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  1. British Pathé/IL2 GB - P-47D "Razorback" @ E69_Qpassa_VR @ E69_Villawaffe @ E69_geramos109 @ Sergiem@ LF_Tigre91 @ LF_Gallahad @ ITAF_Rani @ bokepacha @ HR_Tofolo@ SCG_ErwinP@ SCG_FeuerFliegen@ Longjap@ 216th_LuseKofte@ sergio_@ Mika_87@ Sergiem@ Prueno@ ojeda@ Halón@ JG4_Karaya@ E69splash99@ perezbalseiro@ 6 alto@ ROCKET_KNUT Al resto del ALA13 MUCHAS GRACIAS Estoy cuidando mucho el razorback
  2. does the cabin tremble? that is to say, the plane and its rattle of the engine or simply your eyes tremble and it is an error of your sensor?
  3. You do not know the illusion that makes me, just one week of turning 31 years old, really thank you all for voting for me, I have tried to make it as funny as my abilities allow me, it is time for covid-19 and stand still, well you have to continue Editing as it is! The expected ending I think is the one that we all enjoyed when we saw them pass, and for me it is the icing on the cake that sums up all these intense hours, many of the posts have been very funny, I hope that in another one everyone can acquire it. Thanks to ROCKET_KNUT you must have a great initiative, you have been able to see committed people. A SUPER HUG TO ALL AND THANKS HAVE HEALTH
  4. Soldier, it was a really fun adventure😆It was hard for us but we are already at the top, Just wait for the flamethrower to enter!
  5. We still haven't taken the beach(SSD)¡¡¡ I NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION
  6. ¿Por qué quiero tener ese título? " Now that I have the missing part, I just need to survive the MG42 (😄) and get to the SSD point I have to save private ryan(Ala13_UnopaUno_VR)
  7. Participating planes: -Polikarpov R-Z Natacha (po-2) IA -Fiat CR.32 CHIRRI (po-2) IA -I16 -BF109 -Ju52
  8. Thanks Jade_Monkey Fw-109-A3 -Memorable departure We flew the TAW server, it is 1945 and the 262 are a constant threat, they attack our aerodromes and they leave with grace, but today is not the day, my colleagues from Ala13 take off with our Tempest, in search of those rockets. , we don't have to wait long to see a couple of them, they don't fly very high but if they are too fast, what they didn't expect is that we were coordinated, and we were really making a Sanwich, they just went from being hunters to being hunted, it was my first time and I was calm, the first time I was able to shoot down the fastest aircraft built so far, it's not my takedown, it's actually the effort of the entire Ala13 unit The gods also bleed
  9. Thanks, especially interested in TEXT I will browse if it is not difficult I try
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