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  1. Its on sale at a 50% Discount now, till 09 March...you know you want to!
  2. I thought they were outstanding efforts to begin with. The new detail brings an extra dimension of reality! Salute
  3. It was the practice map for Flanders in Flames. It has 2 seater bases close to the action to allow for practice without long flights to get there. You should really try these organised events ShamrockOneFive, there were 65 players last Saturday! It was great! Bloody April will hopefully be next, there are people attending from your TimeZone btw
  4. Grammar gendarmarie M.Bidu. Bravo mon ami. Salute
  5. Brings the book to life, well done. Do some more please. Salute
  6. Nice video DD_Arthur. Are you using Reshade? I ask because it looks really good! Salute
  7. I saw the Camel I engaged with over Cappy suffer some serious lag/rubber banding. Probably in the last 45min of the campaign. Balloons at airfields may be of some help, but most seem marked by proximity of smoke from burning towns. Finding target batteries can be hard! Was a great turn out though. Salute
  8. That is amazing! Thanks for the pictures! Salute
  9. That suggestion has considerable merit! Salute
  10. Thank you for the 'Externalmedia' file solution JG1_Butzzell. I have accessed the server, finally! Salute
  11. Look at Panthercules Useful Materials page on the Rise of Flight Forums, here:- https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/45373-new-useful-materials-page-official-links/
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