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  1. It's worth remembering that a "modern fighter-size aircraft" is roughly the size of a B-25.
  2. This basically everything off my BoBp collector plane wishlist and more. Instant preorder!
  3. B-25 is probably a better investment because it was widely used in the Pacific and Mediterranean as well. But I'd love to see a B-26 some day.
  4. Speaking of this what mixture technochat % settings correspond with auto rich and auto lean in the P-38? It's not obvious from inside the cockpit.
  5. I used to have this issue when I was using a Saitek X-55 throttle. The Saitek throttles are power hogs and start making phantom inputs if they aren't getting enough juice. Make sure it's on its own USB header. Even better, get a powered USB hub. A powered USB hub completely solved this issue for me.
  6. I do the same, with the notable exception of the P-39. I somehow always manage to blow the engine in that, even closely sticking to the 15-min military power setting. It may have to do with how the T/O and emergency settings "consume" combat power, but I've never investigated in detail.
  7. Are you sure the .50BMG projectiles aren't 625 grains, rather than 625 grams? 625 grams would be almost 1.5 pound bullets -- heavier than 30mm Avenger. That seems way off.
  8. I'm on Index and definitely seeing smeared/doubled contacts right now. I'm also playing with PP off after editing the config file. I'll reenable PP and see if there's a difference.
  9. It's obvious that opinions differ strongly on this. As a VR player, I'm incredibly thankful for the alternate visibility. For the first time since getting a VR headset I can turn icons off, which is an indescribable increase in immersion. The zoom stuff is not an issue for me because I don't use zoom (it feels incredibly "gamey" when you're at 1:1 scale and makes me nauseous). Like others have pointed out, the sim needs to simulate both the field of view and the "resolution" of the human eyeball on our comparatively inferior displays. Alt Vis is a solution to the FOV vs resolution problem, and it has different pros and cons compared to zoom. I'm very glad to have the choice.
  10. After some testing it is definitely possible to turn off PP for the index by adding this line: "steamvr" : { "renderCameraMode" : "raw" }, to the steamvr.vrsettings config file. I know it works because it absolutely f%@#$ all my other VR applications, including VR zoom in Il-2. I'm not sure how to measure any performance increase. VR performance has been good for me generally with this patch
  11. Index parallel projection can apparently be disabled by editing the config file. I will experiment with this when I get a chance. I would expect the potential benefit for Index users to be marginal as the screens are canted significantly less than the Pimax
  12. The tailwheel lock on the Fw-190 does not toggle on/off and there is no tailwheel lock switch. You have to pull the stick back and hold it back. If you release the stick, the tailwheel lock will release. I truly think this is most likely your problem. Pull the stick back until the tailwheel is locked, hold it back, and taxi using rudder and differential braking. On takeoff, keep the stick pulled back until about 100kph, then let the tail come up.
  13. The Fw-190 has wide landing gear and good ground handling. Its ground handling was considered far superior to the Bf-109 in real life, and, at least for me, it plays out in the sim as well. You are describing ground looping during taxiing and takeoff. As multiple people have pointed out, this highly suggests that you are somehow failing to lock the tailwheel or failing to maintain back pressure to keep it locked. I think at this point that it would be helpful if you would post a video.
  14. In this hypothetical situation I think you pretty much have to go with the Spitfire for several non-airframe or design related reasons. England has a lot more production capacity and I would feel considerably more confident that my order would actually be completed and delivered. I'm not sure I would have full confidence in the state of German industry and quality control at this point. It would be fairly apparent that the war was not going well for Germany at this point and I would be concerned about spare parts availability and support in the long term. If I'm going to be producing the aircraft under license in my own country it gets a lot closer. Purely based on the sim, without considering any of the real world externalities, I'd take the Dora over a Spitfire IX.
  15. I think you've already basically summed it up. It's a cool airplane, and I appreciate the desire for the pinnacle of the Fw-190 series, but, personally, there are a lot of more important/representative types that I'd prefer to see for BoBp collector planes before we get into the really rare stuff -- typhoon, mosquito, spit XIV, Me 410, Ar 234, Ju 188, etc.
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