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  1. Custard, Good to see ZG26 getting back in the air.
  2. KG-4 is always looking for bomber minded pilots to come join the relaxed, adult mayhem and banter that we’ve been engaging in for a few years now. We usually have 4 to 5 pilots on our evening sorties, Tues, Thurs & Sunday. We fly UK time but have members from Europe and the US. There is a link to our discord at the beginning of this thread, feel free to come say hello.
  3. A low level sortie against a train station and depot on the Finnish server
  4. An ongoing thread of KG4 sorties on various IL-2 servers. A big thank you to all the mission designers, builders and server hosts.
  5. 4 ship sets off on the Combat Box server. KG4 is always looking for interested pilots. We are also looking for fighter pilots to join us as escorts. Discord link in the original post of this thread.
  6. What happens when a bomber squadron, who normally fly Blue, take out some 5 x A-20's for a spin and come across a group from SG77? Well, chaos and the most ridiculous fight I've ever been a part of... Of course we had to dump our bombs and get stuck in!
  7. Greetings all, I hope everyone is keeping safe. KG4 is an established bomber squadron, flying mostly blue (He-111 & Ju-88) but dabbling in red (A-20), regularly getting 5 ship formations in the air on various servers, flying in then UK/EU time-zone (We do have US members also). We are looking for fighter pilots who want more of an challenge and more of a purpose in online activities to join us to provide an in-house escort flight. We've worked collaboratively with other fighter groups in then past but have had challenges in organisation, communication & getti
  8. Hi Shadow, If you're interested in focusing on bombers then KG4 may interest you. We're a relaxed group, mostly UK but we do have some guys from the E coast US on the books. I've linked a post that has more details: Feel free to jump on our Discord or contact me here if you have any questions. Regards,
  9. Some pictures of a recent KG4 sortie on the KOTA server. Thanks for providing it. Good times had by all.
  10. Hi Hueyman, If you haven't already done so jump onto our discord and introduce yourself, the discord link is in the first post of this thread. We normally fly starting at 1900 to 1930 local UK time, generally on Tues, Thurs and Sundays. We've dabbled with the A-20 but generally fly blue.
  11. Some recent pictures of KG4 being 'wholly professional'... The KG4 recruitment info in the first post has been updated. KG4 is actively looking for pilots.
  12. Some pictures from our group sorties on the Combat Box server. Good times had by all.
  13. After getting jumped by a Red fighter I had to divert (only just!) to the Blue fighter base at Staritsa whilst missing some important pieces of my aeroplane.
  14. Hello from all of us at KG4. I've been watching some replays of our flights on the KOTA server and I want to acknowledge and say Thank You to those fighters who have acted as escorts. We've not noticed you during our flights and I didn't want KG4 to appear ungrateful. We appreciate your help. Let us know you're there in chat so we can say thanks in the game.
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