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  1. When I go to buy the bread, I look and if I don't like it I don't buy it and nothing else. I can tell you why I don't buy it, because it is big, because it is small, because it is integral or because it has sunflower seeds, etc., and the baker will do with his bread whatever he wants, he will listen to me or not, what is clear is that the bread belongs to the baker and the money is mine, each one who does what they want
  2. I don't think this is an attempt to blackmail developers. I think it is simply a business, the developers offer their product and value it at the price they consider appropriate, the buyers see the product and if they like it or don't like it they buy it or not, that is their decision. Each party does what they want, one sells a product and the other part buy or not, so easy. It's like when you go to buy bread, you buy the one you like.
  3. It seems to me a tad excessive, for a mod of a game from 10 years ago. I do not doubt that it can be a great game, but without vr and at that price, it is not for me. Same if one day it comes out with vr, I would think about it but not at that price. I will keep waiting for the hyppe to finish and see how it evolves.
  4. Well, we already know who to blame on any problem of the bos 😈
  5. I see a lot of plagiarism to my original drawing 😄
  6. i believe its 19 (covid) i have bondeplate luck to winer
  7. For me I don't notice anything new in this patch, i dont see anything new. If I put msaa the performance drops and I have jerks, therefore I stay as I was, fxaa 4. The only downside is that in the vr the collimator crosshair is almost invisible, I used the mod for that.
  8. Yes, I totally agree with that. The only thing I say is that I believe that if they do not score, or do not need to be there or that they are not destructible
  9. So i think it would be better if you didn't put them or that they were not destructible.
  10. one cuestion, gound targets no score? http://combatbox.net/es/sortie/247624/?tour=16
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