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  1. Geronimo553


    I voted for the amazing stug III which was the backbone for German armor.
  2. Geronimo553

    Cockpit/Engine noise way too loud

    I still have to adjust the windows app volume to 3% to enjoy less then blaring loud noise. Like using teamspeak/discord is impossible if the volume is any higher. I would like an engine volume slide bar and the minimum would still be noisy to not permit any advantage. But the game in general is muted once the cockpit closes.
  3. Geronimo553

    Upping draw distance for final LOD on buildings?

    An increase in building draw distance would be a welcomed improvement.
  4. Geronimo553

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    Hmm interesting indeed, I hope more will add input on this topic. It could be a definite game improvement.
  5. Geronimo553

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    I fall under this category and from my experience here, I can say this community becomes quite nasty when you dare to mention their "precious" has a flaw or the system as a whole has a fatal flaw. Funny enough, it took years of research with both hidden ingame data and real world data to formulate a provable data based problem in the game beyond "this just feels incorrect". Those results were shown in the latest game update regarding the damage model which "select" groups for years claimed it was just german whiners not getting their way or russians just wanting more bias. Now those same people calling others whiners are praising the update or are complaining that the game is now too hard all of a sudden. I am all for the simulation aspect of the game and when one piece of the game behaves more like magic instead of real world I want it adjusted. Sadly there is always someone to argue against you for something, no matter the data provided. Admitly more tweaks in the update need to be done. But the game has improved leaps and bounds compared to the old unrealistic damage model and old AP ammo damage. Hopefully further old issues in the game engine will continue to be resolved.
  6. Found your link to this thread regarding my issue. I checked the file and no double entries. My controls only stop responding when I try to load the game with the thrustmaster target software running otherwise it works fine. It worked without issue before the recent update. my devices file https://i.imgur.com/xh2a07E.png
  7. At any rate, the suggested improvements over the current much disliked WEP timer would greatly benefit the game. I like the idea of unlimited combat power for all planes because it was a well within spec rating. US planes having a deteriorating combat power is simply ridiculous by any measure and hugely unrealistic.
  8. Happy to see the very much needed and long awaited damage model overhaul. The game has vastly been improved so thank you for that change! Though I would like to critique the high explosive damage is a touch underperforming at current. So I hope to see some tweaks to that in the near future. Also looking forward to the very thorough damage testing videos that will soon release. ^_^ For those who have been suffering from the force feedback stutter bug for years. (like me) This is an unbelievably amazing update! Very glad to see this placed into the game. It was a real game ruiner running at 80 fps and unfixable lag when looking around, making combat impossible. Maybe I lucked out, but my thrustmaster 16000m target software no longer works since the update. I can use my controls without the software running in game. But when the software is turned on the game does not register any input. If I cannot get it working I will make a thread.
  9. Any update on this game-breaking bug getting squashed?
  10. Geronimo553

    109 guns

    Any further information on the topic in these past few months? Have we noticed any changes in the damage model in recent updates? Do newer planes have better damage models? etc etc
  11. Geronimo553

    Clouds are nice but not as useful as they should.

    Hmm not a single reply since September? This is very much a problem in a flight combat sim that needs addressed devs. This shouldnt be arcade heroes and generals where you can see everything within and beneath the clouds while flying.
  12. Well I'm just glad you found the happy medium between to much stutter and very little. 😃
  13. Geronimo553

    Key Steam in site

    Well you are entitled to your opinion Adger. Too OP, I hope your issue gets resolved. Let us know if this helps or not.
  14. Geronimo553

    Key Steam in site

    Yes you are suppose to activate your steam key here Germanwolf, in your account under the “lisence activation” tab on the right side in your account. The steam key will be “converted” into an il-2 website key, then it will work. [edited] 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game.
  15. "She" is happy to help! I am also happy my months of editing game settings/configs and wanting to explode things in a ball of fire have not been in vain as it has now helped others. =p Also try adjusting your camera smoothness to atleast 75 and up to 100. Anything under 75 smoothness seems to cause stuttering when looking around with trackir. Its found in the camera tab, I have my smoothness set to 80.