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  1. Nice skin. Nice action video, don't think they saw you coming!
  2. I think you need to grant access permission to let Virpils see your film. Salute 🤔
  3. Great picture Bidu. Sums up the community response to BS really well. Thanks for all the hard work J5, it can only get better!
  4. Would human gunners help with the ai sniper problem?
  5. Try turning off Avast whilst you d/l. Or create an exception in Avast settings to allow this. Anti Virus software is often risk averse! Salute.
  6. Am I right in thinking that to see the skins ingame, you have to have them installed?
  7. Maybe of interest:
  8. Jason, Check out Cubancoverunners VM Sunday post in the RoF Forum! Hope y'all stay safe
  9. Stick with it = OT=Rollie, lots of people will be able to help you to resolve these difficulties. The Dev Team try very hard to keep users in the loop with the weekly announcements and the updates and hot fixes. They are a small team and things will get compromised now and again BUT in the case of the update problem, I imagine it was easier to publish a quick explanation of how to fix rather than code a hotfix. Yes I know its something that shouldn't have happened but its the internet and they are trying to provide an exceptional product which constantly evolves and has longevity. Salute
  10. Salute. Using my CH Quadrant, I can map and apply a lever for the DVIIF alt throttle. However when moving the throttle in game, I don't see a message expressing the percentage, the lever in the cockpit doesn't move and there is no change of engine note or tachometer. Secondly, SE5a overwing Lewis gun. I cant find a control option to tilt it vertically. Am I alone in these observations? Can any kind Virpil assist? 😬
  11. Thanks so much, I didn't know that they were separate drop downs. They are a work of art, and I think the 103rd should be the official skin coordinators! Salute
  12. I believe you can install Win 10 without having to reinstall your gaming software. You can, as I do, run an external SSD which can be plugged into USB. Works very well
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