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  1. Maybe covered before, but quick look and do not see a thread on topic. If you join as a rear gunner in FC but the gunner is already dead, then you die and get a death. Happened at least 3 times Jan 1, 2020... How can you join into a dead gunner spot? Must be a bug! This really needs to be resolved, dead gunners must close the spot from joining. Should be simple code fix here, you would think...
  2. Thanks for reply, Plank is an old time RoF player, aquainted with him. That doesn't sound like something I want to approach tho... LOL, but S!
  3. There is a thread at the original RoF forum describing how to map the distant view zoom to the TIR z-axis allowing you to lean towards the monitor and see in the distance. Many of us used it and really enjoy it, it is a very natural motion to have. Link Here Below is an example of how to get it started. Special retro-thanks to SYN_Vander for even conceiving of this 'mod' assignment, and others who found workarounds when a RoF patch broke the functionality. It is a pain in the @$$ to get set up, so before I spend hours on this, is it possible in FC? If another link somewhere here, please pass along. And no, not going to get VR anytime soon, so saving you the time with that suggestion...
  4. Will stir up the wasp nest at SYN, we've already been talking about a swarm before your announcement just now. Will be there with bells on! S!
  5. Thanks for your efforts and the call-out SYN_Vander, but my contribution was negligible. S!
  6. So, there is some interest, but is there any organization of the community, such as a list of assets and volunteers signing up to mod them? Or am I missing some obscure thread, or simply perhaps thinking too far ahead given the nascent state of the title? Also just IMHO, but the early PTO is so much more interesting than the superiority of the (arguably) mid- (and most certainly) the late war. What's the point? More lopsided PvP servers??? Have to agree with Gambit, Solomon Islands chain and surrounding has plenty of mission opportunities. Also, not sure why many are raving about the presence of the B-26. Re-reading Midway: Incredible Victory, the B-26 played less than a marginal role, the B-17's had much more 'presence' if they didn't hit anything either...
  7. Don't know what the fidelity is of FM/DM, but zeppelins have been introduced into the game by 3rd Party using an existing FM from the Felixstowe (because that aspect of game engine is closed to modders). This is a terrific accomplishment, where the developers were reluctant, or even said it could not be done. Here they are, Rise of Flight is not dead... https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/50137-mod-zeppelin-v10-and-zeppelinai-v10/
  8. I assume that is directed at me and perhaps some other grumps around here? Won't take it personally, I am acknowledged as being a bear on occassion around my home... I'm not sure why comparisons to CloD keep appearing, other than that development and release 'party', and the meltdown that followed, is an extreme example of how not to manage and handle game development. Yes, I agree that the flight sim community tends to draw grognard perfectionists to its ranks (and really less desirable types, some with an out-and-out agenda against a certain business). The grognards must be an absolute headache for a developer to deal with, BUT that is no excuse for some of the game decisions and knee-jerk communication blunders that at times continue to be made with the community. Not worth rehashing details, the wounds are still healing and the community good will is on the upswing, so hopeful that good times are ahead.
  9. True! But somehow it doesn't sit right with me, pre-ordering BoM when BoS is still incomplete in so many ways in my opinion. I'll likely do it anyways, on the last day of preorder, but still...
  10. http://rif.org Glad it worked out for you. I probably would have done the same in my haste to please my taste.
  11. I know, a controversial topic and not meant to troll, no no, but one that really impacts the MP experience if we water down the player numbers. This is/was often the complaint with RoF, even though we all realized that different servers offer a different 'flavour' of the game - fast food dogfight, verses more time intensive, squad-oriented and objective based.
  12. Well, one can only hope a Stalingrad mission will show progressive destruction of the buildings/city over the hours it will take for He-111's to bomb it, as the mission runs on a MP server. For single player, Stalingrad will magically reappear all healed and rebuilt everytime. Is there any way to save the 'stage of Stalingrad decay' so that from mission to mission it progresses? That would be wonderful.
  13. Neither am I Russian, nor anyone in our squad. We'd love the chance to fly other aircraft (read 'dark side' , but never can because of the imbalance here in BoS and at RoF. It is absolutely ridiculous.
  14. https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/395700700 Good luck!
  15. Luftwhiners gonna whine... This is the most ridiculous thread, "I can't do this in the 190." [reply] "Yes, I can do this, I just did it!" rinse and repeat... Or better yet are the posts with puff-piece snippets.
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