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  1. I am sure VR users will be along soon to advise the best bang for your buck. Meanwhile: https://www.roadtovr.com/how-to-tell-pc-virtual-reality-vr-oculus-rift-htc-vive-steam-vr-compatibility-tool/
  2. Dan, if you log into the Russian Forums using your IL2 credentials, using Google Chrome as the browser, it auto translates. Sorry I haven't saved the link to the Russian conversations I will see if I can find it and post it here for you. Its such a shame they are separated.
  3. Thank you, but In the Main folder there is only Data, when I open that it goes from file Redist to swf no start up, I dont know, I must be doing something wrong
  4. In 1cGameStudios/BattleofMoscow/Data I don't have a startup.cfg folder. Where else should I look please?
  5. @scotsmanFlyingscotsman Voice attack is to use your voice commands to work plane features/controls, eg, 'Set Mixture 80%' SRS is a way for multiplayers to communicate in game, similar to Teamspeak and Discord, I suspect it will have more immersion though.
  6. Does this simulate radio static etc I seem to remember a TS overlay that did and it sounded like proper radio coms rather than Discord where your fellow pilot sounds like he is in the same room! Thanks Jason, I think this is a good addition which should be popular.
  7. Bless you Father. This community isn't toxic and full of generous, helpful people from all round the world. I am sure many will agree. Salute
  8. Very interesting, do some more please?
  9. @ChattyTumbler should be able to help, he is a bomber pilot.
  10. @jokerBR you havent got FC Vol1 in your avatar. Do you not have it?
  11. Thank you for continuing to put a lot of effort into this. Salute
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