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  1. same here. Wonder Woman helping defecting nazi pilot to find its way?
  2. NHK295M: which key do you assign to the joystick buttons? I thought we could only use mouse to aim cannon?
  3. I bow to 361st Bugsy , let us know when you can share the skin, 🙂
  4. Hi, I can give it a try, publish your photos here (I have the one profile from the Facebook HellHawks group)
  5. I'm using Amarillo USAF font. USAF Stencil goes like this:
  6. Hello, this is a great mission, thanks for your efforts and dedication, Two remarks though: - The flare system is excellent, but I wondered which color to use at first... I guess all work OK - Probably a game problem , but our company is a bit lagging behind Anyway, a very good mission, I'm waiting for the next ones!
  7. Tacview might be your friend there. you can get the g and see bullet trajectory. Perhaps the reason for op feeling is the perceived g are underestimated because of game sensitivity.
  8. « Shermans » is just a test mission I did (to check my liveries/skins) Therefore this is not included 🙂
  9. Very much looking forward to this M4A2 mission
  10. Try with this modified url, worked for me (dl=1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew7yxvqxfev7vpx/Campaign 190D9.rar?dl=1
  11. Thad, iirc, the .mission file is text. If you like to send it, I can try to edit it as text and save whatever can be saved. did you try the resave tool?
  12. 1) yes you have to buy tank crew 2) correct, june pack is’all is needed 3)you can put the mission files in their own folder and this should work’ and I agree this’is more neat.
  13. Here is the proper file structure. You also need to have Tank Crew active, except for the Panzer IIIL version, and restart the game to get the new missions to appear (just one click to open directory folders)
  14. Hi, you have to get the june files , and extract the folder so that you have a veteranenmission folder in data/missionary not data/mission/panzermarsch If this doesnot work please share a screen copy of file explorer showing the files.where they are extracted.
  15. For the audio, iirc, you have to make sure to respect the proper files path mentioned in my initial post: Unzip the zipped folder into /data/Missions (this should create a data/missions/veteranenMissions folder inside.)
  16. Hello You just have to resave the mission using the mission editor. Anyway, The updated missions are in the attached zip, which you have to unpack in (your game)\data\VeteranenMissions\ (create it if does not exist) Enjoy! Panzer_Marsch.zip
  17. Hi, You have to get the hud /icons etc... authorized in order to see it.
  18. hello Great mission, many thanks One point though: bith in the village and the later waves , enemy tanks seem to be able to shoot without direct line of sight: in the village through houses, and seeing through the hill. Did you notice the same ?
  19. Hi. I did this updated mission from Veteran66 work. The tanks do work BUT I had some crashes, Do not know if this is linked.
  20. Looking very much forward to this mission, as I appreciated the previous a lot! Thank you
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