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  1. In the JU52 do not use pedal breaks as it will bug the game causing the engines to be stuck in idle mode. And for me the only way to get out of idle mode is to hit esc to bring up the menu and close it. Then engine control is returned. So do not use pedal brakes at anytime on the ground to prevent this. For the JU52 have a button set for engaging wheel brakes together and two forms of throttle control for left/right engines as throttle below 25% is how braking works in the 52. When taking off it is best to hold the wheel brakes briefly while placing throttle at full then releasing the brakes to provide as much air to the tail as possible. There are several take off methods however that is what I prefer to do. Also having a separate control for the stabilizer is important during flight to keep it level. I do not use the flap and stabilizer combo Much at all because it can royally ruin your day very easily. Plus the stabilizer is suppose to be set before/during take off anyway.
  2. At best it would only destroy the artillery weapon itself and maybe maybeeee caused a crate of ammunition to explode. Most likely it would only result in killing the crew. This is why such positions were either bombed or captured on the ground. Shooting them really does very little.
  3. I can volunteer, but I can only do female voice acting. lol
  4. Ahhh Hagar is onto something here, this problem lends way into why we need vertical convergence settings perfectly. Well done sir.
  5. More likely it is, Polonium-210 https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/58088.php
  6. Yes that is correct, as I have experienced the same issue myself and that was the cause.
  7. You can also press num 5 and then adjust the seat before pressing F10 to save as well. Sounds like your trackIR5 was set incorrectly and then the view was saved to cause this issue.
  8. The A8 is my favorite 190 out of them all. It also has the most personalization options. Like who would be crazy enough not to take front side armored glass and dual 30mms in the wings.
  9. Break power definitely needs improved. It makes taxing more difficult, makes landing on short airfields more troublesome, and makes taking off with brake assisting less effective.
  10. How could you say such heresy about a flying angel as the Ju52!!
  11. Thanks for keeping the community lively. Hope this finely crafted British machinery finds a good home with lots of use.
  12. Hmm it might be best if a mod combined the two threads together or if you provides links to both threads in each thread. This launching problem has been a big pain for people since the update released. Hopefully your solution will work for others as well. I'm glad you actually found another way of solving the issue as the current read only fix does not seem to work for everyone. Now they have more options at least. I will note I also have realtek sound drivers and I do not have an issue with the game running. I'm on windows 10 64 bit though.
  13. The perfect video as it basically covers everything. Watch this and tada basically an expert compared to the majority of people. lol (sound is a little annoying being on one side) (also the red diesel errmm "heating oil" does work in a diesel engine no probs. I have no idea how I know this and totally must of heard it from a friend. I completely do not put that in my vehicle as it is very dangerous and not taxed properly for vehicle use, I promise.)
  14. No that is not it at all, the sound intensely muffles everytime the Mk108's 30mm impact something. It is like a deafying effect that is overly set. The effect can be noticed in other planes in F2 view, but only very faintly. They simply have the muffling/deafying sound effect set to high on the 262.
  15. Right click the launcher exe and uncheck/turn off read only. That seems to be the fix. If that does not work try deleting the update folder and downloading the update again. You can also try just launching the game directly from the iL-2.exe in the bin/game folder, that is what I do via shortcut.
  16. That would be a difficult one to spot out as a problem since it appeared in the clouds. Also it seems that even the AI did not see it. As the delay from when the plane appears, to the time flak is seen, is about the time it takes for AI to rotate and fire.
  17. Under no circumstances will we put people on that roof...
  18. It "should" be possible to increase the grass render distance circle via "grass_distance" setting in the startup config file. (location is shown in section 2) The default setting is 100.0 and that distance is in meters. So changing grass to "grass_distance = 500.0" or whichever distance should increase the render distance. Though I have not tested this to confirm if grass render is increased after changing the number above 100. Let me know if it works.
  19. The flying snails are coming!! Everyone panic!
  20. Hmm this was supposed to be fixed in the latest patch. The invisible bug occured when some planes have not fired their weapons. Perhaps there is a new cause or another issue from before that was overlooked. Do you have any more videos with this happening?
  21. And those words remain true no matter what part of the world as it is the same lies everywhere. Humans resent two things most, waiting and being embarrassed. Fixing something requires both.
  22. Then you have already answered your own question if you should buy a rift s or a video card, congrats. Hopefully someone else can answer your second question regarding how the rift s performs with a 1080.
  23. I would suggest to the get the newer video card for now. The prices of video cards have been fixed for a long time thanks to bitcoin mining. (though the market crashed so maybe that will no longer be true anymore). The rift will likely be cheaper in the future versus the video card in the future. Plus you can sell your old 1080 for a profit return.
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