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  1. With the birthday of @Jason_Williams and that special offer in FLYING CIRCUS, Many of our colleagues from ALA13 have acquired it, and brought the blood to the river. It is a totally fictional mission, recreating some of the battles in the North Sea, where submarines were creating havoc among British ships, this time Manfred von Richthofen is present and stirring like a true AS.
  2. - How old am I today? I gave a hint in a recent DD. I love these games ^^ JASON HAPPY BIRTHDAY 04/06/1973 48 I know I'm late but I was excited to decipher it
  3. Happy birthday JASON'¡ For the branch that touches me and I enjoy every day Virtual Reality Are there plans to improve aspects related to VR this year, what would they be? Greetings, I just bought FC1 ^^
  4. It really has made me very excited, Doubts: 1-Would it only work for the official default paint scheme of each aircraft model? 2-Would it work for historic skins? 3-Would it work for Custom Skins? 4-Will there be more variety of fonts to suit each side? GOOD WORKS DEVS
  5. @AndreHello Andre, a few days ago I formatted the PC, I installed the simhsaker WINGS, and the Simshaker aviator, I activated the product, but the seat does not give me an answer, it does not let me actually select the gametrix jetseat to do the test, it restarts me But it doesn't vibrate like before, what can I be failing in? a greeting
  6. Hurricane-I-RAF-306Sqn-UZV-V7118-with-UZD-V7743-and-UZF-R4101-Ternhill-England-Mar-1940-02 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sazfQNkoVfX6imzXzNih8oPn9UuVQXUZ/view?usp=sharing
  7. Misión # 2 Mision #1
  8. Type of improvement: Realism Virtual Reality Explanation of proposals: With the new update 4.502, cool pilot physiognomy effects have been included, and it's amazing in VR. My suggestion is to take this level one step further, we see how the monitor guys have a COMPLETE HEAD SHAKE, where the plane shakes when firing the weapons, when stalling, with the engine idle on the ground, the plane shaking when going to the speed limit of the plane etc. In the case of virtual reality, we only enjoy these effects when we take our virtual camera to the ends of the cabin, but in the rest of the po
  9. @SAS_Storebror Good morning, with the arrival of the Hurri and in the past the P47 / 22 we were wondering in our Ala13 squad, if there are expectations of seeing an update of cockpit notes in the near future? We love your Mod, we recognize that it is one of the most useful, greetings and good health!
  10. I have the same feeling ... the potholes are a bit random, sometimes you feel that it does not vibrate with the movement of the plane on the ground ,,, when you touch down or go on a square paved runway, it feels smooth ... I imagine it should be similar a little more than what you feel in DCS ... but of course telemetry is what il2 gives us, I don't know if André can do something about it for this. Cheers
  11. We return with the second part, of the fictional mission in North Africa 2, where we premiered our wonderful and shiny but dusty, HURRICANE, 40mm anti-tank, I hope you like it and encourage you to recreate missions of this type.🏜️
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