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  1. those were the days....
  2. Thanks for the video! Looking great. Stay save y'all.
  3. I'm really interested in this, I have the same problem as you mentioned.
  4. I think the clouds look great too! Thanks for the video!
  5. wow looking good! I'm still getting nauseated when flying with VR, but I really need to try this. Now I'm motivated to fly and train my nausea every day.
  6. how do I kill the Microsoft Store process in the task manager ? I´m probably looking for the wrong thing. 😚 Is it an app or is it called "Microsoft Store", is it in process or in services? I´m very exited to find a solution.
  7. oh, I can see the flies. I guess one is encouraged to be in a cockpit and flying instead of hanging around in a tent. thanks for the update!
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