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  1. I guess the funniest part of the price announcement is when you go back and look at how the initial pitch looked - and having the core VR supporters eat $600 unquestioningly - having had absolutely no reasoning or discussion of any kind in pricing between then and now - is some deep cult-like behaviour. At a guess, Oculous got scared of Sony being able to deliver a better product than they could if they both went for a lower TCO setup, so they switched to a higher end product (with Vive taking it to true veblen goods path). I think it probably screws anyone who was counting on it being some mass market platform, as it was pitched to begin with, or had any kind of projection for sales based on a minimum market size. If you suddenly found out that due to "technical reasons" VR will cost $1200 and only worked on a yacht you'd be only marginally more screwed.
  2. Well, that's one of the major changes as far as I remember dx9 > 10.1/11 going - floating point blending became a lot more precise and supported across more formats.
  3. The halo effect reminds me most of something seen in GT5 : http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-gran-turismo-5-tech-analysis http://i.imgur.com/XdEmTPf.jpg where a fixed size alpha buffer was used for some alpha effects - basically the rest of the screen renders at one resolution, but the alpha buffer itself is only a fraction of that, and its low res mask is applied over the rest of the scene. Dark plane + blending with white cloud = halo around the edges that were determined to be more white than dark. IIRC this isn't actually that uncommon in games but is usually gotten around by careful application of alpha effects and alpha to coverage and other techniques to make it less obvious. Could also just be that for whatever else they need to happen in-engine, DX9 just can't give the precision needed for this (given how many single elements make up a cloud and how far they're visible from) at any reasonable speed. Only ever seems to take effect after the first couple of LOD switches too, which probably means they looked at how expensive it would be to alpha test the whole scene for every object to 10km and ran screaming, but it was OK speed wise for your 'hero' plane close up.
  4. If you're on a z97 motherboard you may be running into its compatibility issues with the usb3 ports on it. Turning off xhci (and thus usb3) in the bios or getting a usb pci card were the only two options I found that worked.
  5. What do you mean, you don't want to pay $600/€699/£500 of hardware pre-tax and shipping, without the "must have" hand controllers and extra camera, from a company with not one successful mainstream launch of anything, and two pack in games shipping for date, which superficially resemble other games but neither of which seem to have been mentioned as 'the next mario 64' or 'the next freespace 2' gameplay wise by anyone ever?
  6. If you have no microstutters or "smooth" performance - do you have frame times for this? Here's some I ran early on getting BOM without overclocking (other than all 4 cores @ turbo on a 4690k and the stock overclock of the MSI Gaming 970GTX) - (edit - to explain, these are from fraps bench viewer run on a fraps benchmark log of track of a single player session with a fair amount of ground AI and enemy air involved. You can read more on frame time / percentile frame time analysis (this is the latter we're looking at in these pics) here and here, and here. Basically what we're looking at is not an 'average' frames per second, but rather a look at what that frames per second number is made up of - if our FPS is showing >60fps, but we still see stutter/microstuttering, possibly what's happening is that the software is generating a ridiculous number of frames that complete as 'runt' frames that will never be seen by being faster than the sync interval/refresh of the monitor, which boost the FPS number. But every so often a lag frame or several lagged frames come out that