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  1. (Also posted at ATAG). As many of you are doubtless aware, CH Control Manager software has ceased to work recently under Windows 10. After several rounds of uninstallation/reinstallation, I called and spoke to John in CH support. Here's what I learned: Bob Church, the developer of the software, has retired. CH is aware that the software, the last version of which was updated in 2011, no longer functions under Windows 10. CH has not reached out to Microsoft for assistance in resolving the problem with the software, hence Microsoft will never know that they broke it. John, on the other hand, seemed to think it possible that Microsoft could release another set of patches to Windows 10 that just might happen to fix the problem, as randomly as it was broken. As a 40+ year Microsoft developer myself, I told John that it is up to CH to contact Microsoft and work with them to resolve the issue; it is not possible for Microsoft to fix a problem with the operating system that they are unaware of, and delusional to expect them to do so. CH has not mounted a search for a developer to pick up the maintenance of the Control Manager Software. For me, the programmability of the CH Products gear was what sold them to me more than 10 years ago, and without that programmability, the devices don't speak well enough for themselves in terms of build quality anymore to justify purchasing these devices. Sad, because they used to be among the best values in the industry, with some of the best support.
  2. Do whatchagotta, Jason! Life happens. Best of the holiday season to you and the team!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! It'll be a joy to fly over!
  4. +1 We all need this, not just the VR users. The issue though, is that it needs to be move-able, scroll-able, and zoom-able, in the same fashion as the full-screen map. edit: forgot size-able.
  5. Patrick, the runtime was the issue; disregard my OP, sorry to trouble you with it. Thanks!
  6. Patrick, on a hunch, I've updated the RTM java runtime on my Windows 10 system to the latest one, but haven't flown any campaign missions yet. Hold off on spending any time on the error logs I posted. I'll fly some missions, and post back the results. I suspect the runtime was the problem. Thanks!
  7. Cons: 1. Lack of a scroll-able, movable, zoom-able minimap in expert mode. 2. Non-intuitive mission editor. All else is superb.
  8. Wrong place for this zip? The dialog said to post it on the forum...
  9. Getting error messages during AAR, but the AAR seems to be alright. Maybe you experienced players can tell me what I screwed up? Thanks! hmmm... Looks like I'm getting nulls for Aircraft Type, as in "Bf 109 F-" and locality, as in "". Baldur201709171609405.zip
  10. Hey guys, new to PWCG, so bear with me. After turning on mission logging, I find that I get a huge number of mission log text files in the data\ folder; any way to locate those somewhere else? I notice a bin_log_folder = "" in Startup.cfg; does this variable apply to this? Will setting it to a subfolder keep these mission log files from cluttering up the data folder? Thanks in advance.
  11. Will someone with a monitor whose native resolution at the desktop is 2560x1440 please try this? 1. Start the game. 2. Set game resolution to 1920x1080. 3. Exit the game. 4. Restart the game. Does the game switch the resolution to 1920x1080 on start up, or does it hang at the splash screen? Thanks.
  12. I run the same card, albeit with another motherboard. That said, from experience with older AMD cards, I've seen similar artifacting with the graphics card overheating.
  13. Is anyone else here running the simulation at a different resolution than that of the Windows desktop? I've been in touch with "support", and the suggestion they gave me was "try disabling fullscreen". This doesn't solve it, since the sim is ​not changing to its' selected resolution if it isn't the same as the deskop! ​My Desktop is running at 2560x1440, and I want to run the game at 1920x1080, so dots at distance aren't so small. Disabling fullscreen only means that with game resolution set to 1920x1080, it comes up in a window half the size of my desktop, instead of changing the monitor's resolution before starting the game, and restoring it after exiting. A little help here, please!
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