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  1. Let me explain and then tell you what I did, I brought IL-2 BOS on steam last year but for some strange reason the game was revoked and when I contacted steam they gave me the game back on my account, now I have a new steam key of the game but when I try to log in I cant even log in because it says Error#5: License Key is not activated. When I try to activate the key on the IL-2 Website it says that a similar product has been activated, now at this moment and time I cant even get the "CD Keys" option to show on steam to try it again. I have contacted IL-2 Support two days ago Ive sent a ticket and an Email but still nothing, is this normal? Please help I cant play IL-2 BOS only CODB or ROF but I want to play BOK soo Thank You.
  2. Any chance for something like this but more Poland related or even Russian? I would love to drive the "Rudy" T34-85 I know there is the T34 in game but maybe a skin for it would be nice, also the 7thpanzer looks good, I love the video :D
  3. I am soo happy for the Tank and the flying crew modules, CANNOT WAIT :D
  4. Thanks, and sorry I'm just too excited, like a little kid on Christmas day. Did anyone notice that when Flying Upside down with the spitfire, the engine turns off due to the fuel not reaching the carburetor that would cause the engine to quit. But when I level out the engine returns almost instantly which does not really happen as fast as it does in game....I'm not sure if I am too picky or if its just me, but is that something that could be re worked? I understand that its still in early access so there is time to fix things up. Thank You and Kind Regards Spitfir3
  5. M Much better, Thank You very much sir.
  6. any of you guys know how to disable the bloom effect? Thank You.
  7. Is there a advanced Graphics Option? or am I being Blind, If I posted this in the wrong place please be sure to move it or delete this thread, Thank You.
  8. Sorry for the crap picture quality, I'm still new to IL-2 BOS
  9. Can't Wait to see Cliffs of Dover to be in 5.0 Version, it would bring alot of the steam community back
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