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  1. Thanks for the update Bubi! Hands down best server in IL2, congratulations. By the way, I was just asking, I understand the airfields being far so nobody can fly with 20% fuel like it happens in another famous server. However, that map could use a little bit closer airfields.
  2. There is a map called Kuban1943 where the Germans have the airfields really far from the objectives. Is there any strategic reason for that? Any plans to change it?
  3. This is a problem for our squad as well, we are few so if only one of us has a 24 hour ban we are all going with him and fly KOTA instead (by the way, yesterday in Kuban it was a blast). We love TAW but we are not leaving our kamarad alone. The life system comes with some advantages and disadvantages but in general we are holding up well however, most of our deaths come from Pe2 gunners which have become the biggest issue. If it weren't for them and their lethality yesterday we would have been able to fly TAW as our colleague would'nt have had a 24 hour ban. This is actually a great idea, I would reduce it to 12 hours so we can play the next day at our usual play time.
  4. Why am I getting the error "Connection Lost"? I have been killed just two times so I don't think it is because of that... Can someone help?
  5. Don't worry too much about that lag with TrackIR as it is caused by the game, netcode, and server. It happens to me when I am in a high populated area in WoL, but it does not happen in KotA or TaW (which are better servers) and I have a 7700k + 1070 with 16 gb of ram and the game installed in a SSD. Those stutters are just sync problems with the server. Luckily, the devs said that they are improving the multiplayer aspect of the game by improving the netcode, server queues, loby, etc. they already improved it by a lot, now I do not get kicked by the server every time I am trying to join: if there is room, I will join the server without any problem. Performance has also been improved and they are continuously working on further improvements. However, no matter how hard the devs work on this, that if there is a bad server with not enough hardware power to run the game smoothly, you will have this stutters when in multiplayer.
  6. Thanks for the input, that looks great. I think that I will use it without extensions for the moment, maybe in the future I consider other options. I will but the CM + WarBRD and no extensions.
  7. There will be having a restock today, 18 pm GMT I think. They restock every two weeks usually.
  8. Thanks for the tip, of course everything has to go mounted. It is an extra cash to add but it will pay-off, for that I am sure. I will make the effort and buy everything at once in that case.
  9. I am rocking a T16000M paired with MFG Crosswind pedals and I think that it is time to upgrade the hotas. Now I have to think which part should I prioritize and I think that the stick should come first as it is more critical in terms of precision. I will keep the T16000M specially for the stick so I can go dual in games like Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous but we will see how that goes with such different hardware. I will get the 50 throotle for sure! But it will come 1-2 months later than the stick.
  10. That's great to know, I will go with mounts now. Thanks for clearing things up. I know that WarBRD+extensions is a no-go in order to not have clearance issues.
  11. Thanks sir, you just made me spend 500 € for the desk mount, WarBRD Base, CM2 Grip in the near future. Next I will but the throotle. By the way, what do you think about the WarBRD + desk mount? Any incompatibility? Clearance issues? It will go without extensions of course. That is an issue for sure but I am lucky and have one room for the PC.
  12. Thanks guys! You really helped me a lot. I will be looking forward for the announcement from Virpil this month and see what are they announce, something like the WarBRD but with more buttons would be perfect for me but now that you guys mention it, maybe I must look into the mounts. I have the money burning in my hands and maybe will be better to get the Moongost CM2 with a mount, but now I worry about my desk chair which has arms. Wouldn't that be a problem? Also another concern I have is to know how convenient it is to have the mount if I usually play other games than sims and I have to remove them on a regular basis.
  13. Hi! Any experience with the WARBRD Grip from Virpil? It looks appealing to me as I have small hands and mongoost grip looks very big. Also it will be sitting on my desk, no mounts, so I figured it would be enough for me as I am afraid that the Moongost is too big for this use. I mostly play IL2 and some DCS but I will play the hell out of Star Citizen I know it has less buttons and hats than mogoost but I think it will be enough for me, specially if I pair it with the Virpil throttle. I am asking here because there is not much info about this grip so the main questions are: Is the Moongost CM2 too big for desktop use? Can someone explain its experience with the WARBRD grip in IL2? Thanks in advance!
  14. What do you guys think about this grip for a desktop use? It looks large and maybe VPC WARBRD Grip is better for that use...
  15. I would like to apologize to @Letka_13/Kami- as I team killed him today. Not my best TAW, I just keep fucking things up.
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