prop rpm = 2250 rpm @ 1.15 ata for me.
  3. +1 My internet got temporarily knocked out by a lightning storm this week, so I fired up PWCG, which I've been enjoying immensely -- entirely offline. PWCG and scripted campaigns create a completely viable offline experience, especially if your friend is a fan of the genre and uninterested in multiplayer. He could pick up the game during the current sale.
  4. The 109s and 190s have an adjustable horizontal stabilizer that functions like pitch trim, but needs to be mapped separately in the controls. I don't remember which does which, but "Shift + N", "Shift + M", and "Shift + R" turns off all the automated engine management by default. You can map these in the "engine controls" section. Edit: by "automated engine management" I mean the normal mode assists -- your Bf 109s will still have their automatic mixture, prop pitch, radiators (unless you're in the E-7), etc.
  5. I always associated the "Checkertails" with the 51st Fighter Wing in Korea. Thanks for sharing these stories and teaching me something new.
  6. If you need to, you can enable the aim assist in your difficulty settings and practice in quick match against AI to help you get some rough bearings for leading shots. I know this helped me get adjusted quickly coming from ROF. It also helped me figure out the ballistics of the Breda 12.7s as I've been working on the MC.202.
  7. I think EAW's radio chatter will probably be burned into my brain until the day I die
  8. I started with Red Baron on DOS. I also got WAYYY into Sierra's "Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2" (1996). I also remember having Virgin Interactive's "Sabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea" (1997). Microprose's "European Air War" (1998) kicked-off my lifelong WWII interest. Through middle school and high school, I fell out of combat flight simming, but got obsessed with FS2004, X-Plane 8, and later, FSX. I did still own and dabble in Lock On: Modern Air Combat, and Falcon 4.0, though. I came back to simming just about a year ago with ROF (I tried to get into CloD, but I didn't know about the TF patches and it was unplayable). I prefer the WWII setting, though, so I can't believe it took me this long to find BoX.
  9. I came straight here when I saw the 378.92 update. I guess we've got to keep raising hell with Nvidia. :/ Thank you for all the advice. I can't set as a metered connection because I use a wired connection. Don't worry, the auto-updates don't stop me from playing, I just have to go through a ~ 10 minute ritual of clean drivers -> reinstall 368.81 from nvidia installer -> re-enable SLI -> change monitor refresh rate before I can fly.
  10. While running outdated drivers is not ideal, the 368.81 drivers would be a workable solution if Windows 10 would stop constantly auto-updating to the latest drivers! It even updates my drivers mid-game which BSODs my computer! None of the methods I've researched to prevent updates work on Windows 10 Home. Does anyone know a way that I can play with 368.81 undisturbed until the promised Nvidia fix comes in?
  11. I'm in the same conundrum as many of you. I've got 780tis in 2x SLI. The lack of VRAM relative to modern cards causes some hiccups in some games, and SLI itself is hit or miss (probably won't do it again), but I just can't justify replacing the cards when they continue to perform well in every new game I throw at them. This driver issue in IL2 is the first serious issue I've ever had with the 780tis. I don't want to replace cards that still work, but if this type of problem starts popping up in other games, I'll have no choice. It's especially frustrating because the game performs so well in the up to two minutes before it freezes using the latest drivers. I get 120-144fps @ 1440p with full ultra settings - the game performance is just phenomenal. With the 368.81 drivers, I get 60-90 fps @ 1440p with full ultra settings, which is fine, but it could be so much better if Nvidia would support their product. If I'm going to spend money on gaming equipment right now I'd rather be spending it on head tracking....
  12. I'm a very new pilot here and wondering about a similar question. I purchased BOS on steam during a steam sale, but I just activated my keys, registered, and started playing on 2/19/17. I adore the sim so far and will definitely be getting BOM, BOK, and future IL2 releases. I read about the promo code on this forum, but there are currently no promo codes available on my account. Is the code only for people who had accounts before 2/17/17? Is there some other eligibility requirement? I contacted support and am crossing my fingers for an answer because I would love to use the code to buy BOM. Thanks all.
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