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  1. You realize that would require someone to retexture every German cockpit with english right? That would be a massive texture pack to create when just learning the color layout or learning the words on the gauge would be much more reasonable.
  2. You don't really need to know the words. Just learn the color layout of the gauges for their system. Such as fuel is yellow. Full fuel tanks Critically low with warning lights. Full cockpit view
  3. Well don't get to excited about using it as it really doesn't do anything to filter out the sun. If you use the orange filter when chasing an opponent into the sun. Then the sun will still be blinding through the filter.
  4. What a headache to fly... 3000 steps between take off and landing. lol ^
  5. Of course! I have been hoping more people would begin posting their own interesting WW2 related videos as well! Hopefully someone will learn something new that they never knew existed or had happened before when watching one of these videos. So by all means share what you like here.
  6. I completely love it! Nicely done. Just please do your best to make the file size small as possible because the ground texture is a constant load.
  7. Visibility wise I have to say the P47 nails that department perfectly. For a close second I choose the MC202 after I jettison the canopy. As is customary of every flight of mine in the 202. For my preference in most comfortable to shot from. I would choose either the BF110G2 or the FW190A8. The A8 has insane firepower and more so with the optional dual mk108s that offer no disadvantage for equipping.
  8. did you try deleting the update folder and redownloading? more info here
  9. I just wanted to share this amazing animation video. The music is great as well.
  10. That is typical in the first few weeks of multiplayer experience. No longer are your enemies just predictable ai who do not maximize the use of their airframe strengths. Instead you have unique individuals in each aircraft with varying degrees of experience and knowledge. Each will do everything they can to maximize their advantage over you like a mind game and if you fall for such traps then the tables turn very quickly. Multiplayer is as much about skill as it is wit and luck. Give yourself a few weeks to adjust to MP and you will get the hang of outsmarting your opponent. It is no cakewalk online! Your struggles now, shall only show how far you will have come in the future.
  11. Hands down iL-2 box has thee best rain effects on glass compared to any other game. They mirrored the look of rain perfectly.
  12. Mmmm me wants some of that sweet latest TBM 930 (9 which ever) action.
  13. If you go into your game's directory via right clicking the game in steam and browse local files. Then opening your account data folder (iL-2sturm/data/accdata). You should see four dat files inside, three with your email address and one with a long string of numbers. If you have all four then your steam and game should be linked correctly. If not then something is missing in your login information and meaning it is not linked correctly. At least that is what I have in my account data folder and it is working. Example of what you should see _398384983.dat myemail@email.com.dat myemail@email.com_0.dat myemail@email.com_398384983.data
  14. **breathes heavily** you...you...did what? 🤪 sacrilege!!
  15. If you look real hard it might be there. lol
  16. The sound from the exhaust exiting from the back of the turbine. It is a signature sound of all jet engines.
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