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  1. Tip, the instalation date for broadband into my new apartment has been pushed back which means I wont have internet until this saturday and as such I dont think I will be able to attend, sorry! Oscar could have my slot perhaps? Apologies and cheers, Bibo.
  2. IL 2 for me aswell please Tip if possible, thank you. Cheers, Bibo.
  3. I do not tip, but I can get it if needed. Do I need a vehicle to go as a gunner for it, or do you have somthing else planned? Apologies for the late response, Cheers, Bibo.
  4. Would you be allright with me going as a gunner for you MD or chicky in the Ju-52s tip? happy to go allies aswell if their roster still needs filling out closer to the friday or if you would prefer me to fly. Cheers, looking forward to this friday. Thanks again, Bibo.
  5. Hello! talked with Thor earlier today about joining, and he said to give this a peak. Not to sure about the procedure for this event but I guess I would like a stuka if possible? if not Im happy with anything really (happy to be a gunner aswell if needed.) Thanks very much, I look forward to flying with you all! Bibo.
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