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  1. Veteran66

    Diskussionen über DCS und DCS:WW2

    Flugzeug Friedhof in Albanien: Link: https://www.n-tv.de/mediathek/bilderserien/politik/Flugzeugfriedhof-in-Albanien-wird-Nato-Stuetzpunkt-article20671380.html
  2. Veteran66

    Endlich IV

  3. Veteran66

    Disableing native radio chatter

    for the german radio call i make three versions: Normal Lounder Incomprehensibly Pilot voice Maybe the "incomprehensibly Pilot voice" Verison is suitable for you, you unterstand very bad what the pilots speak, but you unterstand what the Ground Command speak.
  4. Veteran66

    [MOD] german radio calls more clearer and louder

    Yes it will work with latest Patch. Rename your ger folter to ger_org and replace the new one.
  5. Veteran66

    Det's Panzerfabrik

    there is a Panther with org Zimmerit in the Technik Museum Sinsheim Germany Link: http://ww2-germanarmy.conceptbb.com/t32-panther-ausf-a-im-technik-museum-sinsheim-de http://www.panther1944.de/index.php/de/sdkfz-171-pzkpfwg-panther/die-letzten-ihrer-art-49277/panther-ausf-a-sinsheim
  6. Veteran66

    [MOD] german radio calls more clearer and louder

    i remove annoying duplicate pilot radio message: hier ist, hier ist (here is, hier is) here three Versions Lounder, Normal and incomprehensibly Pilot voice Link: German Radio Mod
  7. Veteran66

    [MOD] Voice Pack in Deutsch für Funkverkehr

    hi zusammen mich hat die Mehrfach- Meldungen bei den Kämpfen "Hier ist, Hier ist" genervt, hier drei Ausführungen ohne die Mehrfach- Meldung: Normal, lauter und mit KI Pilot Störfilter bei dem man das Geplapper vom KI Piloten und dessen Meldungen nicht so nervend wahrnimmt. Die Bodenmeldungen sind weiterhin verständlich. Link: German Radio Mod
  8. Veteran66

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    for a good game we need not only new Maps and Planes, we need more possibilities for the Missions Editor and a better AI Command system for the Player. And yes i love the game too
  9. Veteran66

    DD today?

    Or we get a Hot 3D female pilot in game
  10. Veteran66

    DD today?

  11. Veteran66

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    I hope for more destructive power of the existing bombs
  12. Veteran66

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    i try this mod with aHe111 vs ship Mission. This Mod must be in the official IL2X Version maybe as a distance option in the Missions Edidor so all important objects like targets can switch the distance very important for all bomber pilots
  13. Veteran66

    Net code bad??

    note: In the next update, we plan to improve numerous aircraft graphical effects and make minor improvements to the netcode. Link: