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  1. RobCarter3

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    I think you've already basically summed it up. It's a cool airplane, and I appreciate the desire for the pinnacle of the Fw-190 series, but, personally, there are a lot of more important/representative types that I'd prefer to see for BoBp collector planes before we get into the really rare stuff -- typhoon, mosquito, spit XIV, Me 410, Ar 234, Ju 188, etc.
  2. To be fair to the devs, that video is shot from in front of the muzzles of the guns, while our pilot is sitting behind the guns, at speed, with the engine running, etc. Also, cameras really struggle with accurately reproducing the sound of gunfire. IIRC a lot of pilot memoirs say that they really couldn't hear the guns firing, but they 'felt' them instead. You can't really reproduce that in a sim. I think that's why the devs chose to emphasize the mechanical-type cycling noises instead of the muzzle reports. That video is awesome, btw.
  3. Awesome update, I can't wait to get home and play!! I probably would have never noticed that my o̶i̶l̶ fuel stopped leaking in the Spit if my wing had been shot off. That's some serious attention to detail from the team!! Edit: I was right there first time 😂
  4. Without commenting on the correctness of the 190A-8's engine temperature model, is it possible that the 190A-8 is simply using the new/more advanced oil temperature model announced in DD 186? We know the Yak-7b has the new model and it overheats a lot faster than the Yak-1 and Yak-1b.
  5. RobCarter3

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    I had no prior interest in tanks, and only considered buying tank crew to support the devs' future flight sim developments. But this looks genuinely awesome. I'll be looking forward to the preorder and giving tank combat a try.
  6. I bought BOS premium on steam (before I knew any better) and have since bought everything from the website. Steam integration worked flawlessly and exactly as described. Well done, devs 👍
  7. What an awesome/unexpected surprise! I truly did not expect to see BoBp aircraft so soon after BoK final release! And the fact that we get bells and whistles like the gyro gunsight so early in development is even more incredible! The devs just keep raising the bar for this genre! Truly awesome work. If only I wasn't stuck at work for 4.5 more hours...
  8. RobCarter3

    Captured pilot

    I'd agree with that. I've gone down VERY close to friendly lines, and having no chance of evading capture is frustrating
  9. RobCarter3

    Captured pilot

    I think the odds of being captured would have to vary based on a couple of things. Landing 150m from friendly lines and landing 80km behind enemy lines are two very different situations. As other people have pointed out, landing near enemy units or being wounded would make capture more likely Whether the civilians living behind enemy lines are friendly or hostile to you would also make a huge difference. Many of the oft-repeated USAAF escape-and-evade stories occurred because French civilians hid and helped downed allied pilots. They faced a very different experience if shot down over Germany.
  10. RobCarter3

    Captured pilot

    It would be pretty hilarious if you could screw up a career so badly that you get transferred to an Il-2 penal squadron where you fly suicide missions against armies of flak until you die or distinguish yourself sufficiently to be transferred back out
  11. RobCarter3

    AI Waypoint Flying Speed

    I'm just speaking from personal anecdote/impression here, but it seems to me that the "veteran" difficulty level and up is what makes the difference. "Veteran" and "ace" AI will maneuver in the vertical, while the "rookie" and "average" AI will just slowly and endlessly turn in one direction. I've generally found veteran and ace AI flying in QMB scenarios to be convincing enough for single player, especially in larger groups I think this is a great idea. As @JG27_Steini pointed out in the other thread, it can be pretty immersion-breaking when real-life elite units drop like flies on every sortie the player takes part in. Didn't the ROF career classify different squadrons by various levels of "eliteness?" I know PWCG does. This sort of thing could be very important for a historically-plausible Bodenplatte career and representing the effects of years of attrition on the LW
  12. RobCarter3

    Career problems with KI

    While I definitely think the AI in general is noticeably improved post-3.001, the AI seems to still be really bad at flying German fighters (especially if the AI pilot is below the "veteran" difficulty level) In my non-historic Fw 190 career over Stalingrad, entire flights of Würgers are routinely wiped out by I-16s unless I manage to single-handedly and drastically reduce the enemy numbers at the beggining of combat. I think we've been through three COs in two days, and many, many other pilots and planes. The AI, and the lower-tier AI especially, REALLY like to slow-speed turn fight, which the Fw 190 will lose to almost anything. On the bright side, you can think of it as plenty of opportunity to get drag and bag kills.
  13. Good to know, I'll try to make a revised version when I get a chance. I have no doubt that knowledgeable forumites will find other errors as well.
  14. Just wanted to share some very basic MS Paint cockpit quick references that I made for the A-20B and P-39L-1. I got the info from the game's tech specs combined with this A-20 video and this P-39 manual. I couldn't find a pilot's manual for the A-20, so I'm not sure about the historical accuracy of those procedures, but they work well enough in-game. Anyway, here's a dropbox link with the quick reference cards. Hope they're helpful!