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  1. how do I kill the Microsoft Store process in the task manager ? I´m probably looking for the wrong thing. 😚 Is it an app or is it called "Microsoft Store", is it in process or in services? I´m very exited to find a solution.
  2. oh, I can see the flies. I guess one is encouraged to be in a cockpit and flying instead of hanging around in a tent. thanks for the update!
  3. Well, I didn't mean to say, that there will be no HJM campaign. But imagine, what a story.... - could it be possible to make the Lufbery circles ? - implement his rebelliousness, also against the ideology - go off on a hunt for girls - have a drink to many - and be spent
  4. I would love to see a campaign flying as Hans Joachim Marseille, this could be great.
  5. uups almost forgot. Engrossed in Black Friday. happy thanksgiving yall!
  6. Hallo zusammen Um das Game upzudaten, muss ich dann das ganze Prozedere wieder ausführen? Oder kann ich den Ordner copy pasten?
  7. I just rushed home, tinking today was friday, BUT IT'S NOT FRIDAY!!?
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