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  1. VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR, VR.
  2. I have a doubt. After dying 3 times, it is penalized with (x hours of banning) when the ban disappears, my statistic says that I have life / 0.13, is less than 1, what does that mean? My plane has less life? If I receive even a bullet, is the plane broken? After 3 deaths how can I earn 1/3 lives and not 0.13 / 3. If anyone knows explain to me please. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tengo una duda. Después de morir 3 veces, se penaliza con (x horas de baneo) cuando desaparece el ban , mi estadística dice que tengo vida / 0.13, es inferior a 1, esto que quiere decir? mi avión tiene menos vida? si recibo aunque sea una bala el avión se rompe? Después de 3 muertes como puedo conseguir ganar 1/3 vidas y no 0,13/3. Si alguien sabe explicadmelo por favor.
  3. A full-fledged mini fw yes, I went out with a configuration to intercept Pe-2 or Il2 and the result was very positive, I loaded it with sub-wing machine guns, armored windshields, and a convergence of 400 meters, and the idea was to shoot before the gunners did and advance the shot ... luckily they did not carry an escort and flew very flat and level that also helped. Thanks Tumu and Chima -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Un mini fw en toda regla si, salí con una configuración para interceptar Pe-2 o Il2 y el resultado fue muy positivo, le cargue con ametralladoras sub-alares, parabrisas blindado, y una convergencia de 400 metros, y la idea era esa disparar antes de que lo hiciesen los artilleros y adelantar el disparo ...por suerte no llevaban escolta y volaban muy planos y nivelados que tambien ayudó. Gracias Tumu y Chima
  4. a few more seconds and I fall asleep... I love this taw because it has the necessary difficulty, the raid is prioritized, because if you fly you only eat shit.
  5. Thanks to these four beautiful Ju-52s, we recover Gzhatsk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gracias a estos cuatro bellos Ju-52, recuperamos Gzhatsk.
  6. Well, my feeling, I do not value if one side is better than the other. It is that personally I notice the P40 and Pe-2 super hard, it is frustrating to know that you have put them as you say the TNT but that they continue flying and return to base ... What I am going to do is that when I fly from Red I think that blue is superior, when I fly from blue I think that Red is better. I leave a fragment of yesterday afternoon . Demolition confirmed: x1 Pe-2, x1 P-40 Attacked: x3 Pe-2, x3 P-40 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pues mi sensacion , que no valoro si un bando esta mejor que el otro. Es que personalmente noto super duros el P40 y el Pe-2, es frustrante saber que les has metido como dices el TNT pero que siguen volando y regresan a base... A lo que voy es que cuando vuelo de Rojo pienso que el azul es superior , cuando vuelo de azul pienso que el Rojo esta mejor. Os dejo un fragmento de ayer por la tarde. Derribo confirmado: x1 Pe-2, x1 P-40 Atacados: x3 Pe-2, x3 P-40
  7. Nice formation, air fortress ,we saw you navigate heading 270 on the edge of the map to the north, we Ala13 attacked Kalinin. on the way back we received the attack message, we could only kill the escort. air fortress.
  8. https://discord.gg/62r86f Buena suerte chicos¡¡
  9. One more advance in this great simulator, -But in my opinion there is little progress for the virtual Reality, those of us who do it still ask for a higher zoom, which we only get with 3dmigoto a Mod ... and this is a job of the developers - Another point is the clouds, the contacts disappear when they are placed in front of the clouds. this is still not fixed ... and it is something that we suffer constantly. - 1 insufficient VR -1 Clouds error +1 Me 262
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