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  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! I have now purchased BoBP, so you can take me off the entry list
  2. Wow those old screenshots really look great! I'm sure no one would have complained at all if the new Tobruk map would have looked like that or anything. I'm don't think your screenshots helped prove your opinion.
  3. This link has good information on organizing the possible in-game text. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3273
  4. Whether this stuff is listed in the "bug tracker" or not, the cosmetic layout of an airfield in a flight sim isn't really a bug. Doesn't fit the definition. Perhaps the TF terrain guys will get around to these details, but the assertion that the "wider community" has been driven away because an airfield is missing it's historically accurate runway material is ridiculous.
  5. Saying anything you want has nothing to do with being accurate. Do you have any actual technical knowledge regarding the Cliffs of Dover engine? The original sim was underdeveloped, which has nothing to do with how viable the engine for the game is. I think you would find that the engine is actually (still) very capable, and always had potential. Personal opinion, it's easily a better platform than the Great Battles series is built on. Doesn't matter, as you think it looks old...which it doesn't. As others have said, Cliffs does some things better than BoX. TFS isn't doing a
  6. Right, as if no one was going to download an FPS counter/find a way to display that information in a game back in 2011. When it comes to Steam, the FPS counter works as long as you have the Steam overlay enabled for Blitz.
  7. Usually just about anything reasonable can be had for a price. I would be surprised if 1C turned down producing an aircraft that made sense for the sim and had it's production cost covered, by what do I know? I mean if total cost was covered by an individual or entity, and the company also made a profit from all sales afterward, it seems like a win-win? That being said, I imagine the money required just to get in the door on this would be surprising (maybe shocking) to the OP.
  8. No video for me either, but a while ago (years?) I was on the Wings of Liberty server, flying on my own with a 109G. I was at a medium alititude, and spotted a La-5 a little bit behind me. He dove towards me, but I rolled out of the way as he tried to make a pass. I then came around on him and got a couple shots off myself. What followed was the only time I've gotten into a legitimate scissors fight with anyone (human or AI). We, perhaps clumsily, continued to roll around each other, attempting to get a good shot off. I got him a couple times, he got a few himself and we were also losing
  9. Obviously the Cliffs UI is horrible, but was not surprising as the IL-2 series (until GB) always had a very rudimentary and basic interface. Cliffs seemed to be even more rough draft/thrown together though. The background images can look nice, though that is a very dated/game "mod" way of doing things. It's been pointed out before that (depending on the background image) it causes text to blend in and obscures menu options. I haven't seen any response from TF on this issue or doing anything with the UI at all.
  10. Pilot is dead, and the plane is just flying on it's own until the engine stops or whatever. I don't think that's going to keep flying (eventually gliding?) very long.
  11. U-Boat up top, with RM Zara, San Giorgio and some class of Italian torpedo boat (Spica?). Also, a couple of Schnellboot, M-Class minesweeper, Leipzig and a Type 1936 destroyer.
  12. Was the Nelson/Rodney shown in the past dropped?
  13. I'd personally put it this way... I played CLOD for years before getting BOS. I didn't know spotting issues were a thing until that time. In Cliffs of Dover, I've haven't had an aircraft seemingly "disappear" on me, can see far out high and low, and never have to zoom way in to get an idea of what I'm looking at. I don't consider there to be any issue with this and don't see it discussed, unlike Great Battles sims.
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