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  1. Thanks a lot team! You are great. I wonder what those features waiting for us in 4.007 are 🤔
  2. Props to the devs for the update, I tested it very quickly before work and the MSAA option paired with the new rendering makes the game look more vibrant, defined, clear... awesome! And on top of that it perform great also.
  3. First of all, let me tell you that I love your server and it is pretty much the only one we fly. Thanks for it! However, let me point out that the engine timer is triggered if you surpass that 1% RPM but it won't break your engine before you run out of fuel. Many pilots think that if they trigger the timer then it is 30 minutes of combat power (for German planes) no matter if the are at 63% (again, for German planes) or 80%. Well, it is not like that and timers will run way slower if you don't push it all the way to the Combat Power limit. Nevertheless, I agree with you that the engine timers are quite gamey and detrimental for the majority of planes as we have no clue when are they going to break and in general, we can push them less than we could do it with a simulated real damage. Having said this, I respect your decision but I think it would be beneficial for new players learning to read the instruments and not the technochat as they would learn better how to manage the plane, the relationship between manifold pressure and RPM, and it is way more fun and realistic. This is just my opinion and again, thanks for the server!
  4. Yes please! I hope it gets disabled as well so we start using our plane's instruments more.
  5. Yes, I get that. But now many players are using this cheat with the excuse of bad visibility. My point is, that they are using it for cheating because otherwise they would be demanding to just turn alternate visibility on.
  6. The devs implemented a different spotting solution which made it quite easy but this forum lost its mind about it and made 1C so revert the change adopting a middle ground solution which consisted in the old rendering system, with extended range. Now somehow spotting has become a problem, and many of you are using this tool. This leads me to think that many are using this because it provides an unnatural advantage that grants you very easy kills. So why people is not demanding the servers to turn on the new visibility and are using this tool instead? Easy, because it provides you with an abismal advantage. I hope this gets flagged as cheat ASAP if the devs care about multiplayer.
  7. Thanks a lot! I am happy to hear that and if true, it will replace my TrackIR. Anyway, for 20 € I wanted to give it a try and worst case scenario, I will have a replacement for my TrackIR just in case. Thanks also for the guide by the way!
  8. Hey guys! I am a TrackIR user but I was a bit bored and saw that the PS3 eye camera + the monitor stand + shipping in Trackhat website cost only 20 € so I decided to get one. First just in case my TrackIR brokes, and secondly because TrackIR when using trueview has a drift so after checking your 6, moving the head around for a while, your head does not return to center which is very annoying. Does opentrack have the same issue? Also I like that the software keeps being updated whereas the las TrackIR update was back in 2016.
  9. Looking great! I have pre-ordered this, Yak 9T and Hurricane but honestly the plane I'm looking forward the most is the Hurricane.
  10. I really can't wait for those 1942 battles over Normandy, the flexibility of that map will give mission builders a lot to play with.
  11. Yes you can! But you have to convert the file to a specific format (there are online converters). This is my cockpit: Perfection.
  12. I think that the V-1 will open lots of possibilities for mission builders and very fun gameplay.
  13. This update has been great! Thanks a lot developers, the performance now is superb even in multiplayer. I have finally unlocked the frames again and enjoying the sim at 120+ fps is glorious.
  14. That's great to hear! Time to disable my limiter as well and enjoy my 144 hz GSYNC monitor.
  15. Basically this is a method to calculate indirect lighting into the materials and if implemented, will make the cockpits look way more realistic as the materials will appear more natural. It will be a great step for the sim and I am looking forward to it. And it can yield performance increases as well and it will allow the devs to place more light sources without any big impact in frames.
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