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  1. Thank you for continuing to put a lot of effort into this. Salute
  2. A.N.Petrovich has said on more than one post this is not an option as the whole game engine has been changed .
  3. IL-2 Sturmovik 3 hrs · Attention Pilots! Update 4.006 will probably be released on Tuesday May 19th (tomorrow) if all goes well. If not, we'll try again on Wednesday. So back up anything you want backed up before you attempt the update. This will be a big one, maybe backup your entire IL-2 install folder just in case. Update servers will likely be jammed for a while so please have a bit of patience with us. This update is JAM PACKED with good stuff. We think you'll like it a lot. Also, I will leave the Yak-9 and Yak-9T Pre-Order discount live for a few more days, but hurry it will end soon! These Yaks are worth every penny. A lot of fun!
  4. J_2 Drookasi said 'Support the game that we have and not wait for the game we wish we had' These suggestions could allow some momentum to be maintained in the form of FiF Spring campaign. Build it and they will come. Bloody April was really well supported despite the DM revisions. Salute @JG1_Butzzell
  5. I wish them and their families and loved ones well, and hope they all continue to stay safe. I think it would be great to be able to access the Russian Forums easily.
  6. Thanks for all your hard work Team. С Днем Победы
  7. Hi Jim, Last night in Bloody April there was a power cut towards the end of the first mission! Today my router has been disconnecting intermittently, so I think it would be best to give up my slot whilst I run some diagnostics with BT, my isp.Sorry. Thanks
  8. Last Saturday, Bloody April, I was gunning for JG1 Lee, we were escorted by an Albatros flight. Through a gap in the clouds above I saw SE5s diving on to the unsuspecting escorts. I wasnt on their comms channel, couldnt warn them, sadly all but one of the escorts fell.
  9. @AnPetrovich Thanks you for your response.Это высоко ценится. Spasibo 😀
  10. @Cynic_Al I am also in UK. My isp is BT. My connection is ethernet. I consistently connect to the Flugpark server with a ping of 80. I don't have fi ber optic . Hellcats link above may be of assistance. Salute
  11. Cynic_Al, can you give us an idea of your setup, and where in the world you are located. Salute
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