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  1. What DBS-Browning said. People here are very helpful as a rule. Also the abrupt and short replies are possibly a result of translation and pressure of work getting the update out, use Google Translate and look at the Russian Forums, imho they can also provide some answers. Salute
  2. If you are offline the game wont recognise that there is a patch.
  3. I could be wrong having seen the D Day Forecast Wiki, still good though!
  4. I believe its the countdown to Pearl Harbour. Full announcement on the anniversary. Great piece of marketing @JVW!
  5. I am probably late to the info party, but... https://aircorpslibrary.com/
  6. This is very interesting, TY. When I go to startup.cfg I get a system message asking me what app I want to open the file with. @Shellofaman, you don't seem to have encountered this in your description. Any advice? Salute.
  7. Thank you for your most helpful link Mitthrawnuruodo .
  8. https://il2sturmovik.com/ Go to log in using the email details you originally used and you should be able to access all your purchased content. Go to profile, then Download to obtain the updater software, update and away you go.
  9. Is it possible to use an Apple Computer to play IL2. If so, what s/ware would you use to facilitate. I know nothing about Apple Computers. Salute
  10. Nice skin. Nice action video, don't think they saw you coming!
  11. I think you need to grant access permission to let Virpils see your film. Salute 🤔
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