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  1. Ya, tengo claro que es su negocio y no van a trabajar gratis. De todas formas, de este nuevo paquete o expansión voy a pasar, lo veo mas flojo y solo me atrae el mosquito, los otros me parecen repetidos.
  2. Bueno, pues entonces toca esperar, yo por lo pronto paso de comprar bon, no sé a mi ahora mismo no me convence, pero en fin a esperar toca. De todas formas lo de las operaciones navales en normandía no lo veo, salvo poner lanchas de desembarco y cuatro barcos cubriéndolas. Ostias salgo corriendo a encargar el bon (perdón por el sarcasmo no me he podido resistir )
  3. Pues yo estoy con la gente que quiere el Pacífico. Aún recuerdo el il2 y para mí era una pasada. Normandía está claro para que es, sacar dinero fácil ya que prácticamente solo son un par de aviones y un mapa, lógico también ya que de ello viven. En fin no creo que les lleve mucho tiempo y esperemos el próximo sea el Pacífico.
  4. Except Moss and arado, nothing new to me, same planes, i can wait to buy
  5. Normandy..,...😱😱😱😱😱😱 Pacífic 😭😭😭😭😭
  6. It is said that there is no more blind than he who does not want to see, nobody talks about removing it, we talk or I at least the extreme aim of the anti-aircraft, if you do not want to understand it is your problem,but that extremely ridiculous aim, flies red or blue. Although perhaps it is a good idea to attack the tanks and vehicles with il2 and 110 at 10000 meters
  7. really???? and what does speed have to do with bacon?? man i believe that we talking diferents things. I write about aaa and you about bombers? rear gunners??
  8. and why do you need a anti-aircragft that can shot down all plane like vasili saichev???
  9. I'm sorry but the aim of the antiaircraft is simply ridiculous, we have to endure the radar, the chat, the vultures that go to the radar and chat warnings and to top it off when we reach the target, we have to endure a antiaircraft that is ridiculously extremely accurate
  10. No wroks for me, but sure that i do something wrong: I go to maintenance area (i green and chat said me tha im in this zone and stop engine) stop engine restart engine left alt+a left alt+f and nothing Can you said the steps one to one?? Thanks
  11. As a Spanish I would really love a Pacific campaign, the other alternatives are secundary and can be played like a littles campaings, but the newest and most instesting for me, with out a doubt the Pacific Worl war two simulator, with out a Pacific Campaing its half simulator.
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