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  1. A great documentary overall. But I thought I would share this man's experience in the spitfire, I found it very interesting. 23:50
  2. Bind the sun visor key to your tail lock key. Then every time the tail wheel is unlocked the visor will pop up to remind you.
  3. Err there are no permissions required. Perhaps you are on a guest account on your pc? Really not sure what this issue is, it seems like a windows lack of administrative permission to alter programs kind of problem. Other than that try to launch the game in admin mode.
  4. A stunningly accurate reenactment of that thread yes. I watched this three times on low volume laughing. lol
  5. I just had to see the cloud difference between settings. Hmm conclusion, high is very foggy and extreme looks like low. lol Do note that fps stays pretty consistent. Though I blame this on the amount of trees nearby and msaa 4. Extreme High - did my best to capture the fog/cloudy look. Though it is pretty consistent Medium Low Bonus
  6. Ok the devs improved the AA algorithm today so I had to retest everything.... So far it still seems like FXAA off and MSAA 4 are the best options. I will give credit in that planes flicker less now. It seems the devs removed a blurring pass or something as I no longer see the flickering on crosshair sights either. FXAA 4 is very usable though planes can still disappear in and out. MSAA 2 is really not worth using as it looks the same as FXAA 4 with less fps. Nvidia control panel FXAA should be left off. Yes it helps with edges but it will drastically shrink the silhouette of planes. Have not tested additional settings of nvidia control panel yet like multisample. Overall the biggest improvement this patch was with MSAA 4, the second floor hanger rails are not jagged, planes are clearly presented, you can see wings at distance if the planes is horizontal, and I now recommend to use your native resolution again, as the extra pixels show benefit now. Overall if you can run msaa 4 it will provide the best experience. But fxaa off will still be very competitive. Additional notes -With clouds set to high there is a drastic fps reduction. Without clouds and fxaa off I have 130 fps. With clouds and fxaa off fps drops to 50. Turning clouds down to medium fixed this and fps returned to 130. However fps dropped once fxaa 4 or msaa 4 were turned on. I did not test low quality clouds. I also think the medium clouds look better compared high because they are less like cotton. Shimmering of planes against clouds seems to be gone now this could be different in multiplayer. Hope this helps all, I believe I have the final reshade filter complete just tweaking it. This one will be using dpx and vibrance for color.
  7. Hmm since the canopy keybind opens the window in the JU-52 and the door in the P39. Do we think key is incorrect or if the devs did not assign the function itself? Also I have wondered why we never could open the sliding window panels in planes for years. I always thought it was just some benign control combination I could never find.
  8. With msaa set to 2 in the graphics menu planes become small and they flicker. So it's better to go with 4 in the graphics menu so they dont flicker if using msaa. Which is what is shown in your picture.
  9. 4gb or less of video ram 2k texture more than 4gb of video ram 4k textures.
  10. Adding this from another post I made Ran some more testing today. Running FXAA off produces easily seen planes with great fps, jagged edges in the cockpit, and plane flickering. 4x MSAA provides a steadier picture without flickering or cockpit jagged edges with a reduction (for me) of 50 fps. In quick match 130 fps no issue with fxaa off, 116 fps with 4x fxaa, 70 fps with 4x msaa. At this time I would not use nvidia fxaa as it shrinks the planes in all available settings.
  11. Yeah ran some more testing today. Running FXAA off produces easily seen planes with great fps, jagged edges in the cockpit, and plane flickering. 4x MSAA provides a steadier picture without flickering or cockpit jagged edges with a reduction (for me) of 50 fps. In quick match 130 fps no issue with fxaa off, 116 fps with 4x fxaa, 70 fps with 4x msaa. At this time I would not use nvidia fxaa as it shrinks the planes in all available settings.
  12. Sounds like your ping is high enough on wings that you are actually traveling ahead before the server registers you actually firing. So the server things you are x amount behind your current location and is placing the bullets behind you. I will chalk this up to a netcode problem with the game. Check out this thread on the netcode topic
  13. I have seen this behavior before. Where on low six of someone outside their visual range and they dramastically do a turn or something to get away when I close distance. I always thought they either saw me or someone in their squadron spotted me. But given how iL-2 is kind of odd sometimes perhaps engines can be heard far away in flight. What I do know is, sound is louder and carries far away when a cockpit is open. Once closed the cockpit silences the world around into muffled noises. So if anyone is going to exploit distant sounds then they would be flying with the canacopy open and/or have their camera outside the glass. Which getting the pilot camera to bug outside the canopy glass is not too challenging.
  14. I feel pretty confident in saying that nvidia inspector is too outdated to change anything. I tried multiple settings at maximum 16x or 32x and saw no difference as if they were off. Currently I am playing around with FXAA x2 in the graphics menu. Still testing nvidia control panel and I don't believe it is changing much either since the game update. There are a couple key areas I look at beyond just planes at distance. Such as gunner crosshair sights, the backup sight for the 109s, and the second story guardrail in the hanger. If a setting is not good then this areas become very jagged or with the crosshair sights invisible when zoomed out.
  15. If you turn off the anti-aliasing (FXAA/MSAA) you will actually see planes better a range. But the moment they turn horizontal they become distorted. I like FXAA x2 as the best all around solution. I tried MSAA and it just makes planes look twice as small.
  16. Definitely some very well deserved recognition Lemsip. Looking forward to your next piece.
  17. I saw this posted the other day and it looks very promising. After giving all the available options a try between fxaa and msaa I am honestly not satisfied with either. So I hope this new method will provide some promising results.
  18. There is no explosion, the plane just falls apart with zero audio. Yes internal explosions do occur as well now. Which is a feature I like, but when I see a single bullet hit the tip of my left wing and seconds later that whole wing flies away. Well that is netcode not calculating damage correctly.
  19. It is difficult to explain in a technical sense. But in layman's terms, you see the enemy hit you once and a few seconds later your wing falls off or your plane turns into multiple pieces without any real indication. It is like the plane falls apart in mid air. I would guess that damage is not being calculated correctly above 100-200 ping. Which is a ping easily achievable for a US player like myself were to play on a server like wings of liberty in Russia. Another iL-2 netcode issue is fps. Somehow being around other players online will considerably tank fps. Offline I can run 90 fps all day and online soon ping heavy users are around I am down to 20-30 fps. This turns any plane into a flying brick with limited controls. Both of these points play a factor when people refer to netcode issues.
  20. I wanted to give a little recognition to a largely underrated person who for the last several years has been making great content for iL-2. He does amazing work with iL-2 and I hope this thread will give him a little due exposure for his efforts in the community. So I want to say thank you @Lemsip for showing us these small moments in history and first hand accounts from WW2. Here are a few of his videos and the first one is my favorite.
  21. Nice find @Dan_Taipan and thanks for the quick response Phenazepam, had a good laugh.
  22. Yeah I have been experiencing this repeatedly online. Instant explosion, wing off, plane falling apart or fire after only one or two hits. Netcode for multiplayer really needs an overhaul. Thanks for making this very concerning topic @SAS_Storebror as I have been noticing this issue more and more.
  23. I'm guessing 21 as I already have BoBP. Good luck to the winner and thanks @cardboard_killer for the giveaway for the community.
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