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  1. Agreed. This would be a nice option to have.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know about Preddy either.
  3. The Jug is, in my opinion, a beautiful aircraft and I can hardly wait to take to the virtual skies with it. Thanks for posting these pics!
  4. I own the HP WMR headset and had gotten accustomed to the issue since it wasn't as pronounced as the Odyssey. However, flying post patch was an amazing experience now that everything is as it should be from a display perspective! Much appreciation goes out to the Devs and the forum members that logged tickets to report the issue with the WMR headsets. I know there aren't many of us, but maybe that will change since these headsets are relatively affordable.
  5. That's an awesome setup. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I tried these settings last night and the game looks and runs great. Now that my SS is back to 1.0, I moved up from low to balanced settings with no loss in FPS so far. I'll have to try the high setting later on. Thanks for sharing this!
  7. I have the HP headset and can confirm similar behavior. I just submitted a ticket as well. Hopefully we will get some visibility on this one.
  8. Yes, exactly that. Your explanation sums up my experiences perfectly. At first, I thought that's just the way it was, but now I understand. Thank you for explaining this so clearly.
  9. Hi everyone. After spending a few more sessions in VR, I'm starting to wonder if I'm experiencing this as well, but to a lesser extent. This may be due to the fact that my HP headset has a smaller FOV (95) compared to the Odyssey (110) and Lenovo (105), but that's just a guess. What I find odd is the GUI appears to scale correctly, but some things in the cockpit are off ever so slightly when I close my left eye and look through the right lens. At first, I was thinking it's the double-vision I have read about in VR so I found myself just focusing with my left eye when looking through the reticle and firing my guns, but now I'm not sure. VR is new to me, so I'm going to have to try out some other games and then check back in IL2 to compare the experiences. Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update.
  10. I recently picked up the HP headset and have not encountered this problem. So far the game has been running pretty well and the VR experience is really something else. I have not used a Vive or Rift, so I cannot compare them.
  11. This is very exciting news. I've been hoping for a P-47 and P-38 in this sim, but never thought it would happen this soon. I'll be pre-ordering plenty of products when I get home from work. Thank you, Jason and team, and I hope you continue to have success!
  12. Asus is joining in on the VR fun: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11795/asus-reveals-mixed-reality-headset-for-windows
  13. This looks really neat and would add an additional layer of immersion. We would all have to truly know our aircraft of choice instead of simply using the same button for the same function across the different cockpits. I sadly haven't gotten into VR yet, but I'm excited for what the future holds with regards to flight sims.
  14. Thank you all for the quick replies and discussion link! So we just need to be a bit creative when utilizing the spawn trigger and groups of aircraft. Good to know!
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