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  1. I have one and it has performed well for almost two years but now I had it replace for anew unit (thanks to the Amazon's amazing customer service) because the TWCS was giving some trouble. The issue was that at certain throttle levels, when pushing a button, it detected like I was pressing all the buttons at once so imagine that mess when diving into an enemy and activating all kinds of stuff at once. However, other friends have it, and no problems at all. The new unit is perfect though, but I am thinking about getting a Virpil set and thrustmaster's rudder pedals. Total cost would be around 700 € but given the amount of hours I spend flying, I think it is worth it.
  2. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Tactical Air War

    Hi! I am new playing this server and still confused about some things: Yesterday I lost all my fighters and today I woke up with 2 new F4 available. I have read the manual in the web page and it says that you get +1 basic plane after each map in case you do not have any available, but as far as I know the map has not changed, only the mission. Is the description in the web page correct? Did I get those planes because of another reason? Thanks in advance!
  3. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    TS hispano parlante

    Sin problemas hombre! Cuando quieras ya sabes!
  4. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Great! I spend most of the time being shot down so my leaks will not give away my position as much as before. Thanks 1C!
  5. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    TS hispano parlante

    Hola! No sé por qué de tus palabras había extraído que eras novato pero ya veo que llevas un montón un esto. Seguro que mejor que yo eres, hay cosas en común en todos los simuladores y muchos conocimientos se pueden trasladar de uno a otro. En mi caso sí que soy novato, pero voy aprendiendo y ya soy una amenaza para el enemigo aunque hago estupideces de las que por suerte me doy cuenta y voy corrigiendo. Bueno, a lo que íbamos. Yo también juego en horario peninsular justo a esas horas empezando entre las 17.00 o 18.00 de la tarde y acabando sobre las 21.00. Después de cenar a veces entro también y los fines de semana juego bastante pero me pasa como a ti y el horario es irregular ya que me van saliendo planes. Hoy mismo por ejemplo sobre las 17.15 voy a entrar a darle por si quieres que volemos un poco en WoL. Respecto a Discord/TS, yo uso ambos. Discord es más moderno y tiene funcionalidades muy buenas como por ejemplo buenas apps para móvil que te permiten ver si hay alguien metido para jugar rápidamente o avisar por mensaje a ver si alguien quiere volar. De todas formas, como digo, tengo ambos y no hay problema respecto a eso. Nos podemos meter en los TS de habla hispana o en los oficiales de los servers. Si me agregas en Steam con el enlace de mi mensaje anterior nos será fácil coordinarnos. Por cierto! Todos los que me quieran agregar sentiros libres de hacerlo, me encantaría tener a gente para volar regularmente. Un saludo, EDITO: por cierto, vuelo siempre en rojos ya que normalmente son los que están en inferioridad numérica y con aviones más desafiantes pero puedo volar azules sin problemas que lo tienen todo automático y será más fácil.
  6. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    TS hispano parlante

    Hola Azor, Yo también soy novato (aunque ya empiezo a ser una amenaza y me hago mis bajas siempre que me meto en WoL) y de momento he jugado poco al online porque ahora en verano tengo mala conexión pero a partir de este viernes ya volveré a la normalidad. Estaba buscando gente con la que volar regularmente aunque también mediante el Discord de Sheriff hay gente que te acepta contigo sin problemas y encantados de ayudar. Vuelo mayormente rojos sobre todo Yak y Mig, así que si quieres agregarme a Steam y jugamos algún rato yo encantado: https://steamcommunity.com/id/francesc_pego/ (bueno, y de paso que me agregue quien quiera!) No tengo el juego en Steam pero aparezco como que estoy jugando al juego ya que lo tengo agregado como juego externo. Un saludo!
  7. The problem is that dive bombing is not that easy and those planes are not suited for dogfighting in my opinion. By the way, any guide on how to divebomb?
  8. I agree about this, I only have been playing the game for about a couple of months and played exclusively VSS. I would like to fly germans as well but every time I joined a game there is a very high lack of team balance in favour of blues so I end up with my Yak 1/7 or Mig 3. Join VSS! We need you!
  9. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    What improvements are coming to IL2?

    Things like these: https://stormbirds.blog/2018/08/25/we-know-a-bit-more-about-il-2s-upgraded-visual-effects/
  10. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Battle of bodenplatte multiplayer?

    You are right mates, I thought that the pattern was to release the models of the nexts planes to be added. Also I missed the question in the AMA about the Me 262 where Jason states it will be the last to be added. Anyway, the milestone for Bodenplatte to become popular in MP is the release of the map and we have no news about it. As soon as they release it I will get the addon.
  11. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Frustrated as hell with this game

    You can join Sheriff's Discord, there is a lot of friendly people there to fly with. I am also myself a beginner and will start joining MP next week or so, please feel free to add me to Steam if you like to wing up and learn together with more experienced pilots: https://steamcommunity.com/id/francesc_pego/ Also here you have Sheriff's Discord: https://discord.gg/CcEgS7D
  12. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Battle of bodenplatte multiplayer?

    Simply because they started teasing the plane but I may be wrong of course.
  13. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Battle of bodenplatte multiplayer?

    As far as i know, there are no news about the release of the map and I am new to the series so I also do not know at which point during the EA period 1C released the map of the previous installments. The released content for BoBP is the Spitfire Mk. IX, Bf 109 G-14 and FW A-8 being the next expected releases the P47 and Me-262.
  14. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Battle of bodenplatte multiplayer?

    The planes are already available in MP but few server already have them for flying as we are lacking the Bodenplatte map and these models do not fit in any of the current available battles (Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban).
  15. III/JG52_Al-Azraq

    Need guidance for startup

    Getting BoS and BoM is a must considering the very cheap price they have during sales. They are like $16 each in their standard versions and $24 for their premium.