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  1. Wow. It is really toned down. I was sightseeing over the historical German-held areas in a Pe at about 400m and nobody shot at me, At this altitude even German MG 34s could hit me. My only risk was getting hit by an incoming artillery shell. German and Sov light FLAK was nasty, especially when emplaced around a city. This needs fixing.
  2. HAW! Maybe it is my aging Microsoft FF stick. I had a reserve I bought years ago, opened the box, and it did not work. BC, do you know of a repair shop for these things?
  3. I agree with Feathered_IV. The only time I enjoy playing online is against a very hardcore friend who fights to the death and I fight to the death, and it does not matter the outcome as long as we both went max out. Naturally, I prefer to blow him to pieces. It is the only way to learn and to hone whatever skills you have. There is no thrill in blasting lesser opponents, and no point in playing to protect your ego. I enjoy brawling with good AI because you can think about what you are doing, what could be done better, and, maybe, learn a trick or two. If you are spending all your time worrying about getting humiliated, you learn nothing. So far, I am extremely impressed by BOS. My only complaints are: (1) I miss the old IL-2 force feedback which really thrashed your wrist, (2) I was a bit puzzled when I dropped two instanteously-fuzed 500-kg-ers from my faithful Pe at about 300m and I heard no BOOOM and I wasn't turned into a fireball (the dust-smoke cloud was very impressive). And that's it for wingeing. Stalingrad is truly appalling: clouds of black smoke, fire, artillery shells exploding, shattered buildings for kilometers. But why wasn't my low-flying Peshka blown to pieces? Did the Germans not employ light FLAK inside the devastation zone?
  4. Solved by game update. Around January I could not takeoff in the LaGG no matter what I did (109, no trouble). Whatever was making my LaGG swerve off the runway has been fixed. Now it charges right down the centerline of the runway. A few months ago I thought I had a LaGG curse. I decided to lay off for a few months and let this item develop. Very impressive now. Everything is going very smoothly. Is force feedback not available yet? Congrats to the designers and developers. This is a gem, like ROF.
  5. I am having trouble setting some controls. I'll successfully get the control logged, but then the screen freezes. I can't move onwards to other settings. I can't do anything. I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, get the screen to switch off BOS, and then everything goes right back to Control Setting before I can turn off BOS. I have no choice but to turn off my computer.
  6. Thanks everybody. It is not abrupt acceleration because I slowly accelerate. I'll try the other tips. This is pretty embarrassing!
  7. I had no trouble at all with the original version without detailed engine controls. I thought it would be easier yet with the engine controls. I don't suddenly throw the throttle forward; I gently accelerate. The primary problem is that the blasted thing cannot be stopped from swinging to the left or right. Even a nudge of rudder causes it to swing off the runway, and I abort the takeoff. I taxi (with great difficulty) back to the runway, and try again. Same over and over---it swings so much I cannot get it to stay on the runway. I have never experienced an airplane which oscillates even on the full throttle takeoff run. I tried a snow takeoff! The snow, at least, stopped it from swinging, but it prevented me from getting up enough speed to come unstuck. I mentioned A2A's aircraft for FSX because they were 100 times harder to manage for takeoffs than the old IL-2, but I could learn how to takeoff with them. I am absolutely stumped by the LaGG. The A2A Fw 190A's were the hardest aircraft to control on a takeoff I had experienced prior to the laggardly LaGG. I will try without flaps, but I don't see how that will stop the oscillation. I am useless with rotary engines in ROF. i might be useless in the LaGG-3. It's funny because all the LaGG-3's were among my favorite original IL-2 aircraft.
  8. I thought A2A FSX single-engine fighters were a handful on takeoff, but the LaGG beats all.The 109 is manageable, but I cannot get the LaGG (in its latest permutation---the original, non-firing, I could get off the ground) to stop swinging. The tail wheel is locked, so that is not the problem. If I apply a bit of left rudder it tries to turn, compensating with right rudder just sends it swinging to the right. Since it does not have toe brakes on the pedals, I can't get any help here. Even simple ground handling is very hard. The trouble with my LaGG is lag. The response is not immediate. I have to abort every takeoff attempt. As it stands now, I am a 109 user (I hate the head armor!).
  9. Be careful for what you wish. I used to criticize 46 for having simpler engine handling than A2A's FSX airplanes. Now 46 is a real handful for engine management. And, TD gave me my flyable B5N2.
  10. The effects are so well done in ROF I am pretty confident the design team will get them right in BOS. I use a force-feedback stick precisely because the tremors tell me when I am about to break something. Too bad they seem to be out of fashion. Replacing a FF stick will not be easy.
  11. ROF is so good I am hoping BOS will be on the same plane, so to speak.
  12. Marvelous. I am more than ready to move to the Med!
  13. Downloaded, many thanks. I have been working on a Blenheim IV "Channel Stop" anti-shipping mission. I think I have the right balance to reflect the difficulty of these missions. Wish you could put light flak on fishing boat escorts as the Germans actually did.
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