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  1. Thanks for those which I was familiar with. I was thinking more like in RoF where you hover your cursor over the number of players on the server, a drop down list of names appears. I don't understand why this isn't implemented.
  2. Salute Virpils Has anyone got any tips to easily see which players are on a particular server, without actually joining?
  3. Spyboy

    USB Hubs

    Hi Seb, It's just a case of adding a plug board as I don't have a spare socket, so enquired about its use un powered.
  4. Spyboy

    USB Hubs

    I love this forum everyone is really helpful! The USB 3.0 I have is powered, so that's alright. Thank you VirPils and Techmates! Salute
  5. Perhaps some knowledgeable techmate can answer... I am running out of USB slots so have bought a usb 3.0 hub. Is it ok to use this unpowered with, say, a VKB Glad and a HOTAS throttle unit/Saitek Quadrant? I suppose I could 'suck it and see' but I have always found my Virpil Techmates helpful!
  6. Absolutely can extol the virtues of VKB T Rudders which I use with VKB Gladiator, its a great combo!
  7. Spyboy

    Who lives in London, England???

    Try and get in touch with Jonathon Wagstaff (Waggaz) I am fairly sure he lives near there. FB might be your friend for that. S
  8. Where in the world are you? What price?
  9. Spyboy

    Ace in 15 Minutes

    Great instructional video. I enjoy the running commentary of your thought processes.
  10. Spyboy

    Feedback participation?

    I have fed back. Like LukeFF said, not that difficult!
  11. Spyboy

    Books - What are you reading?

    James Lee Burke is very good.
  12. Would a GTX 1060 run his monitor?
  13. The build quality is excellent, Vitaly is easy to communicate with, I just need to calibrate mine properly! I, too, would recommend them to anyone
  14. Try running the launcher from the exe. file