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  1. Hi Mr Plank, Nice to see you are still around. 477 posts as well ! Still RoF? Salute, Regards, 😎
  2. May 9 - Victory Day “Celebration with eyes full of tears” Never Forget.
  3. Try GVL224. Vitaly is based in Ukraine and is easy to deal with. He will make to your specification if you don't want any of his standard products. Everyone who has one of his units will testify to the quality and ease of use. Some people (eg LukeFF in California) have bought one and then another!
  4. Did you buy the Gunfighter Herr Michelstamm? I have a Gladiator MK2 twist grip which I run with T Rudder pedals, I have never had the twist mechanism ever interfere with the operation of the control system so am curious as to why you want to disable the twist action.😀
  5. The settings screen was tucked away to the right hand side. Click little chevron and it reappears. Storm in a T Cup. Sorry Team.
  6. Yes I have this problem too. I was on the 'Achtung Tanks ' server without any probs, then I changed sides and it was as you say. I restarted the game and went on the EU DED Server, same problem Where are you located LtZot? I am in UK.
  7. Cubans Vintage Mission Sunday is calling you Dogbert1953! Salute
  8. http://cdn.il2sturmovik.net/ROF/ROF_UE.zip There you go, just remember its not too late to compete in Sunday Night Vintage Missions, last week 40 players on Sunday and no preregistration required to join!! The Spad and Albatros DVa are in the planeset so you are good to go for either side! Salute
  9. Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B2HJG8P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 No problem using this with Gladiator Joystick, GVL224 Throttle, and Wireless Mouse Keyboard combo. Using it unpowered.
  10. I am not clear what you did, I used joy.cpl to calibrate my excellent Vitaly GVL ME109 unit, but the game doesn't recognise one slider (Fuel Mixture) and I don't know how to fix this. The sliders and buttons all work in the calibration so the reason lies, I think with IL2. Salute
  11. Bustercat you do know that Rise of Flight is free to play with 3 planes, just to get you started? Salute
  12. Just wondering, parson my ignorance btw, but would it be possible to use the Channel Map from Rise of Flight, it was available as an dlc extra. Perhaps one of my more knowledgeable techmates could supply an answer>
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