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  1. The vote should also include "not having a plane icon on the map view" for a more stress free experience. Because that is at least a big contributing factor for the reason why most NA players choose wings of liberty instead.
  2. There is also another camera angle that no one has mentioned yet. That is exterior view. As we can see here. The PE-2s are very visible in the exterior view from the same angle as the pilot. But from the pilot's view they are in fact smaller or thinner. When we zoom in by about 3x in the pilot's view planes will become a larger size and will be visible from a far distance. So our true issue is how the game scales planes from the first person perspective. I would honestly prefer zero scaling like exterior view offers as the solution to our true issue, which is poor spotting.
  3. This ^ For VR the mod is necessary. For monitor users it is simply too game breaking with the zoom feature. If the monitor version of the mod did not include the zoom feature then everything would be fine. When the next game update releases then everyone will need the latest mod version. Thus problem solved and there will be much rejoicing.
  4. @-[HRAF]Roland_HUNter @H_Stiglitz Give this a try, its entire focus was spotting. Also turn on the game's sharpening. Flip between adaptivesharpen and lumasharpen or have both on. I look forward to your comments and I will hold my own until you both reply. [Redacted]
  5. I'm still having this issue and I cannot view my recorded tracks.
  6. Sheriff's latest video in the p39 shows this issue as well. When he shoots down a 190.
  7. Yes there is a very well made and very time consuming mod Storebror created. However gameplay recordings should be a feature provided by default instead of having to use a stop gap measure from the community. It would also be good if the data recorded were reduced to allow recordings to record longer before hitting the data limit.
  8. Definitely great information here and nice catch you all. I hope the devs can correct these small details.
  9. A simple check mark in the game options and acknowledgement message to let us know the limit will be exceeded would be great. That way the devs don't have to worry about being blamed for the game hurting computers from excess data (liability) and we can finally record entire flight sessions.
  10. Speaking of VR gameplay, have the devs fixed the ability for VR users to stick their heads outside the cockpit? You know placing their entire vision outside the cockpit through the glass and everything like it's not even there.
  11. You can still fly while in the gunner position if you have a joystick. Like you will have no idea where you are going, your angle, or speed. But it can be done for the more "task" inclined individual. I just use the gunner positions to look around. lol
  12. The true unsung bomber and fighter has to be BF-110. If you want to fly in style with panache that is. Just give it 40% fuel crank the water/oil to 50% and off you go. SImple simple.
  13. I do much prefer the everything is unlocked approach. It feels more real like pulling your plane into a hanger to do some light modifications. Instead of having to do X amount of missions to be permitted an alteration. Though for the curious, the devs removed the unlock feature in mid/late 2017 if memory recalls correctly. I believe it was a community request.
  14. I would keep the gamma around 0.8 or 0.9. Otherwise the coloring begins to be washed out. At gamma 1.0 or above curve really becomes a must to keep the dark tones. I did play around with luma sharpen. Adaptive sharpen also has this feature to a lessor controllable degree. Through testing I have observed using a white contrast to provide object clarity like luma sharpen actually reduces the size of planes at distance. Which in turn hurts spotting by making planes smaller. For which is my current dilemma attempting to balance this trade off. Because without a white contrast objects appear more blotchy instead of clear.
  15. Hmm yes, with those settings contacts can be seen further away. Though the game looks very over sharpened and busy from all the harsh contrast. I like what you have achieved in seeing planes further away. But the cost to do so has made the world cartoony from thick outlines. Plus the curves filter introduces more consistent blacks that blend planes into the ground. Curves is also fairly resource intensive. This is why I stepped away from using curves compared to last year. Don't get me wrong I understand everything is a give or take when it comes to balancing these filters between spotting and visuals. I have probably spent the better part of several days of my life just staring at these filters making minute adjustments by now. lol Overall I like the filters Stiglitz, just give it some more refinement in reducing the thick contrasting black lines to prevent the oversharpened look. Also I have been working on a more apparent sharpen effect for distance spotting Roland. It was quite effective in multiplayer last night as I could see planes pretty clearly. The only real downside observed was tracer fire having black outlines and that was difficult to see. So trying to remedy that and clean up the contrast lines more.
  16. @II./SG.1-MarkWilhelmsson you have been summoned
  17. The il2 cockpit can soak up quite a few 20mm rounds from a 109. I gave an il2 a pretty good dose of that the other day in a few passes right into the back/side of the cockpit. Knowing the devs overhauled the damage model I feel like the il2 is producing authentic resistance as was reported in the war. But if the devs do a double check with their software of the il2's armor I see nothing wrong with it. As for the 202, always take the 7.7s as there is little downside in bringing them and the smaller rounds may light some fuel fires. Also set the convergence for like 300 metres as you will need to get in close to do damage. Overall the 202 is a fun aircraft even if it tends to give me mixed results. Some flights go great and others seem like I'm doing nothing to the target. You will see a lot more damage with the 20mm gun pods. Though in my opinion the drag penalty just is not worth the little bit of ammo. The italian rounds are just lackluster in aircraft. So pour all your ammo into one or two targets and go home.
  18. As would I, however it seems our native resolution is to narrow. Thus making planes appear smaller than they should. I really wish the devs would include an aspect ratio setting. Then we would not need to downscale. Though on the opposite side of that coin. Some people also say scaling up their resolution solves the spotting issue. So choose your poison I guess. lol
  19. Hmm give the reshade 2020 section another read to be sure please. Then also tell me your resolution and if you have reduced it.
  20. Yes leave gamma correction turned on. What exactly have you changed?? Step by step. Because I guess I am not seeing what is causing this issue. Spotting in general is pretty poor right now and your results are what everyone is experiencing. I tried the default sharpening with the nvidia sharpen and ignore film grain settings. This just resulted in the same blurriness as default with no real difference. Soon as I turn on the beta reshade profile the planes appear more black and apparent. So I'm not really sure what the issue is. Like I said in the new beta post, doing the opposite of what we expect to happen is improving the image and is showing results. Other than that try setting your dynamic screen resolution DSR to 2.00x and 20% smooth. Via nvidia control panel and global settings tab. Additionally be sure to you set your quick matches to pursuit and turn on p51s as they are the smallest rendered plane at distance. For the latest tests I have been setting to them 5km away. Sure, I would not mind seeing it either. Feel free to provide some screenshots.
  21. Hmm yes the blast radius of the SC1800 and SC2500 seems odd given how these are fairly bigger in size to the next step down in bombs. I would expect this to be at least 50 meters or more in additional radius due to the additional explosive.
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