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  1. Panzerbar thank you for your work. Name on plane could be "Heilwig" and it might have been wife's or girlfriend's name. MEANING: This name derives from the Old High German name “Heilwig”, composed of two elements “*hailaz” (holy, sacred, unbroken, intact, healthy, entire) plus “wīg” (fight, battle, fighter, able to fight). In turn the name means “the luck that helps in battle, in battle we must also have the good fortune”.
  2. Auch ich habe meinen Marschbefehl erhalten und werde mich zum 15.11. auf dem Fliegerhorst einfinden. Die schönen (warmen) Tage auf der Flugschule in Frankreich sind vorbei, Athlon hat gesagt ich soll mir Winterkleidung einpacken. @Panzerbar: Thanks for your input. Considering to register at Luftwaffe Experten Board. S!
  3. Ground controlled vehicles would be nice (Propasal in Clodo [don't hit me] ) but not when airframe development will be delayed.
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