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  1. Someone wake up that older man! It is 11AM, and you have to go buy bread !!
  2. where can i see the planeset used for the eastern front?
  3. I think it was commented that with the arrival of deferred shading, a large load became for the GPU, freeing up the CPU a lot, the DLSS would be the culmination for everyone to throw away their track Trackir5, and could enjoy super stable FPS in 2k 4k resolutions, I don't think this will come soon in Il2 Box but if an open window
  4. Hello blacksix, the campaign looks great, but maybe as you mentioned, I'll wait for it to be complete, with the planes and fuel tanks to fly it, great job
  5. Can those files be deleted? or at least the oldest? they generate too much garbage
  6. That same problem happened to me after the last bos update, I discovered (try it) that already inside the server you start the flight and you simply hit the ESC on your keyboard and hit ESC again to keep flying ... inexplicably That nonsense took away those CPU spikes, which I did as a result of this ... Reinstalling the sim completely, once reinstalled it worked perfect.
  7. Mission with squad mates, where we had to attack a position on a hill, 6 / 12ms of wind made climbing a great challenge, since we carried out the attacks with x2 100kg, x2 50kg, We also had a quite annoying enemy the NJG 1. They were patrolling the area in our search, the result was favorable and we managed to take the hill, it is dawn and our work has finished, it is the turn of the Pe-2 🌛🐀
  8. Mission between squadrons, which we have simulated in North Africa on the stalingrad map, with that little, and that we have not had a good time, the default skins have helped a lot and reduce the visibility distance to 40km for greater immersion. Best of all ... we did not need to buy Torbruk🏜️
  9. i7 -5820k 4,4Ghz ,x2 16Ram 3000hZ xmp, x99S, VR- Samsung odissey + , currently I have 1070, Would you recommend as they have come out to buy a 3080?
  10. statistics indicate that it was the AI GUNNER turret OF PE2
  11. Net error, artificial intelligence error, statistics error? Someone explain it to me 4.009
  12. Hello, I wanted to ask for a recommendation, first of all thank you for the work, 90% of our squad uses your cabin photos. My recommendation and if possible, is to include data such as the position for the release of bombs quantity / delay especially for the most frequent bombers and jabos since in the most realistic servers this is necessary, example below. Also add in airplanes like the P47 how many minutes of WEP each model has. Antiknock: D22 has 7 minutes, D28 15 minutes 190A8 BF110-G2 p47-28 +15 minutes Antiknock p47-22 +7 minutes Antiknock
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