completes at longer than the GPU has frames in the queue to cover, which are rolled into the FPS number, but looks pretty horrible to actually play. Eg - 8 6 10 33 34 36 8 6 9 is absolutely going to be noticable as a big fat stutter despite averaging 16.6ms. These charts graph how much of that FPS number over a ~4 minute run is actually made up of frames that complete too fast to be seen, or complete too slow to make certain sync intervals) Reference / cpu bound scenario - 480p, low / -hdr / -ssao, 0x ground detail, single gpu set fhd, ultra / -hdr / -ssao, 4x ground detail, single gpu set 4k, low / -hdr/ -ssao, 0x ground detail, multi-gpu set: 4k, low / -hdr/ -ssao, 0x ground detail, multi-gpu set 4k, ultra / -hdr / -ssao, 0x ground detail, multi gpu set 4k, ultra / -hdr / -ssao, 4x ground detail, single gpu set over 16.6ms @ 60hz sync - potentially not great and depending on the state of the queue and vsync may spill over and give 30fps "effective" frame rate for every dropped frame (if that's the last frame in the queue and it's 16.8ms - you can't go back and make sync wait for it). Over 33.3ms - really not great and will very likely give sub-30fps "effective" frame rate every time one of those comes out (likely matching the next sync for what's basically going to feel a lot like 20fps for the duration). Don't have anything like the hardware needed for FCAT or a long run in GPUView, but if someone does it would be interesting to see what's making it onto the monitor. I know back in the ROF days they hyped up using this - http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/6207/sponsored_feature_how_rise_of_.php personally I've run into enough weirdness in BOS since picking it up that I wonder what's going on. Sometimes - not always - but sometimes just staring straight down 90 degrees at my own plane on the ground will be somewhere around 40-45fps at the end of a mission with only my own plane or one other AI running. Sometimes I've run into situations where even with RTSS capping at 60 frames and adaptive vsync, the frame counter is reading 60 locked but I'm still getting obvious tearing. Something weird's happening :D
  7. It's currently on sale but for anyone missing out - http://riseofflight.com/BLOGS/post/2013/06/21/Ace-Sale-John-Gilmour.aspx Sopwith Camel GYWAJ-4ZHEP-7B2L4-W5XDG-69UZG Sopwith Camel JGT2R-MNHGS-NDLKJ-79ZQ6-4TP6R Sopwith Camel FCGDJ-6MZPP-5TWKY-L73RK-KT99Y Sopwith Camel 6W3AD-QTJ5X-PV6LD-W7BUN-W8D9N Sopwith Camel JY6PU-2T26M-HVLK8-479B5-XMP6A Sopwith Camel P97SS-Z4RWN-DC8MD-SMVH8-B8Q25 Sopwith Camel QSTSY-WQ6VP-MALJP-EWHYE-Q2XUS Sopwith Camel TBNY7-YZSVK-MAJLU-SFYFT-GAJ2Q Sopwith Camel SZKTR-A6S4V-KUEKB-GLP9K-54V3N Sopwith Camel DQSJ2-CTTMN-RBLME-NV8RB-LWVKN Also, in may last year I gave out some other ROF codes on another site, two of which were never activated. If the guy who said he was going to use those codes is reading - too bad. So - R.E.8 C4JUV-Z6GNN-9AWJY-V7QQZ-DZCU4 Airco_DH4 4VAY7-FVL2U-JCCML-AACXY-38KZJ
  8. Sopwith Pup 01 Sopwith Pup JM86K-J4QXU-VTNL9-2PGYJ-5RW53 02 Sopwith Pup 5GR7E-28TWZ-CVUM7-2LHMD-UUP3D 03 Sopwith Pup ML993-FXDEZ-HV2KD-DVGFV-KY5WM 04 Sopwith Pup MCDTB-MSXAG-6CYMB-24BM8-HCRAL 05 Sopwith Pup FSH7K-WJGKV-YTAKA-6XRQG-JDCD4 06 Sopwith Pup S3EMU-4MZM5-FCLJG-P2R8G-HPVNZ 07 Sopwith Pup G37XV-KFNNN-PUEJZ-7KETQ-UJPC8 08 Sopwith Pup N8VKS-F98EP-RTQKR-G865C-XV6P8 09 Sopwith Pup GYEN6-GQWEH-RDWLL-8WBPV-7S3Q2 10 Sopwith Pup 9FZ2R-ZSU9Z-3USLK-ZMGEH-SAXBW Another 10 codes for the Sopwith Pup.
  9. Sopwith Pup Manufacturer: British Sopwith Aviation Co. / Britain / 1916 01. WTA2R-52HGK-LU6JH-SBDZT-XU9DR 02. WLK7U-ESPXB-YSYKS-7RFAB-ULVW9 03. PU38X-EU922-JUGJS-EBPR6-VVU8N 04. SJCQ7-WYYVZ-WDULK-NFCM8-NKASH 05. YU2Z5-9JC37-QD8KD-M4JJM-DXBHG 06. EFEV4-DHA2X-LCGLR-NX5QR-3GAGN 07. XSHPG-MXZQ9-TUEKY-8N336-WCU8Q 08. D7HNN-FSDMT-KVCLM-FEEEX-DFRZ8 09. Y4DFD-SS8JA-3SNKJ-HS5CG-EHDMC 10. STYZW-XHV39-ASLLY-VQRXQ-AK9F5 For some reason people on the ROF forum insisted over and over again that the Pup was the one plane they'd love to see more of online. Enjoy!
