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  1. I think it depends on what kind of experience you prefer, that is, lots of action and quick thinking in fighters versus staying evasive and enjoying the trip in bombers. For bomber pilots, it can be fun and challenging to fly a carefully-planned route at very low level or hugging the clouds, making adjustments along the way to avoid patrols, dogfights, or enemy strike packages. Fans of sims such as MS Flight Simulator will likely enjoy the longer trips into the target, tweaking aircraft performance, tackling challenging navigation problems (without GPS on some servers), and admiring the scener
  2. Brief description: Event OnObjectParatrooperJumped is triggered when a transport plane is outside the zone defined for the complex trigger. Detailed description, conditions: The desired scenario is that a Ju-52 flies into a zone around an airfield and drops paratroopers. When the jump is detected, control of the airfield changes to the other side. However, the Ju-52 can drop the troops outside the zone and still capture the airfield. Switching to OnObjectParatrooperLandedAlive allows the scenario to work since this is detected only within the zone. Additional assets (videos, screen
  3. To keep the mission running after you die, you could create a multiplayer (MP) mission, limited to one person, and run it using the in-game "Create Server" option. When setting up your server in-game, you can clear the "Available from internet" option so your mission does not appear on the multiplayer list. See Chapter 3 of the editor manual for help with multiplayer missions. The down side is that some singleplayer (SP) logic will not work in MP because in SP you spawn in a dedicated plane that can be linked to whereas in MP the spawn point can spawn multiple planes and you can't link to just
  4. You weren't out of position; Stoopy was way out of position ahead of you. Glad you could participate in the event GregP.
  5. Good idea RasterOp98, although I did put some spectator cameras high and low on the north and south part of the field. I could put some in the pens but I don't want to put too many cameras so that it's not a pain to cycle through them all. I'll think about any pros and cons of spectator cameras versus spawn points (and you can suggest some if you like). Thanks for joining in.
  6. In other words, you can fly in any multiplayer map, as long as you own at least one of the planes provided in the map. There are lots of resources for you in this post.
  7. Thanks a bunch for organizing the event Shamrock. I had a great time courtesy of the event organizers, mission builders, server admins, skin makers, and, finally, everyone that took part.
  8. Thanks to everyone that took part in the mass formation events. It looks like you enjoyed mixing it up with your fellow pilots, whether right side up or upside down. I'm looking forward to seeing the videos from participants, and I'll try to add one of my own soon. Special thanks to haluter, Alonzo, and Combat Box for the server setup and to ShamrockOneFive for pulling together a wonderful festival. It was good fun to join in on the events. Cheers! JimTM
  9. You're welcome Stoopy. Should be fun. Yes, 2,500 ft. AGL (about 760 m) is good for the circuit. For everyone, make sure that you have an IL-2 key bind for "Altimeter: reference pressure toggle". Press this button when you enter your plane so that your altimeter reads 0 ft / 0 m.
  10. Hi Vaudoo, Sorry for the delay. I looked at your .mission file and noticed that there were a lot of "Name =" lines where the name contained an asterisk (*) and one line where the name was "Niz. Kochugon*". Somehow your file got corrupted with these characters. However, when I removed the characters, the mission still did not save. When I get some time, I'll see if I can find any other issues, unless someone else spots something wrong.
  11. Welcome Stoopy. I put all of you together in Hawk Flight, along with @haluter and @rodrigo_dm (if they want to fly P-38s). haluter and rodrigo_dm, if you want to fly another plane, let me know and I'll move you over to Eagle flight.
  12. Before the May 2 event starts, take some time to review the sections in the opening post. You won't need a password for the May 2 event. If you haven't already, signup so I can place you in a good position in a flight. Here are some notes for you before the event starts: Start Time: 8:00 PM UTC/GMT (click the link to find your local time) Event Server Name: Combat Box - Sturmovikfest Mass Formation Event In case of technical issues with the server or SRS, check the "Event Status - May 2" section of the opening post. Just before the event starts,
  13. I had a full afternoon of fun and laughs thanks to [DBS]Browning (and the last-minute support from the Combat Box folks), starting with the He-111 Dogfight event and finishing off with the raucous IL-2 Tag event. Good show chaps! JimTM
  14. Thanks to [DBS]Browning for organizing an He-111 super-size fun event. I ran the gamut from letter-box view (side gunner), big-sky view (front gunner), and upside-down view (aerobatic pilot) during the quest to keep everyone in the plane alive. It's a great experience to fly with a all-human crew. I'll definitely be back for more next year if this event is on the menu. Also a big thanks to the Combat Box folks for stepping in at the last minute with server support. Cheers! JimTM
  15. Welcome! Please jump on up to the opening post and sign up under..."Signup" Tiny. The signup form gives me some information to place you in one of the flights.
  16. That's too bad Tiny. If your connection is not too bad, you could try joining and see how it goes. Just follow a formation a little ways back until you feel comfortable with your connection. Remember that damage is off so you won't ruin anyone's day (they'll just get a bump, but no damage). See you there Padinn! Here's a short video of the bomber formation warming up before the fighters and bombers got together. More April 25 content here: Stormbirds: Recapping the first day of Sturmovikfest Stormbirds: Sturmovikfest day three
  17. Please zip the mission files and post here so I can have a look.
  18. ...until I went inverted over the field, then it got harder to formate. I'm glad you had a good time JodyMP! Thanks for joining in. No worries THOR. See you at the May 2 event if you are available.
  19. Thanks to everyone that joined in the event today. Hope you all had a good time joining up with your fellow pilots. Feel free to post any pictures or videos here. There are lots of spot open for the May 2 event at 8:00 PM UTC/GMT so signup in the opening post. Cheers! Jim
  20. As far as I know, yes (unless someone knows of a secret method or has the original or updated .mission file). Of course, you can always join Combat Box when they run the mission you are interested in, which will give you a fresh .msnbin file under Alonzo.
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