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  1. Hello from all of us at KG4. I've been watching some replays of our flights on the KOTA server and I want to acknowledge and say Thank You to those fighters who have acted as escorts. We've not noticed you during our flights and I didn't want KG4 to appear ungrateful. We appreciate your help. Let us know you're there in chat so we can say thanks in the game.
  2. Forming the raid up on the way to the target, JG51 escort making a close pass. Interested in joining us? Recruiting information is in the first post of this thread.
  3. Pics taken from an 8 ship raid on the KOTA server.
  4. KG4 raid consisting of 6 x He-111 H16 lining up for departure (KOTA server)
  5. P0rcupi3, What type of aircraft do you fly? There a number of US based groups here. As a bomber squadron we had JG54 escort us on a few missions a while back and I can recommend them. Friendly bunch, good sense of humour and based on your side of the pond. Regards,
  6. Hi Spektre, Thanks for the invite. I can't make it due to the time difference but I have posted the invite to the KG4 Discord.
  7. Giving this a bump as the original post has been updated 23/Jan/2019. Recruitment information is on the first post.
  8. SlickSix, It sounds like KG4 could be what your looking for. We have a thread here: Feel free to join our discord. I'll send you a link via DM. Regards,
  9. KG4 would like to welcome KingTiger and Willow as our two latest sacrifices to the Flak gods willing volunteers.
  10. Nice server, thank you. Flown there a couple if times and other KG4 members also enjoy the server. We flew a 3 ship sortie last night and had an enjoyable couple of hours.
  11. On behalf of everyone in KG4 to all in the IL-2 community and the devs, have a great Christmas and a happy, and safe, New Year. Looking forward to more good times in 2018.
  12. AstroCat, If you're comfortable with flying your aircraft and CEM etc then I'd say jump right in to MP. There are a lot of servers out there ranging from dogfight to more campaign based scenarios. Wings of Liberty is popular but can be home to those who take off in whatever direction they spawn in regardless of where the runway or taxiways are. That's not to condemn WoL in anyway or those who fly there, just want to make that clear. KG4 frequent the Finnish server, it's settings don't have icons in the world or for the map. Good missions, good targets, good fun. Whatever server you go to I'd recommend jumping on their TeamSpeak if it has one. It adds to the whole experience and aids teamwork. Get stuck in.
  13. KG4 two ship departure on the Finnish server
  14. As a bomber squadron the standard KG4 mission load is 8 x SC250 (for He-111 H-16) and 4 x SC250, 1 x SC500 (for He-111 H-6). Sure, there are bigger bomb loads, such as the SC1000 and above, but they make the flight laborious and decrease speed & climb rate. When flying as a group 3 or 4 bombers the SC250's give a good coverage of the target area. Besides, who doesn't enjoy watching multiple bomb drops splash all over the target?
  15. S! Good to see more bomber focused groups standing up. Good luck with the 3rd BG. Regards,
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