  10. That's weird, I look up and I see myself drilling into individual years and sales by countries, using the industry standard north american retail sales survey by year and market segment when talking about the US, finding quotes from publishers on their experience selling in the RU market, finding dollar figures that break down sales by digital retail, etc. I'm totally happy to debate any of those things with you. I'm just not sure I'm cut out for this conversation you want to have which seems to amount to - "EVE is the end-all of PC sales data because I say so" "WoT sells in Russia because of bias because I say so" "I worked for a mysterious company and it works like this because I say so". You've sure got me beat on that one!
  11. Yeah, why is that, do you think? This is kind of what we're trying to get through here. The PC has not been well for a long time now. It's getting better but if you're looking at sticking a game in a box and selling it - it's not a great time, and hasn't been in the US for a long time now. In terms of boxed game sales, developing in and pushing hard in EU/Russia were pretty much the only way to make any real money for the last few years if you were selling on the PC. Again, all I can do is repeat - yes, but. What you're talking about is a market absolutely dominated by casual, social, and MMO. You have to be careful what data you're using as a proxy here, because people playing angry birds on their netbook, or playing farmville on facebook, or playing WOW on their laptop, are not necessarily the people who are going to buy anything much else. Again I'm not sure what point you're trying to make - World of Tanks seems like a much better standin for selling a flightsim than just about anything else we could think of to use - it is at least a competitive combat game set partly in the same era. It is an ... interesting idea you have there, that the reason EVE is a better proxy because ... WoT is ... biased? Are you quite sure that explains the way and where it sells? Really? To be honest this sounds like a bit of handwaving to me - how about I agree never to mention this bit of jazz hands you've given us here and we keep going on stuff we can at least vaguely cite?
  12. They've already said BoS will not be an F2P, microtransaction game. The reason I'm bringing up the PC share of video game sales is because someone thought that you could bung it in under "US video game market" which includes IOS, 360, Wii, and pass it off as huge. That is not the PC games market! Interestingly if we look at NPD's last figures - It's slightly healthier now but a lot of the new data goes into walled gardens and is hard to check reliably. But in no way can you ever use the US market as a standin for the PC market. It's like using the UK market sales to claim that the Commodore 64 still sells like hotcakes. It doesn't.
  13. You are both confusing several different things here. The asian MMO market is a very strange beast and really not a comparable market in any way to traditional boxed games. It is dominated by F2P - and a very unfamiliar brand of F2P game with a very different set of expectations and economy to them - and aimed at entirely different hardware spec than you'd thinking about when you think of a modern game. You know what the PC sales for most multiplatform titles were if they were in a market with the Ps3 and 360? About 5-10%. At best. That's absolute doom level - that's typically about the same sales you'd get if you made a handheld port for the PSP. Now, it's not as bad as it was - sometime around 2010 digital game sales revenue on the PC eclipsed that from retail sales - but again, this is not quite the same thing you're thinking of in terms of "game sales" - almost all of that growth is from microtransactions and subscription fees. If you are bored - try and find the last time a PC exclusive game charted on NPD's all formats chart. http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/NPD_sales_figures
  14. Gabe at Valve has mentioned this several times - http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/story_type/site_trail_story/interview-gabe-newell/ http://www.geekwire.com/2011/experiments-video-game-economics-valves-gabe-newell/
  15. http://forum.il2sturmovik.net/topic/175-damage-model/page-2?do=findComment&comment=6203 http://forum.il2sturmovik.net/topic/170-developer-diary-part-i/?do=findComment&comment=2334 http://forum.il2sturmovik.net/topic/200-natural-light-atmosphere-rendering/?do=findComment&comment=3152 etc
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