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  1. @DmitryFX huge thanks: i have a gtx titan too and the drivers you posted now let me play at ultra quality in 1920 without the error_device_removed problem. Its sad cause i cant use shadowplay and record /stream with it since drivers are too old, but at least i can play again il2 until i change my gpu
  2. Update:opened a ticket with support, they requested me to send various log. They answered today: simply they deny responsabilites,adfirming that its only a nvidia problem between their gpus and their drivers. Only advice they told me is to try an older driver before 368, but i dont really know which i should try first. Tonight i will try 365.19 and see what happens
  3. Sadly after I've bought BoS-BoM-BoK and several premiums, and upgraded my pc and rudder-stick-throttle, i have the same "D3D Error:DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" My config is this: Geforce Titan (2013 model) Ryzen 5 1600 16 Ballistix Ram 2440 250gb SSD Windows 10 64bit Professional Samsung full hd led monitor 1920x1080 Game run perfectly with target 60fps without lag or drop, then random freeze while i can still hear engine sound (and i think i can control plane too,since if i reduce throttle i can clearly hear it). I cant downgrade my drivers too much, because i have other programs and games installed requiring latest drivers (and running without a ingle problem). Really hope someone can help me come back to the sky of wings of liberty with my buddies soon
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