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  1. Well the German one was, well, interesting. lol
  2. This is what it looks like
  3. Geronimo553


    If the game was not so washed out with a blurry filter on top. There would be no reason for using reshade. But since the game has both these problems that will never be fixed we have to adjust the image for better realism. The game looks dull grey like it's trying to be a ww2 film and many people dislike this altered reality look. I have been using reshade for years to fix this issue in iL2. Now it looks dull again by limiting reshade, great. Guess I'll just have to live with cartoon bright colors via broad stroke nvidia control panel...
  4. Unless you hit the engine the iL 2 will keep flying after taking a punishment.
  5. Here is some combat footage of the duck engaging ground targets. Look at how accurate it is! https://youtu.be/rW_a_8HhwWY?t=680
  6. Just sharing some great photography and likely ones most people have not seen. I found this one the most interesting. Look at how large the dust clouds from the aircraft rounds hitting the dry dirt/sand are. Many many more great pieces of history shown in the video. I won't spoil the surprises though. (Zeplin Stuka) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx789itig8o (could not get the video to embed for some reason. will try to correct this later)
  7. A great documentary overall. But I thought I would share this man's experience in the spitfire, I found it very interesting. 23:50
  8. Bind the sun visor key to your tail lock key. Then every time the tail wheel is unlocked the visor will pop up to remind you.
  9. Err there are no permissions required. Perhaps you are on a guest account on your pc? Really not sure what this issue is, it seems like a windows lack of administrative permission to alter programs kind of problem. Other than that try to launch the game in admin mode.
  10. A stunningly accurate reenactment of that thread yes. I watched this three times on low volume laughing. lol
  11. I just had to see the cloud difference between settings. Hmm conclusion, high is very foggy and extreme looks like low. lol Do note that fps stays pretty consistent. Though I blame this on the amount of trees nearby and msaa 4. Extreme High - did my best to capture the fog/cloudy look. Though it is pretty consistent Medium Low Bonus
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