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  1. I would say the gradual decline of society more closely mirrors the rate of how well an ice cube stays frozen in the desert.
  2. AR500 is a very strong steel often used as steel targets to stop standard ball rounds. It was impressive seeing the SkKAS so easily blast through it! Hoping to see some 8mm API in the future against AR500 steel.
  3. I think this would benefit the game. More options in the same day without needing to reset using a loading screen.
  4. I see the rockets as pretty pointless unless a person has plenty of practice using them. I have seen far too many people waste a perfect run towards a target only to miss due to using rockets with an incorrect approach angle. Such mistakes are often costly.
  5. That depends if you blink or not. He could be there and not there at the same time. Like magic.
  6. I even question the quote in quote safety rating of nuclear power like was shown in the video. Since the rating is based on direct deaths during the event and not deaths related to radiation sickness later in life. When you add in the damages across a massive area and the people lost due to complications of radiation. The death and damage toll is that of a mega tsunami for each instance of nuclear failure.
  7. Yes the issue is apparently still occuring. The not firing causing the invisibility last time was patched. So this must be a secondary issue that was overlooked.
  8. This was also a great explanation video that covers some things the series could not. a more detailed video
  9. So in short, no one really knows but other people have also experienced the same issue. Also I have seen this problem before when flying formation with friends. I had a 100mb cable connection with identical set up of everyone else yet I was slower. This did not always happen and was more of a now and then thing. I presume some planes just spawn with more drag like a random numbers game for some reason. If not then the problem is differing fuel loads of the planes.
  10. In response to the Soviet Union's dismissal of actual deaths or related deaths over a period of time. The US has in many cases ignored soldiers exposed to nuclear radiation. Soldiers involved in nuclear testing were not compensated late in life for their medical issues directly caused from high radiation exposure. Because paying for one's medical treatment of such issue is also admitting that something that never happen actually occurred. Which is also why many classified files from WW2 are forever classified state secrets or scheduled for redacted release in 2060. Be it the Soviet Union or the United States, both governments keep their secrets.
  11. If no more planes to add, then rebuild the game engine/visuals, and build the same planes again for the next game.
  12. Hopefully refinement and optimization will take priority in development for awhile.
  13. Click the difficulty setting in the lower right in the map menu to bring up the options.
  14. Having the engine upgrade of the K4 for the G-14/AS and smoother cover for less drag sounds like a great modification for the current G-14.
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    I completely agree
  16. It is a well known and well pointed out issue. Though more people talking about it could only lead to more incentive in having it fixed.
  17. Just turn off bloom and/or HDR. Problem solved.
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    Say no more, you had me at Duck.
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