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  1. give early war some love! Blenheim Mkl as you can also use them for Finnish
  2. correct, and these spitfires were sent via Iran to the Caucasus regions. As for the Hurricanes, the majority were shipped via arctic convoy or actually flying them over, while there were some new ones made from factory spare parts of the mkla and mklla specifically for the russians as the british had ceased production, the majority were veterans of the battle of britain and the later stages of the blitz (1941) many having close to 4000 hours on their frames and having bullet patches on the fuselauge. This along with Merlins not liking Russian fuels caused the soviets a lot of headaches
  3. It really depends for me, im very much an early war fan, so i love the Hurricane and its Hurribomber configurations, but i do love doing my supply runs with the Ju-52!
  4. PTO is ambitious, no doubt, but why make it difficult? with the Mk Vb spitfire and the new Mklla/b/c/d Hurricane already in game you could easily make a PTO based around Burma/Malaysia! Of course many want Midway or Coral Sea and carriers, but the PTO was so much more than just the USN fleet hammering the Japs in their island hopping campaign and its certainly something that could be implemented at a later point, but my suggestion is this: Being land based, a Malaysia or Burma map is would ease the developers into the theater. new vegetation and buildings would need to be create
  5. would it be possible to at somepoint on the 110E get a Mirror for the pilot? many 110 pilots fitted their own allowing them to see whats going on behind them could see it being usefull in noticing your gunner begin to react to a threat and be able to act faster
  6. hi all, anyone been having the same problem with career mode as me? tried both a german bomber and soviet fighter career in moscow campaign, everytime i try to load a mission it crashes me to the main menu screen and shows "automission failed to load" if anyones had the same issue please let me know if you found a way around it also a note, the A-20 seems to shake massivly in the pilot cockpit at speeds of 200km/h for some strange reason. seems to be a minor bug because theres no shaking in the gunner positions and the aircraft is flying smoothly otherwise an amazing update!!!
  7. something tells me the first month will be jet month with EVERYONE flying the 262 till they realise she aint such a wonderbird no more when a little flak or opening the throttle too fast sets the engine aflame :D
  8. now you mentioned it, my first ever flight sim Janes combat simulator was based in the ardennes during Bodenplatte :D im coming home!! it still has my most memorable game intro "haha yank!"
  9. hmmm i see PO-2 in the works, so perhaps ROF style grid artillery spotting is in the works??? if so we may at some point see the Fi-156 Storch in Il-2 as the german artillery spotter? that would be damn cool!!! or perhaps they could spot and radio in exact positions of moving targets such as trains, tanks and convoys?
  10. One of those, there i was moments cleared a very low bridge but tail clipped trees and broke off in ascent. i tried bailing but the pilot did it after we hit trees about 1 asecond before impact. i thought hed died in the bailout because we were so low, but when i looked under the tree canopy this is what i saw
  11. i hope this helps! Full structural detail of a B5N2 Kate with everything described in english Nakajima_Kate_FSI_38in.pdf
  12. Look at a 3D model of the typical japanese level bomb sight used both in the Val and Kate which would be visible to the player from the gunner position of the Val and if moddled, the navigators position of the Kate
  13. Basic setup of a D3A1 Vals cockpit layout and val gunner position. Do note that a vals gunner seat was a swivel seat. which with the canopy behind closed he would swivel around and focus on the radio communications and navigations, as well as using the bombsight i also had the chance to go inside a being restored TBM and i have photos of the interior gun crew positions as well as of inside the bombay
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